Really ultb even though it says it's not...

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Really ultb even though it says it's not...

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Jan 17, 2009, 11:19pm

I was just going through my library to clean up the no-longer-ultbs. There were five books with 2 or more members among my ultb-tagged books - ok, that happens quite a bit. I was surprised at one, and wanted to know who else had it, so (after I removed the tag), I clicked on the title. Hmmm, page says I'm the only owner. Click on the 2 in the Members column - still says I'm the only member, even under 'All Members with this book'. Click that 2 again - aha, now it says 1! So then I had to go back and re-add ultb - and check the other four to make sure there were in fact other members (yes, there were). Verra peculiar!

Jan 18, 2009, 8:03am

This happens occasionally, but usually as a result of combining. It eventually corrects itself. It can also happen if you add, then delete, a record for something. (As when I accidentally managed to double-click when adding a book, thus adding 2 records for the same book to my catalogue. I deleted one immediately, but it took an hour or two for the system to pick that up.)

But, in every case I have seen, the list of 'members who have this book' is always accurate in real time. so if the numbers say 2 people have the book, but noone else but you appears in the list of members, you can be confident it is unique. I think....