Audiobook versions not showing up on author or series lists


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Audiobook versions not showing up on author or series lists

Set 29, 12:44 pm

I'm still (after nearly 10 years) getting confusing results for the Rita Mae Brown Mrs. Murphy series books.
(see for my author issue back in 2014 :)

Recently I've been listening to the audiobook versions of the Mrs. Murphy series. Yet when I enter them they don't seem to connect with that series and when I look up the author and/or series it doesn't show me as having those books.

I believe that the problem might be that when I search for the audiobooks in add books, they're coming up under the Narrator's name (listed as author) instead of the author. Of course I fix that straight away. But can't remember what else I need to do to get them to combine with the series. Or are audiobooks supposed to remain separate?

Here are the three audiobooks I've entered from the series (the third one connects with the series, the first two do not . . . yet).

Thanks for any help/reminders you can provide. Seems much of what I used to know about LT has either disappeared from my brain or is no longer applicable. So maybe there's a better way to add these "books" than I've been using?

Thanks again.

Editado: Set 29, 1:13 pm

"Or are audiobooks supposed to remain separate?"

If they are unabridged they should be combined. If they are shortened versions, they should stay separate. Combining the works is the best way of getting them into the series.

According to WorldCat the first one is unabridged, so I have combined it.

Second as well.

That should take care of your problem.

BTW, if you have the only copy in a work, and change the author on your copy, that does not automatically change it on the work. You need to click on 'Recalculate title/author' at bottom right of the work page. Otherwise it will not show up on the author page.

Set 29, 1:32 pm

Thanks. That last part is probably the step I was forgetting.
May also have to do with messed up ISBNs? The audiobooks on Hoopla provide zero information so I usually grab the ISBN from worldcat . . . or take what add books gives me . . . which may not be accurate either.
Some of the audiobooks also don't provide information about when the original text was published and/or who holds that copyright . . . which for me is very frustrating. To me, listing the date of the original book is more important. Especially when an older series was likely all recorded in a few recent years.

I just added a few more manually. Some got combined in, others not. I'll try the recalculate trick and see if that works. (My memory is that it won't work immediately but takes a while?)

(I think I'm now remembering why in the past I didn't enter audiobooks into LT at all . . . only "counted" books I read as texts.)

Thanks again!

Set 29, 1:42 pm

It will not do the combining. but it makes the combining easier if you want to use the author page for it. On the other hand the work bench is a very easy way to combine.

Set 29, 1:50 pm

I'm not seeing how to combine this one with the rest.

And still not clear on why some are working and others not . . . and don't remember the "workbench" . . . one more LT thing to learn . . .

Editado: Set 29, 2:04 pm

The workbench is also bottom right.

The work you want is

Notice that your copy has a misspelled title.

A lot of it will depend on whether or not the audio ISBN is already in the main work.

Set 29, 2:07 pm

Ahhhh! Well it would help if the title was correct :)
Thanks so much.

Set 29, 2:21 pm

Have to give up for today, but
Still doesn't show up on the author's page as a book I have . . . but the series info is now there.

I must be combining the wrong things or something else stupid.
Frustrating that I used to understand how all of this works . . . *sigh* Getting older is not for the faint of heart . . .

Set 29, 3:56 pm

I added Kate Forbes as the narrator of all the books in the series that I could confirm she narrated; hopefully if more books get added with her as the author in the future they will be easier to find and combine.

Editado: Set 29, 6:23 pm

>3 LucindaLibri: For what it's worth, I've found that using San Francisco Public Library as a source works reasonably well for Hoopla audiobooks, including those in this series. There's always a bit of cleanup to be done, but I can nearly always find the audiobook edition by searching the title plus the narrator's last name (separated by a comma). Combining is rarely necessary.