Could we revisit 'indexed by me?'

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Could we revisit 'indexed by me?'

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Ago 20, 2008, 2:27am

Having taken a moment now to think about the tag, 'indexed by me,' I'd like to ask the group if it serves the intended purpose or purposes.

I'm assuming -- and I may well be wrong here -- one purpose is to identify indexed items by the name of the indexer in such a way that a list could be created of items indexed by that person.

What purposes did the group have in mind for this tag?

When I search using the tag 'indexed by me,' the result is a hodgepodge list of titles. If the desired result is a more sorted list, it may be more functional to use a tag that includes the indexer's LibraryThing user ID or real name, e.g., 'indexed by suzik' or 'indexed by Suzi Kaplan.'

Thank you,

Jan 9, 2009, 5:36pm

Hi Suzi,

I have been inactive on the site for a while, but was thrilled to see it's stayed active and increased in membership since I started the group in 2007.

I saw that you were wondering if we should change the common tag from indexed by me to something that would be indexer specific to avoid a jumbled result list.

The reason why I thought a generic common tag was necessary was to serve two purposes:

- a search for that common tag would find all the books whose indexers are members of LT

- or, search for a book and find out whether the indexer is an LT member by looking for the common tag

I think the common generic form of the tag is at least necessary for the first case to work. If, as in your question, one wants to see which titles in the results were indexed by a specific indexer, the results can be filtered by clicking that number in parents next that indexer's name at the bottom of the title list under the category "Using the tag 'indexed by me'."

For the second intended usage, one would already be on the indexer's page, so your results are already filtered to a list of books they alone have indexed when you select the "indexed by me" tag.

For these reasons, I think the "indexed by me" tag still works and should not be replaced with an indexer name-specific tag. Of course if members think adding a name-specific tag in *addition* to the common tag we all use woudl be usefull by all means they should!

What are other folks' thoughts?


Jan 22, 2009, 12:35pm

I think the generic "indexed by me" tag works for locating books indexes by LT members.

The generic tag distinguishes these books from those that are entered with something like Jane Doe, Indexer in the book's data record.

My 2 cents ...


Editado: Fev 4, 2009, 1:10pm

I think both the generic tag and an indexer-specific tag is useful. I'd like to go back through my list and add an indexer's name if I can find one.

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