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Enhancing book title display

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Ago 18, 2008, 11:55am

Not much talk going on in this group!

I have listed several books on indexing in my LT library, and enhanced all their LT pages (and some books on indexing that were already up that I have not listed myself) by adding scanned images of the covers, the first and last sentences, descriptions or reviews; and in some cases, biographical details of the author on the authors' pages. These are for:

Hans Wellisch, Indexing from A to Z (That cover was already up)
G Norman Knight, Indexing, the art of
G V Carey, Making an Index
R F Hunnisett, Indexing for editors
Bella Hass Weinberg, Can you recommend a good book on indexing?
L M Harrod, Indexers on indexing
Dorothy Thomas, American Society of Indexers Oral History: A Time to Look Back and a Time to Look Ahead
Margaret Anderson, Making an index
William S Heckscher, Art and Literature: Studies in Relationship
Hazel K Bell (myself) Indexing Biographies and Other Stories of Human Lives (Occasional Papers on Indexing): No.1
and Indexers and indexing in fact and fiction

I haven't added anything to the page on Nancy Mulvany's book (except a review) or to her author's page -- leave that to herself!

I have put up a photograph on my author's page of me actually indexing (posed as in former days), and will put up one of Bella Weinberg. I have photographs of Hans Wellisch, Margaret Anderson, William Heckscher and G Norman Knight, but have no way of finding who took the pictures or getting permission from the photographers, so cannot put them on LT for copyright reasons.

I do not think the statistics given for this group, of the books most frequently shared, are correct. I have checked `books you share' with the library of each of the other 7 members of LT, and find that, for only the books I list myself, the totals should be:

American Society of Indexers oral history by Dorothy Thomas (stated 2) should be 3
Indexing books by Nancy C. Mulvany (stated 3) should be 6
Indexing from A to Z by Hans H. Wellisch (stated 2) should be 4

Also, Indexing Biographies & Other Stories of Human Lives by Hazel K Bell is listed by 3 members of LT, but not given in the list above. So is Indexers and indexing in fact and fiction, but because of variations between `and', `&' and a colon, it shows on my author's page as 3 different books listed by 13 / 4 / 1 people: and Indexing Biographies and Other Stories of Human Lives as 3 books held by 3 / 3 / 2 people!

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