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Author Introduction

Abr 24, 11:36 am

Hello out there.

My name is Jen Marie Wiggins and I am the author of the upcoming domestic suspense novel, THE GOOD BRIDE (Crooked Lane Books, Dec 10, 2024) and the illustrated gift book, MARRIED AF: A Funny Marriage Guide for the Newlywed or Bride.

I am originally from Ohio, but am a long-time southern transplant and have lived in the trifecta of beautiful Southern Cities: New Orleans, Charleston and Savannah. I have worked in public relations and taught English and most recently freelance for publications like Southern Coastal Weddings, Savannah Magazine and elsewhere. I have three boys and love boating, writing and reading other suspense and thriller authors. Let's connect!

Maio 10, 8:54 am

Hello everyone.

I am Lita Marson from Latvia, Northeastern Europe.
My hobbies are writing, dancing, walking and photographing, I like listening to music and watching movies.
All my life is connected with books, because I have a degree in Library science and I have worked in a library for many years.
I have wonderful family, very loving mother and two amazing sisters. Unfortunately, my dad passed away in 2014. I have been married, then divorced. Now I am married for the second time.
My family lives in a municipal building with a horrible black mold. I want to buy them some little apartment without such problem, because black mold is very dangerous to people health and can cause serious issues.
I have saved some money, but still it is not enough. I decided to sell my books on Amazon and try to earn money that way. But I haven`t much succeed in this.
If anyone is interested or wants to help me, you can find me on Amazon with the same name Lita Marson. I have five published books in different genres.

Nice to meet you all!

Maio 22, 11:58 am

Hello all,

My name is Jason Gabriel lives and I live the Midwest (aka "fly-over" country). I have been writing Fantasy and Sci-Fi for about 40+ years. I collect books in both genres and don't have enough shelves to put them on. My first job with a "real" paycheck was working at a public library. One of my tasks was called “shelf reading." I had to review the order of the books on the shelf and using the Dewey Decimal System, put them in the right order. You can't begin to imagine how boring that was! Typically, I would do it for a few minutes, then find an interesting book. The librarians would find me sitting on the floor, engrossed in a book, and make me get back to work. I think that's where my love of the written word began.

I have a dog who thinks he's a cat, a cat who thinks he’s a dog, and another cat that doesn't think at all. I ride my bike when I'm not writing, watching TV, playing board games or procrastinating! I ride about forty miles a week when the weather cooperates. When it doesn't, I dream of the white sands of the Florida panhandle.

At any rate, nice to meet everyone.