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Unblocked Game SItes

Nov 20, 10:16 pm

>1 Just_Another_Weeb: wow, youtube video downloader, never thought i needed that but turns out you don't always know what you need until it finds you. Anyway, Thanks a lot. also have you read anything on https://theoatmeal.com/ the comics are really funny :)

Nov 20, 10:33 pm

nevermind, thanks a lot is an exaggeration. I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH!

Nov 21, 7:23 am

Yall Want music downloader 2?

Editado: Nov 21, 1:28 pm

>5 Just_Another_Weeb: its blocked unfortunately but thanks anyway

Nov 21, 1:28 pm

so hey this is the GC you were talking abt right?

Nov 21, 2:50 pm

Nov 21, 4:14 pm

Nov 26, 9:16 pm

Thank you they worked. :)

Nov 26, 11:19 pm

>1 Just_Another_Weeb: thank you so much

Editado: Nov 27, 8:24 am

okay so i think i've turned ibispaint into a proxy.
if u dont know what ibispaint is then its basically a drawing app (which makes this method EVEN better!!!)

so yu want 2 open the ibispaint app and click the plus sign. It will now prompt you to make a new canvas. You can choose any size though, since it doesn't really matter. When you create a new canvas, click the brush icon and you will see a small toolbar with a bunch of tools and yada yada. I want yu to ciick "Text". For PC/Computer users, theres a little toolbar on the side with all the tools and this that. Find "Text" and click it. After you've done that, you will have to type in something, and for the sake of this tutorial i will be typing "big juicy balls". yu heard me, big juicy balls. Now click "fonts" in the little textbox typer thingy and once yu do it will open a tab/browser/watchamacallit and it will say free fonts. Now you can do as yu please with this lil browser, but i'll search cats! they're adorable and fuzzy and silly!!! :333 but i know what you degenerates are thinking of. And yes, you can search that too since yur not signed into this browser and that means u can turn safesearch off. So go crazy with this shit!! its all yours!!

Nov 27, 10:19 am

lol my school has ibispaint blocked cause "mature"

Nov 27, 10:30 am

>13 ReikiTsubetai: haha thats fine, but i think this method can work to get around parental controls!! except bark. (im pretty sure cus it tracks almost every app so it 100% would track ibispaint, but you can test it yourself) so sucks to suck.
But if your parental controls blocked a specific website such as roblox.com or youtube.com, this method can get around it easily. I've tried it myself and I do have parental controls, so its safe to say this hack is pretty much unstoppable! oh yea just so u know its all fun and games until yur teacher or parent catches you, so ofc be careful

Nov 27, 10:31 am

it dont work for me its blocked

Editado: Nov 27, 10:48 am

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