What kind of things do you want to discuss in this group?

DiscussãoOutlander: Gabaldon's series about Jamie and Claire

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What kind of things do you want to discuss in this group?

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Nov 15, 2006, 11:32 am

So, we all love the Outlander Series, (A wonderful start for a group) and obviously we want to discuss the books with others who also love them and maybe even intoduce the books to future fans...lol, but what exactly do you want to see discussed.

I started this group after I went searching for one on LT and was shocked and saddened to see that one did not already exist. So I have taken on the challenge of bringing about a group forum that is active and interesting to the fans of the Outlander Series.

I thought that one great thread would be a weekly discussion (you can still discuss the characters after the first week, but ever new week will bring in a new character for discussion) of a particular character in the book. I wanted to cover the lesser characters of the story in this section because I think Jamie and Claire are characters that we could spend forever talking about (I will post starter threads for them.) So, we have Character Talk now with Jack Randell as our first discussion.

But what else? We have a place to discuss individual characters, a place to list sites that are Gabaldon/Outlander related, and a place to recommend books other than the Outlander series.

What is it you want to discuss? If you have a particular thing you want feel free to post it. Nothing is off limits as long as it somehow relates to our focus of Gabaldon's novels.

Have fun and keep posting - Jessa

Editado: Nov 15, 2006, 6:58 pm

This is so exciting for me because I'm nearing the end of the first book and I am finding the most extraordinary links with my husbands family. As I may have said, my husband was born in Perth Scotland. His first cousins, who were born and raised and still live there started a small bus company in about the 1980's and did very well, in fact became one of the biggest transportation companies in the world. His first cousin, Ann, bought a castle near Inverness that belonged to Lord Lovat. We are descendants of the Fraser Clan and when they flew us all over for their parent's 60th wedding anniversary several years ago (57 relatives from Canada alone were brought to the castle and to stay in Inverness for the first part and later in Perth) They took us on a tour to the Culloden Moors. But then when they mentioned Beauly(sp) later on I was really stunned because my husbands other cousin has an Estate near Beauly called Ochtertyre(sp) so I've been in homes of that era in the very locations where the story is set. When these names came up, I was absolutely stunned and mesmerized. So the story has a lot of realism to me. The house at Octertyre is supposed to have housed the poet Robbie Burns for a time and it's where he is purported to have written the poem "To a Highland Lassie" which was supposed to be dedicated to the daughter of the homeowner that he was a guest of at Octertyre. The house has many of the original furnishings and the library contains the leatherbound account books from the beginning of the house's existence and you can look back to the earliest days and see how much the butcher was paid, and who was employed in the home and all of the details of day to day living that were there at the time. His cousin Ann, has since bought another castle and is restoring it back to it's former state - it had been a hotel in recent history. The Castle we stayed at (Beaufort) was near Loch Ness and when we were there, they had helicopter rented for the day that took all of us on a tour over the land the belongs to the castle and all the way to Loch Ness and back. Lord Lovatt still lives on the estate but in a smaller home. The family could no longer afford to maintain the castle and Ann wanted it to stay in Scottish hands and most importantly in the Fraser Clan. As I'm reading these names and places, I am chilled by the thoughts that I have seen and been in many of them and mention of Lord Lovat and the seat of the clan Fraser makes me feel almost connected to Jamie in some way, even though he is a fictional character. I had no idea that the series touched on this clan or on the places that I've actually visited.

Nov 15, 2006, 9:59 pm

warbride - that is great to hear. I so wish I could go to Scotland. It seems so magical. Gabaldon does have such a talent for making you feel as if you know Jamie and Claire. I know that if they ever die in the series I will be so depressed and will cry and cry. Also I loved the end of the first book, though I had to reread the end just to make sure I understood it.

Glad to hear from you - Jessa

Nov 15, 2006, 11:43 pm

Do go to scotland if you ever get the chance. I never was interested because growing up it was all my mother talked about and we had calendars and photos all over and it seemed so boring to me. But when we were offered the chance of the 10 day trip for the anniversary, I couldn't say no. Well, the pictures and the stories just don't do it justice because I could barely breathe from the moment we left the plane. We spent a lot of time travelling on the tour bus (because the family owns the bus company) and for that reason we saw a lot of the country. Moreso than if we'd flown. It was wonderful and the colours of the hills - the beauty was just astounding. And the culloden moors where all the clans fell were so eerie. It's a big open field with no trees and scrubby growth and every so often there's a marker where a certain clan fell. We have photos of all our grandchildren taken by the Fraser stone. It was a real eyeopener and I just wish I'd known the story before I went there and I would have appreciated it more.

Abr 18, 2008, 6:55 pm

I actually have a question for anyone who can answer it. I have read the books a million times and am never tired of them.
But the question I want answered is, has Jamie ever been to Claire's time, and if not why doesn't he at the end of the second book?

Editado: Abr 18, 2008, 11:33 pm

#5, Stephanie, to answer your questions, Jamie does not have the ability to time travel - he'd probably be one of the people they find dead by the stones burned to a crisp. He never hears the stones buzzing or anything. So, no, he's never been to Claire's time. Plus, he was too honorable to just take off and leave everyone to die at Culloden, he'd never be able to live with himself if he left with Claire.