Rye Gathering 13 September 2008

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Rye Gathering 13 September 2008

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Set 12, 2008, 5:12 am

I am very much loooking forward to meeting some members of the group in Rye this weekend.

In the morning we will be visting Fred's grave, followed by a pub lunch. My slot is at 4.15.

Everyone is welcome to the afternoon talk whether or not they are a member of the organising groups, or signed up for the whole day. Please make yourself known to me or I won't know who you are!

In view of the mess which Amazon have made of things, at least in the UK, I am happy to comfirm that signed copies of the book will be available at the talk, price ten pounds.

If anybody needs to contact me on the day my mobile phone is 07768 446970 if calling from a UK number, otherwise if calling from a non-UK mobile it is +44 7768 446970.

Set 12, 2008, 4:44 pm

Hope you all have fun! Unfortunately distance prohibits my attendance, but I'd love to 'hear' all about it.

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