Natural History Author Introduction

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Natural History Author Introduction

Abr 27, 2:03 pm

Hi folks

I have shifted a little from traditional academic writing to essays aimed at broader audiences. I have written enough of these to make a book called "Turning Stones: Exploring the Life of Water" that will come out with Down East Books in June. I'm beyond excited with this new adventure!

I'm interested in connecting with other nature writers and particularly interested in finding some book reviewers. I'm off to the "Reviewers Seeking Books" chat shortly to how that works.

I'd also like to become a LibraryThing author....the instructions for that seem to apply to established authors....but perhaps once the book comes out I'll find the "Is This You" link?

I have been a LibraryThing fan for a few years and I use mostly to catalog my I can find them and avoid buying duplicated. It is such a useful tool!

Declan McCabe

Abr 27, 10:53 pm

You can manually catalog your book before it comes out, too. You can put a future date in the publication field, and you can make the book a "wishlist" item to distinguish it from your catalog of books actually in your present collection(s).

Abr 28, 8:37 am

>2 paradoxosalpha: Thanks paradoxosalpha, that's very helpful. I did that and submitted my request. Fun to see the cover on LT!! Thanks again.

Abr 28, 12:37 pm

If you're really churning out new titles, you could even create a custom collection called "Pre-press" or something like that, just for this purpose. I've considered it.

Abr 28, 2:49 pm

>4 paradoxosalpha: Well I don't anticipate a high rate of productivity. I write essays quarterly for a magazine column and occasional other essays. The first book is an accumulation of 50 of those on the theme of life in water and written between 2015 and 2023. I'm about 30 essays into a second book that will be on invertebrates. I'd like to hit 50 of those before shopping it around. I found a new outlet for some of those recently so my productivity has increased....but I'm still 2 years out on that one. I'm also considering a curricular guide for teachers interested in the aquatic theme...just scratching the surface of that right now. But "churning out" applies to more productive authors than myself.