MS Vista PC looking for Camera when using CueCat

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MS Vista PC looking for Camera when using CueCat

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Set 21, 2008, 9:47pm

HI, I have a question for my dad actually. We both recently received our CueCats and mine works great (on a MacBook). He however is on a PC running Vista. He said that when he tried to use it, it scanned a few books. Then I guess when he tried to use it another time it opened some photo software and asks him what camera he'd like to choose. I'm not sure what he's doing as I don't use a PC and basically know nothing about using one. I can't see what he's doing as we are several states away from each other. Basically is there any difference using it on Vista as opposed to XP? What can I tell him to check to get it to work?



I had posted this somewhere else and was advised to check here. I didn't see anything that answered my question so I decided to repost to see if anyone has any clues.