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Found: YA Slice of Life

Nov 20, 3:20 pm

I read this book in fourth grade about 2010
It was my teacher's wife's favorite book so at least 40 years old I believe
It was about a little girl and the title of the book was her name
She was an orphan or a runaway, she had a rough life
It wasn't very long
I think the cover had a pair of red sneakers but I'm not sure
I was thinking about all the books I was required to read for school. I'm grasping at straws here there's not a ton I can remember.

Nov 20, 4:11 pm

wild guesses: Mandy or Charley?

Nov 20, 9:35 pm

LOL I figured it out
Pictures of Hollis Woods

Nov 21, 12:17 am