522 but these I wish weren't unique

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522 but these I wish weren't unique

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Out 13, 2008, 4:40pm

I have 522 unique books, most aren't worth talking about.

These bug me because they are too good to be ignored.

My favorite author is Thomas McGrath. I heard him read three times, own and read critical books about McGrath, and own a DVD about him. I've been pushing McGrath for decades, and have given his works for gifts often. Yet I have nine unique McGraths. He is too major, IMHO, that anybody should have a unique McGrath. The nine:
The gates of ivory, the gates of horn 1 review
The beautiful things
Open songs : sixty short poems 1 review
Mediterranean (doesn't show up in the 100 touchstones)
Trinc : praises II 1 review
Letters to Tomasito
A Sound of one hand
To walk a crooked mile
First manifesto (cannot get the touchstone to other)

Not to mention:
The revolutionary poet in the United States : the poetry of Thomas McGrath by Frederick C. Stern

Then there's Andrew Nelson Lytle one of the 12 Southerners Who Took Their Stand, editor of the Southern Review and H.S. English teacher of my father (who hated him). Uniquely I have:
Southerners and Europeans : essays in a time of disorder
Stories : Alchemy and Others

Then there's a cartoon book by the mother of my favorite artist:
Vivan los tourtistas! by Grace Graham King Rodriguez.

So, make these not be unique.

Out 14, 2008, 10:12am

Thomas McGrath looks interesting. What would you recommend as a first read? "This coffin has no handles"? Or something else.

Out 14, 2008, 5:25pm

Letter to an Imaginary Friend is McGrath's masterpiece.

This coffin has no handles is quite accessible. I could imagine Elia Kazan directing.

Out 27, 2008, 11:31am

I am really on a mission now. I went to the local Independent book store...the Tattered Cover. They said is This Coffin has No Handles is out of print! As well as Letter to an Imaginary Friend.

Now I'm the prowl of Used Bookstores...