Mislisting of titles

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Mislisting of titles

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Ago 21, 2008, 3:03am

I find an irritating feature on my author's page, where I actually have total 17 listings for one of my books on indexing, but it is listed three times with the title slightly varied, appearing to be 3 different books. It is given correctly as:

Indexers and indexes in fact & fiction 14 copies
but also as
Indexers and Indexing in Fact and Fiction (3rd word wrong) 3 copies
Indexers and indexes : in fact and fiction (intrusive colon) 1 copy

A second title is given as:
Indexing Biographies and Other Stories of Human Lives (Occasional Papers… 3 copies

Indexing Biographies & Other Stories of Human Lives (& not and, and series title added) 3 copies

Indexing Biographies: and other stories of human lives (intrusive colon) 2 copies

This one is not a book on indexing, but another strange splitting into two different titles -- the only difference is capital letters for soft, incense and church!

No Soft Incense : Barbara Pym and the Church 1 copy
No soft incense : Barbara Pym and the church 1 copy

Anything I can do to tidy it up and get the true totals per book? I don't like to send messages to all the slightly mis-listing members!

Hazel Bell

Ago 21, 2008, 7:52am

Hi, Ms Bell-

from your author page, click on combine/separate works (just above and to the right of your list of books)... you'll get a page listing all your works; click the checkboxes for the ones you wish to combine, and then combine works.

You'll be asked to reconfirm.

Then do the same for the other works, and that should clean things up. (Your author page may look odd for a day or so, with books listed with 0 copies, until the LT cache catches up.)

Of course, by the time you read this, some gung-ho combiner may have already done this, based on your first message :)

Ago 21, 2008, 1:08pm

Goodness, that worked! Splendid! Thank you!


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