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English Short Title Catalogue

Jan 1, 8:25 am

With the British Library's online English Short Title Catalogue off-line due to the recent cyber-attack, I'm using Print & Probability's snapshot of the pre-1700 ESTC taken c.2014. There is practically no introduction to the snapshot.

Can someone say whether every edition of an ESTC title shares the same reference, or whether each edition has its own reference?

My one example suggests the latter: John Dodridge's An historical account of the ancient and modern state of the principality of Wales was first published in 1630, which Print & Probability gives the ESTC reference S109765. My copy is the 1714 second edition, which COPAC lists as ESTC T004742.

Editado: Jan 1, 8:29 am

Each edition will have its own ESTC identifier. There's a good (if Folger-centric) backgrounder at https://folgerpedia.folger.edu/English_short_title_catalogue which explains which the prefix letters mean.

Jan 1, 9:29 am

>2 JBD1: Many thanks.

Jan 1, 10:34 am

>3 Cynfelyn: You bet. Good luck. Not having the full thing up is a real pain in the proverbial - hopefully it will lead to some better data redundancies and backups in the wake of all this!

Jan 1, 12:04 pm

Follow-up: Wikipedia says "Wing's Short Title Catalogue is now part of the English Short Title Catalogue (ESTC), hosted by the British Library as a free Web resource".

You frequently see Wing's STC cited. Is Wing just legacy now, or still worth citing?

Jan 1, 12:14 pm

I mean, really just depends on your purpose for citing - if there's info in Wing you're using that's not in ESTC, one could, but just including the Wing number for the sake of it isn't necessary, I shouldn't think, unless you have some particular reason to (collecting books listed in Wing, for example).