Looking for a friend

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Looking for a friend

Nov 12, 2023, 8:44 pm

Hello! I really hope people still check this, my name is liam.
Im a trans FTM 15 y.o In highschool.

The only reason i give such information is because when i got
my phone taken Last year, I stumbled across this website somehow
on my school computer and made a friend. Their name was p1nk_gutzz
Thats all i remember, Im not sure if that is how their username was spelled
correctly. But i am trying to find them, Ever since the end of my Freshman year (Now a sophomore) They deleted a lot of the things i was logged into, including this.

I finally got back in, But i cant find our message history on here. it was cleared, and every time i search their name i get no results. this is the only group im in that i think they were in too, If anyone still checks this, please help me find them. I genuinely loved having conversations with that person, and i miss them dearly. This was my only way of contacting them, and the last time i spoke to them is when we were just getting into the self-introduction.

Nov 13, 2023, 8:44 am


I tried looking for p1nk_gutzz doing a member search, using partial matches as well, with no luck.

Regarding messages, try looking under the Message link at the top of your Home or profile page. It's possible they were archived rather than deleted, and you can find the link to archived messages on the left side of the message page.

You say that p1nk_gutzz was a member of this group, but the main group page lists only 3 members other than yourself: NightShade713, helenoneill, duske Is it possible that they changed their user name?

I really hope you find your friend.

Nov 14, 2023, 6:49 pm

Thank you so much for trying, i still sadly have no luck. Ive tried looking in the archived messages but didn't find anything ):

Perhaps they were a member of a different similar group, but im not to sure. I dont have the best memory.

But once again thank you so much for trying to help me, i hope i find them too, I really miss them. ):