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Introduce yourself ~ thread #2

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Jun 7, 2009, 11:43 am

First thread is

and well over 200 posts

Jun 10, 2009, 5:24 pm

Mmm, hello?

I've been poking around here for a bit, but thought it might be polite to introduce myself.

Located in Denver, grew up in the midwest and the Caribbean; have been over to bits of Britain several times.

One house, three cats, quite a few books. Plus a developing garden (the back yard was a sheet of dead weeds when I bought the house three years ago,) to which I might be adding a beehive, since they've recently been declared legal in Denver.

Jun 10, 2009, 5:30 pm

Hi, Rowantree. Welcome to the group.

I'd love to hear more about the bees. The Mary Russell novels are the closest I've come to dealing with them.

Jun 10, 2009, 6:51 pm

Hi jennieg, and thanks for the welcome.

I'm not terribly knowledgeable about modern beekeeping (know a bit about the medieval sort) but I've been learning. Since it looks as if bees can use some help, and since I get quite a few in my garden anyway, and feed them when they wake up too early in the spring, I was thinking about having a hive.

I did get to help rescue a swarming group on the campus where I work - chased off an idiot with a can of bug-spray and summoned the groundskeepers to call a beekeeper they work with the retrieve the swarm.

It was rather fun standing in the midst of a settling swarm - bees all over, but only one or two lit on me. I'd have had to cover myself with syrup to get their attention. (They *would* have gone after the above-mentioned idiot, though.)

Jun 10, 2009, 6:56 pm

Welcome Rowntree,
Always room for more. I wanted to try bee keeping at one time, but not legal here any more.

Jun 10, 2009, 6:59 pm

Greetings and welcome Rowan! Bless you for saving the bees :)

A young friend of mine recently started keeping bees ( and chickens).
I am very impressed by it all. My gram used to keep bees, too.

I don't do much aside from growing some bee friendly flowers :)

I am glad you stopped lurking and decided to post!
Keep it up!

Editado: Jun 11, 2009, 9:51 am

A woman I met through daughter's Marching Band and her husband keep bees, right in our town. It's fascinating. They show at the state fair. Plus the honey is absolutely marvelous. She recently gave me a honey bear full of their own honey. Yum.

Isn't there a crisis with the bees in the US? Big die-offs or something? I'll have to check into it.

Ah. Here's an article: Bee Crisis

Welcome, Rowntree. Cats, books, gardens. You fit in well.

edited to add article

Jun 12, 2009, 4:54 pm

Aw, karenmarie, you make me sad. I don't garden or have cats, but I hope I still fit in.

I was a big Band Booster in my day, and my son now teaches marimba in Drum Corps and Marching Bands. Does that redeem me?

Jun 12, 2009, 5:18 pm

Thanks, everyone.

Bee-friendly flowers are good - though I do have to wonder what the honey's going to be like as the things blooming the most at the moment are sage, chives, and lavendar, with the roses just starting. (But I'm not getting it, and presumably the bees like it.)

Jun 12, 2009, 5:20 pm

Among the things I've never understood is how beekeepers know what flowers their bees have used. I would think the bees tend to hit anything that's blooming.

Jun 12, 2009, 6:27 pm

Well, I think they pretty much do - but some bees travel - not just the individual bee, but the whole hive / colony may be put on a truck and taken off to a different state to aid crop pollination. So if your bees have been pollinating blackberry farms in Oregon, you'll have a different result when they get brought over to pollinate, say, alfalfa in eastern Colorado. If they stay put year-round in northern New Mexico, you have 'Desert Wildflower' unless the scrub oaks are having their occasional sugary accretion on their leaves (as I understand it, which isn't very well), in which case you have 'oak.'

It's pretty much a matter of what's most convinient for the bees at the given moment. One local commercial beekeeper I talk to says his bees go to California in the winter to pollinate the almond orchards. (I'd love to get some of *that* honey.)

However, I do remember reading something long ago that implied that bees didn't just go for whatever was on offer, so maybe I'm off base. I'll look into it some more. (But considering how often I've seen urban bees buzzing around discarded cola cans, I doubt they'e all that picky.)

(Sorry if folk are hearing more about bees than they ever wanted to. I'll be offline for the weekend soon. ;-)

Jun 12, 2009, 6:48 pm

I just got a jar of carrot honey - it's amazing, a very complex and subtle flavor.

Jun 12, 2009, 6:52 pm

huh! Traveling bees, who knew?

Jun 13, 2009, 7:26 am

tloeffler - aack! Didn't mean to make you feel bad. Just trying to be welcoming to one particular member who I have something in common with besides books.

You don't need to be redeemed, but Band stuff is exciting to me. I don't have an instrument myself, but come from musical folks on both sides of my family. I'm so grateful that my daughter loves her horn and is good. I do anything I can to support her. Last night was her final hurrah with 10th grade concert band - they played at the Graduation Ceremony. She grumbled about it and the trombone part for Pomp and Circumstance is ... limited... shall we say, but she came home buzzing and excited. Meanwhile her dad and I went to dinner and browsed through Borders. I'm still amazed that I didn't buy anything, but BookMooch has been forthcoming lately.

Mckait - you are absolutely amazing. Where do you FIND these interesting ... whatever-they're-called thingies. Some are emoticons, but what would you call your traveling bee?

Jun 13, 2009, 7:38 am

she is an animated gif. Mostly google for new ones, but I have collected a zillion on photobucket over the years.. I try to use only the small ones.

My daughter was in symphony and marching band, karen. She played tuba in marching band and clarinet in symphony. She had a blast, but after high school lost interest. She does so many things, that just slid down her list of importance.

Jun 13, 2009, 4:47 pm

Just kidding with you, karenmarie! I feel redeemed.

Jun 13, 2009, 8:23 pm

I think the only requirement for this site is a love of books and reading (or why else join?), and other interests are incredibly varied and interesting. I have a black thumb, alas, so I simply enjoy what others have planted in my yard--lovely peonies at the moment.

And I love music but am not musical in the slightest, sadly.

But I love cooking, travel, movies, TV, history, and books, books, books.

Jun 14, 2009, 9:48 am

Rowntree (2). My interest is piqued. You said that, where you live, beehives had recently been declared legal. I confess - I never knew that there could be anything ILlegal about beehives. What would be the basis of illegality? Just very curious.

Jun 15, 2009, 8:04 am

#15 mckait - my daughter is making college marching band noises. We live near UNC Chapel Hill and NC State and Duke and ECU and Appalachian State, all with excellent marching bands. She says she doesn't want to major in music but wants the college marching experience. We'll see.

Animated gif. Cool. I always enjoy seeing them.

Jun 15, 2009, 1:46 pm

countrylife (#18) -

Reasonable question. :-)

The il/legality was in the zoning; I'm in the City & County of Denver (all of one and a half blocks from the border, but still) and Denver has only recently re-zoned to allow beehives.

I haven't tracked down the zoning regulations yet to be sure of the details - but I'll certainly do so *before* I decide to go out and acquire a hive. :-)

Jun 15, 2009, 4:54 pm

#19 karenmarie, me butting in again. My son's high school band was extremely good, but he found when he went to college at 2 separate schools with excellent music programs (Murray State in KY & Middle Tennessee State), the college band experience was kind of dull. Have her look into a summer of Drum & Bugle Corps. That's where the fun is!

Jun 15, 2009, 6:17 pm

Thanks, tloeffler - I'll check it out.

Jun 15, 2009, 9:11 pm

My son played for 5 years and has been instructing for the last 3. I can't think of anywhere else I would have preferred him spending his summers. Good times.

Jun 16, 2009, 11:37 am

it's probably the fiftysomething context here (which makes the '70s resonate) -- every time I see your username I think of Alvin Toffler and Future Shock!

(Which might be fun to reread one of these days...)

Jun 16, 2009, 7:49 pm

Dang, you miss a few days around this place and all the sudden we're in hello thread #2! Hi to everyone new! And mckait, thanks for starting a new thread!

Jun 17, 2009, 1:17 pm

>detailmuse: It's funny you should say that, because one of my sons pronounces our last name "Loffler." When I hear him say it, I think of the exact same thing! I say "Leffler" and another son says "Luffler."

And you're right--wouldn't it be fun to read it again now?

Jun 17, 2009, 2:14 pm

*waves to meg*

Glad to have you back ! It's been a while~ whats new with you?

Jun 18, 2009, 1:52 pm

Welcome Rowntree--who knew--I'd love to sample some of those honey variations.

Jun 27, 2009, 5:24 pm


I'm Dave and I'm a book reader over 50 but under 60. I've been lurking for a little while and thought that I ought to poke my head over the parapet. I live in Hertfordshire in the UK. Main reads are science fiction and fantasy.

Regards Dave

Jun 27, 2009, 5:26 pm

well, glad you stopped lurking! Welcome !

Nice to "meet" you .

Jun 27, 2009, 5:37 pm

Thank You mckait

Jun 27, 2009, 7:09 pm

Welcome, Dave! I'm a fan of science fiction and fantasy also, among other things. Glad to see that you've joined the Green Dragon as well.

Jun 27, 2009, 9:38 pm

Welcome, Dave! Just haul the rest of yourself on over that parapet and join in the frolic.

Jun 28, 2009, 2:12 pm

Hi gang, I had seen groups for various other age groups, but none for "those of us who are have achieved a certain wisdom without having completely fallen apart," so I'm delighted to find and join this club. I'm a pretty close neighbor of karenmarie's (I'm in Durham), and interested in most types of fiction.

We had an annoying marching- band experince: our younger son was a very good alto sax player in middle school, and wanted to join the jazz ensemble at his high school, but they required kids to play in the marching band for a year first. Unfortunately this conflicted with soccer, and the school wasn't flexible at all about helping him find a way to stick with music. He had a wonderful time playing four years of varsity soccer, but I can't help but think he would still be enjoying playing the saxophone if they had been willing to work with us on it. Oh well, enough bitching. My favorite marching-band recollection is from Ohio State, where I got my MA and also my Mrs. Watching their marching band do the "script Ohio" at halftime, with the tuba dancing out at the end to dot the I, was great fun.

Jun 28, 2009, 3:13 pm

Thank You ejj1955 and tloeffler. Pulling myself over now :)

Hi Jim53.


Jun 29, 2009, 12:00 am

Hi! This is my first post. I just joined LT this month. I live in the mountains of Western Pennsylvania and work part-time in a library near my home. The LT link was on our library's home page, so I decided to check it out and was immediately hooked.

I just became a 50+ this February, so I'm glad you have this group. (My son is about to become a teenager next week -- oh, boy!)

Jun 29, 2009, 12:18 am

Welcome aboard!

Jun 29, 2009, 12:56 am

>36 tymfos:

Welcome! I have to ask about your profile picture--it looks so much like the Book Barn in Niantic, Connecticut (which I miss horribly since I moved to upstate NY). Can it be?

Jun 29, 2009, 6:27 am

Welcome tymfos. Another pennsyvanian here.. SWPA ...

glad you jumped in :)

Editado: Jun 29, 2009, 8:08 am

> 37, 38, 39 Thanks for the welcome.

>38 ejj1955: "Can it be?" you ask. Yes it is! I found the Book Barn on a vacation to CT a few years ago. I've been managing to work in a visit there every year's vacation since. One of these days, my husband is finally going to catch on as to why we always manage to spend a night in that area! (My great love affair -- BOOKS!)

I especially loved that little outhouse full of books, and snapped a picture of it. And, being country folk myself (the little church where I'm a member still doesn't have plumbing in the building) it seemed appropriate for my profile picture, since I didn't want to put my ugly mug on the web. Actually, I took quite a few pictures of that place. I love the true crime section, with the tape body outline on the floor!

Jun 29, 2009, 8:55 am

What a great story, tymfos. And I'm delighted to see another fan of Clare and Russ!

Jun 29, 2009, 4:29 pm

Welcome, tymfos! I have to giggle at the "outhouse full of books." It looks like the bathroom in every house I've ever lived in! We have a family joke that the reason I read so much is because my mother potty-trained me by sitting me on the pot with a pile of books, and I stayed till I "went." To this day, I can't go into a library or book store without hitting the restroom first!

Jun 30, 2009, 7:59 am

Hello, I'm glad to have found such a great group. I hang around The Green Dragon a bit and give the odd recommendation on movies (trivia queen). My kids are always happy if I'm on their side when we play Scene It.
I still work part time at a medical practice but enjoy spending time with my two grandkids. Hoping I'll come across a few other Aussies here as well.

Editado: Jun 30, 2009, 10:06 am

Welcome, Kim! Don't worry, there are other Aussies here for sure--LT is global! Check out:

Jul 1, 2009, 5:34 am

#44 Thanks for the welcome. I had noticed some other Aussies on that thread besides myself but I think most of them are still whippersnappers and don't meet the criteria for this group as yet! Nice people though.

Jul 1, 2009, 6:04 am

Now folks... old posters and new... lets git this group moving.. anyone can open a thread/discussion. We are turning into a lot of boring fogies...

Jul 4, 2009, 2:32 pm

I've been hanging out on LT for a couple of years now and have been an Over-50 for all that time but (shamefully) it's only recently I have discovered this group. Female, English, a lover of literary fiction, history, Lost, my dog and being over 50. Hi everyone!

Jul 4, 2009, 3:06 pm

Welcome!!!! I am glad to find you here Booksloth!

Jul 4, 2009, 3:57 pm

Hey, Booksloth! Welcome! Jump right in. The more the merrier!

Jul 4, 2009, 8:10 pm

Great profile picture, Booksloth! Welcome!

Jul 5, 2009, 7:06 am

Hi Booksloth! Nice to see you over here.

Jul 6, 2009, 1:38 am

Hi, y'all.

I'm over 50 according to the calendar, but inside my head I'm 23.

I live in California in the mountains between L.A. and Bakersfield.


Jul 6, 2009, 6:24 am

Welcome PkrImperatrix! glad you found us :)

Jul 6, 2009, 8:55 pm

Hi friends. I'm MerryMary. Nebraskan, school librarian by career choice, but retired now for a year. Mom, grandma, widow. Enjoy about every genre except horror. Blabby and opinionated. 59 years old, so only qualify for membership in this group for a couple more months. I intend to enjoy my time with you!

Jul 6, 2009, 9:08 pm

Hi, MerryMary! Glad to have you with us!

I don't think you have to worry about qualifying for membership for only a few months. From some of the posts I've read, I gather that there are at least some Fifty-Somethings here where the Something is more than a decade. Either that, or my memory for dates of events and my math are way off . . . ;-)

Jul 6, 2009, 9:12 pm

I think we--ah--mature folks need to stick together. Maybe we should rename this group the 50-and-up LTers?

Jul 7, 2009, 3:01 pm

I suspect I'll remain 50-something up until I'm way past 50-20 or so. Welcome to the group, and feel free to stay until we bore you! (not bloody likely, I think)

Editado: Jul 7, 2009, 7:07 pm

50+ LT peaple are like fine wines. Even though one may sour now and again for the most part we just get better with age.
Welcome to the group MerryMary

Jul 8, 2009, 6:59 am

*waves* to merry

Jul 8, 2009, 10:44 am

Hi, mckait. *waves back merrily*

I think I just made a Tom Swiftie!

Jul 9, 2009, 3:34 pm

Turned 50 a few months ago, so I qualify! :) Spent 15 years as a school librarian (before that I was a high school math teacher) and two years ago I got some fat idea to take on the test coordinator position at my school - I swear I must have been delusional. Seriously thinking of going back into the library and elementary is becoming very appealing!!

Love, love, love good southern fiction, but also a fan of fantasy.

Jul 9, 2009, 4:08 pm

Welcome, cataylor! Glad to have you with us! Jump on into the conversations. It's a fun group here.

You said you like southern fiction and also fantasy. Do you ever read southern mysteries? I have a couple of favorite authors to recommend, if you do -- both have a "supernatural" edge that could border into fantasy, if you're willing to be loose with the term. (I just posted somewhere else about one of them, so my mind is pointed in that direction. :-)

Jul 10, 2009, 8:12 am

#62 tymfos - Is the Sookie Stackhouse series one of them? They're great.

Jul 10, 2009, 2:17 pm

>62 tymfos: tymfos - always up for recommendations. Let's hear them!

Editado: Jul 10, 2009, 2:49 pm

> 63 & 64: I haven't read the Sookie Stackhouse series. What are they like?

I like many books (not all) by Sharyn Mccrumb. (Should be spelled McCrumb, but the author touchstone wouldn't work with the capital C.) A number of her books are mysteries set in her home area -- the mountains of Eastern Tennessee / Western NC. Many of them have an element of the supernatural. They're full of delightful regional folklore.

I also love Phillip Depoy, at least his Fever Devlin series. (Readers I know seem to either love him or just can't warm up to the books at all.) Fever is a retired professor of folklore, living in a small town in Georgia, who's always getting caught up in mysterious adventures. He's an offbeat character, and the books are offbeat, too. There's frequently at least a hint of the otherworldly. (It usually seems like it's almost explained -- but never quite.) The oddest of the lot, and the one I actually read first and liked best, is the most recent of the series, The Drifter's Wheel. A library patron loved it, and so I read it and immediately bought and read the rest of the series, which we didn't have. Depoy has another series that I haven't had the chance to read yet.

I don't know if any of that would be your cup of tea, but those are writers I like.

Jul 10, 2009, 4:37 pm

I've read McCrumb's The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter and enjoyed it. I may look for some others as well as the Phillip Depoy at the used book store this summer. Sound like good summer reads. Thanks!!

I've recently discovered Ron Rash and love all his novels. I may have to try his short stories too. Seems books set in Appalachia hold a certain fancy for me. I thought Wayne Caldwell's Cataloochee was wonderful!

Jul 11, 2009, 4:59 am

#65 tymfos - The Sookie Stackhouse series is written by Charlaine Harris. Sookie is a 20-something woman living near Shreveport Alabama in a little town called Bon Temps. She has an affliction, as she puts it - she is telepathic. This causes her all sorts of problems. She waitresses in a bar and tries to block out the thoughts of everybody around her. She meets Bill the Vampire, whose thoughts she cannot hear. It goes from there. Most of the books have a murder or two that get solved, although some of them revolve around vampire politics. There are more vampires besides Bill, shape shifters, werewolves, fairies, other were-animals, and all sorts of other interesting paranormal beings.

It's also called The Southern Vampire Series. I adore these books. They're told from Sookie's point of view and mix downhome Southern charm and weird paranormal stuff. They are occasionally quite violent. There's some sex, but not every 3rd page or so like some other authors I could mention (Laurell K. Hamilton). I must admit that I haven't liked the last two (books 8 and 9) as much as the earlier ones, but still have great hopes for the series.

Harris also has another series with a heroine who was hit by lightning and can now find dead people - Harper Connelly. I think there are 4 of them. They're good too.

Editado: Jul 12, 2009, 12:18 pm

Hi all, I'm Michele, a member of LT for three years now. I'm single, have 2 grown kids, and am still figuring out what I want to be when I grow up. Despite my degree in psychology, I went on to become a computer programmer before I became an at-home mom. I still enjoy computers and computer games.

I love books, learning about books, buying books, and (oh yeah) reading books. Ever since I was about seven I've loved science fiction, beginning with Eleanor Cameron's Mushroom Planet books, and it's become a lifetime favorite genre of mine. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only over-50 reader of science fiction and fantasy, though. I'd love to hear from any others in this group. :) I hope I never lose my "sensa wonder"; I believe it keeps my intellect challenged and my mind opened wide.

The Poisonwood Bible introduced me to contemporary literary fiction several years ago, and that's something I continue to enjoy, as well as nonfiction about science or psychology. The current saturation of paranormal fantasy/detective books is fun, but I've just picked a few series to work my way through.

I also read using a Sony Reader, a good solution when every empty wall space has a full bookcase, and it's much easier on the wrists than big hardback books.

Jul 12, 2009, 1:49 pm

Welcome, Michele! I am fairly sure, from what I've read on other posts, that you are NOT "the only over-50 reader of science fiction and fantasy!" I've never been a big science fiction or fantasy reader, but since I've been hanging out on LT, I've read more science fiction and fantasy than I have in my life before LT! I've gotten tons of suggested books from other readers, so I know they're out there!

I'm a fellow psychology-degree-working-in-IT kind of gal, although I'm in support rather than programming. I've always told my kids, just get a degree in something you like. Doesn't matter what it's in, half the time they're just looking for the degree!

Hope you enjoy our little group! We have some fun topics going on (not that we always stay on them, but still)!

Jul 12, 2009, 6:09 pm

I used to read more sci-fi and fantasy, but I do still read some. Charles de Lint is a favorite of mine. Robert Heinlein an old favorite. I do read many other things, and more often. I read Poisonwood Bible years ago and loved it.
I think I have read more widely since joining lt..


welcome to the group Michele!

Jul 12, 2009, 8:06 pm

Just signed up; looks like some kindred spirits in this group! I'm a scientist for my day job; otherwise a flutist and voracious reader. I'm fond of animals, particularly cats and big birds. I read mostly historical fiction, fantasy, mystery and science fiction; and enjoy really almost anything that is well-written with a discernable plot. I try to read at least one non-fiction book for every 2 or 3 novels. Oh--I'm also 56 but my dreams are much younger!

Jul 12, 2009, 9:39 pm

Thank you for the warm welcomes.

Barb, what do you mean by big birds? Moluccan cockatoos or eagles and owls?

Jul 12, 2009, 11:56 pm

Welcome, Barb!

Michele, you're definitely not alone. Probably three-quarters of my reading falls into sci fi/fantasy or mystery, and my library reflects those interests.

I love your profile picture! and I've tagged your library as interesting because of that sci fi/fantasy bent.

Editado: Jul 13, 2009, 1:29 am

Not alone at all, Michele - look at my other account, joiedelivre, for a very heavy dose of F&SF!

Jul 13, 2009, 6:37 am

Barb!! books and animals.. a kindred spirit ! lol
welcome :)

Jul 14, 2009, 2:03 pm

Welcome, Barb and Michele! Michele, I see I see that among the 51 books we share are several of my favorites. And Barb, 67 shared titles, wow. I'll have to do some poking around in both of your libraries for more ideas (like I need more, right?).

Jul 14, 2009, 4:35 pm

Add me to the fantasy fans - some sci-fi too. Just finished Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel series and can't wait for her next series that follows it to hit paperback. Incredible storytelling!!!

Have been a fan of Orson Scott Card for many years now. His Ender's Game series and his Alvin Maker series are two of my favorites. But Pastwatch is excellent as well.

Also a big fan of Juliet Marillier's Sevenwaters trilogy. I could go on and on... :) I love to get lost in a good fantasy.

Jul 14, 2009, 4:52 pm

>77 cataylor: I just finished the Kushiel series also and really enjoyed it--am planning to read the second trilogy after a bit of a break (they aren't short!).

I'm not familiar with the Sevenwaters trilogy but now must add it to the list . . .

Jul 14, 2009, 5:06 pm

#77 cataylor, I see you're just a bit down the road (I'm in Durham). I too taught high-school math, very briefly in my case. I've been enjoying some southern (especially Appalachian) fiction from time to time, so I'll take a peek at your ratings and reviews.

Jul 14, 2009, 11:05 pm

Hello, just found this place, and I qualify...actually I will be 51 in September. I've been hanging out at GT and HE, as well as Librarians Who LT. I'm an elementary school librarian, pastor's spouse (2 years now), new grandmother, newly nearly empty nest (college-age son home for summer, but is as we speak packing up to go back tomorrow, yay)

I read most anything except westerns and political thrillers: sff, chicklit, ya, children's, historical fiction, mysteries...I like to watch SciFi, The History Channel, Antiques Roadshow, The History Detectives, documentaries, old musicals, and CSI type show...basically I'm all over the place in reading/tv tastes. But I hate reality TV with a passion.

Moved to a smaller city recently (due to my husband being assigned his first church), from a larger city where we lived for almost 25 years. Big changes for someone who really likes her rut, lol.

LT has saved my sanity, as I've met few people here who are readers.

Jul 14, 2009, 11:22 pm

Hello, I just joined earlier today. I found this site through a search engine while I was looking for the book "winter of fire" The best book ever. I love reading and always looking for good things to read so here I am!! :)

Jul 15, 2009, 12:26 am

Welcome, Chelsexy! Enjoy--there are a lot of threads with suggestions about books. One that I found interesting was the "first fantasy novel love"; here:

Jul 15, 2009, 5:43 am

Hi all, just yesterday I completed the 49,997,557,155 kilometre (give or take) journey that is 50 laps of the sun, so I thought I'd better join in here.

Well, let's see what the second half of my first century turns out like...

Jul 15, 2009, 6:30 am


glad you found the group :)

Jul 15, 2009, 6:32 am

Oh I knew very well it was around, I was just putting off joining. Still, getting older is better than the alternative, no?

Jul 15, 2009, 6:33 am


Jul 15, 2009, 4:19 pm

Happy Yesterday Birthday, Jim! Welcome to our li'l ole group!

Jul 15, 2009, 8:15 pm

Thank you. I've been catching up on back reading in the group's threads.

Jul 16, 2009, 3:06 pm

As of tomorrow I will be one of your tribe, though I've decided to follow Zsa Zsa's example and tell everybody I'm 40 instead.

Jul 16, 2009, 3:09 pm

Well we won't rat you out. Happy Birthday!

Jul 16, 2009, 4:26 pm

#89 varielle - Happy 40th Birthday!

My father's mother, who we called Mom because she didn't like Grandma (said it made her feel old), always told us she was 39. When I was 7 and my dad turned 39 I asked her how he could be 39 if she was 39. She then told me she was 78 and it took quite a while for me to get over the shock.

Jul 16, 2009, 7:22 pm

>79 Jim53: Hey Jim53!! I got my MLS at NC Central in Durham - great program. Definitely give Cataloochee a try for Appalachian fiction.

>83 justjim: & 89 Happy Birthday JustJim and Varielle!!

Jul 16, 2009, 11:12 pm

Welcome to all you new members! Happy the group is growing.

Jul 17, 2009, 7:20 am

and to all!

Jul 17, 2009, 8:21 am

You guys always seemed so much more interesting than those forty somethings.

Jul 17, 2009, 8:32 am

the added years add interest, wisdom and wrinkles

Jul 17, 2009, 10:58 am


It's ok; the forty somethings will grow out of it. You did.

Jul 17, 2009, 3:02 pm

*Sigh* Indeed.

Jul 17, 2009, 8:57 pm

I recently signed up. My name is Sol. Female, over 50, 3 cats, 3 chickens, garden with roses and a maze, music lover, love butterflies and books!
Although I'm over 50 I'm still on a quest to find Avalon. (With or without magic)
Love this chatting!

Jul 17, 2009, 9:52 pm

Avalon! Yes! Do you love The Mists of Avalon too? One of my all time favorite retreats is into that book.

Oh and I have guinea hens instead of chickens. :)

Jul 17, 2009, 10:21 pm

Tell us about the maze in your garden...

Better yet! Do you have a picture of it?

Jul 18, 2009, 1:18 am

Hello to all the new 50-somethings. It's good to see the group growing.

Jul 18, 2009, 2:11 am

I add my greetings to all the new 50-somethings. This is, by far, the liveliest LT group I've gotten into, and the more the merrier!

Jul 18, 2009, 6:47 am

I am loving getting all the new members here!

Jul 18, 2009, 8:06 pm

Loved "The Mists" and the sequels.

Is the retreat you mentioned perhaps "The Chalice Well" in Glastonbury?

How do Guinea hens look like? My chickens are brown and orange, Rosie, Ginger and Pink are their names. :)

Jul 18, 2009, 9:03 pm

Sorry, I'm not a computer wiz and I still have to learn about sending pictures.

I live on a corner and while we were 'doing up' the garden we found a lot of really big old stones just at a spade deep. The town archive didn't know anything about it.
I live in Belgium, in a town where there is historical proof of Roman occupation, and just a mile from our house are Celtic burial mounts.
I sensed something sacred, so we build a small maze with the (54) stones.
Mazes and stone circles have always attracted me; I visited many of them in the whole of Europe.
I was in Glastonbury the 2nd of May 2009 where the first Global labyrinth walking was performed! More info ; :)

Jul 18, 2009, 9:53 pm

Hi Sol - The "retreat" I mentioned is purely in my mind. I just love rereading "Mists" when the world is too much with me. It takes me to Avalon mentally. But you have been for real! Amazing!

Guinea fowl are African birds. Google them, they come in many colors, but mine are the average black and white called "pearl" guineas. Two of my old girls are missing tonight and I'm worried. :(

Thanks for the links! Your maze sounds more and more interesting.

Jul 18, 2009, 11:15 pm

As I don't have any place on the web to post pictures, I've never posted any here either (except the Profile picture), however, I ~do~ know that you have to put your pictures on a public site like FlickR, for example. The rest of what you need to do can be found here:

How to Do Fancy Things in Your Posts/A>

Jul 19, 2009, 12:09 am

I believe I have heard some people mention putting pictures they wanted to use on their personal wiki page; not sure whether that works as a link base for putting them in a post.

Flickr and other photo-hosting sites are often free, so cost should not be an issue.

Jul 19, 2009, 12:13 am

To show an image on your own LT wiki page, you need to upload the file to the LT wiki version of Commons, then you or anybody else can use it on a wiki page.

You are actually using LT's server storage when you do that so while it seems to be OK for the occasional photo, I wouldn't go uploading your entire wedding/grandkids/last vacation albums!

Flickr is indeed free although you are limited in some ways (number of collections, upload limit per month etc).

Jul 19, 2009, 5:19 am

106/soldulac: I never expect to get to the point of being able to do the fancy computer stuff either. When someone asks for a picture, I just put it temporarily as my profile picture, and then go back to my regular picture after they're done with it.

Jul 19, 2009, 6:18 am

#110 justjim - I put one picture on the wiki a long time ago, realized that it was taking up storage space, and have never added another.

I've gotten a Facebook page and as soon as I can get my husband to show me how to do it, am going to upload pictures of my animals and post them. I tried the other day and think I just put a picture of Jeremy the gecko on my wall without a comment. Sigh. Facebook is fun and cool but it is not intuitive to me. Must be my old-style brain. Not complaining because 95% of the time my brain gets me through the day just fine. :)

I still owe pictures to mckait.

Welcome to all the new kids on the block.

Jul 19, 2009, 8:16 am


I am on facebook...
Kathleen McStay

if you would like to be friends :)

Jul 19, 2009, 9:11 am

I just joined FB a few of weeks ago. It's kinda fun, as long as it doesn't turn into a time sink. I don't need FB for a time sink; I've got LT for that!

I haven't found FB terribly intuitive, either. I'm sure it's perfectly obvious once you've been there for a while (or if you're 14!). I've discovered most things by mucking around. I'm one of those people whose eyes light up when I see a link marked "Preferences."

The fastest growing demographic on FB is baby boomers!

Jul 19, 2009, 9:35 am

I agree with you about FB. My son wanted me to join, so I did. Now two of my sons "Friended" me.. the other kids do not participate..
It isn't intuitive for me either... but I look at it once or twice a day to see whats going on.. twitter too.

Jul 19, 2009, 1:37 pm

My sister dragged me into it kicking and screaming last january (I need another time sink like I need another hole in my head), but it hasn't been that bad. It's nice keeping in touch with friends who are far away, and we found our cousin from Missouri, who we hardly ever see. Facebook: The Missing Manual has been very helpful.

I use Flickr for photo hosting; it took me a really long time (years) to hit the limits of a free account.

Jul 19, 2009, 2:47 pm

My son signed me up for Facebook or I probably still wouldn't be on it, but I do enjoy having a page for my bookstore on it. It's good for keeping up with family and friends, too.

Kathryn Wright (my pic is my pretty blue car!) :)
Never Without A Book Ltd. (for my store's page)

I'm on twitter for the store, too, (NWAB) but I'm not very good at keeping up with it. I tend to forget to put updates there.

I find my son very helpful when it comes to the computer stuff I don't understand and don't really want to know about! LOL

Jul 19, 2009, 7:53 pm

I joined FaceBook this year too, just because we have a class reunion coming up and I wanted a "preview" of how some of the others have aged. It's a good way to keep track of my traveling son, but I end up with way too much information on way too many people. I just can't spend the time on it that a lot of people do. I'd rather hang out here!

Jul 19, 2009, 9:12 pm

The boomers are becoming quite a force on Facebook (FB.) There has been several national articles on this. I recall one a few weeks ago in Time Magazine.

I got on FB in December of last year and a large part of our extended family is now on board too. I have found it great fun so far.

It's kind of like a digital discussion/broadcast where you make small short comments, post photos, connect stuff (web sites and the like) to your family/friends.

It has brought parts of our family that have not been in any real contact for years together. All of sudden folks are talking to each other and making plans on FB to get together in real space.

Example in point: Prior to FB, I very seldom had the chance to talk to my 25 year niece in NY, now we chat everyday on FB. This where the teenagers and 20-somethings go.

I suspect some folks will say this puts more deeper interchanges (on the phone, real space, etc.) between folks at risk, but I don't think so. At least in my limited (8 months) FB experience I have found it has enlarged the connections between you and your significant people. Heck, I can post a video on FB and the folks in Calif can see my son play piano in recital.

But LT is still my favorite community. We are united by our passion and interest in reading. What a great time to be alive.

Jul 21, 2009, 10:43 am

thanks, I'll try it.

Jul 21, 2009, 11:22 am

>121 ejj1955:

I'd say the same; FB has helped me keep in closer touch with some the younger members of the tribe, but, interestingly, now most of the rest of my immediate family has joined, so my great-niece can boast about how cool her grandparents are, that they have FB pages!

The other boon is connecting with people I haven't seen in a decade or two--it's great for that.

And then there are the silly games and stupid quizzes I've gotten sucked into . . .

But agree wholeheartedly that LT is my favorite site ever.

Jul 24, 2009, 7:46 pm

Hi All,

It's time. I hit 50 with a thud this past January. I still sort of hesitate when I say that which is good I guess since I really don't feel like I always thought 50 would feel. Anyway, I'm starting to feel like a fraud in the 40 Something group so I think it's time to join you folks (and you guys really seem to have a lot of fun!). I've got a husband, a teenager, a golden retriever and a cat. I work and do some volunteering. I've been on LT for a little over a year and am really enjoying it. I've read some wonderful books that I probably would never have discovered and have added many, many great books to the TBR pile. Did I mention that I like to read? It is so nice to be around so many well-read people and I hope I can add something here!


Jul 25, 2009, 11:30 am

Welcome, Joanne! Age is just a number, for sure.

Jul 25, 2009, 1:45 pm

This is wonderful a place to spend time...welcome Joanne!

Jul 26, 2009, 5:20 pm

Great to have you here with us, Joanne!

Jul 26, 2009, 5:36 pm


Jul 26, 2009, 7:33 pm

Glad that you've joined us.

Jul 26, 2009, 7:59 pm

Thanks everybody! I'm glad to be here!

Editado: Jul 26, 2009, 8:05 pm

I'm a little late in joining the welcome-wagon party here, but WELCOME!!! to you, Joanne! Glad to have you with us.

(Welcome also to anyone else who has joined that I didn't get around to welcoming! Gosh, this is a fun group!)

Jul 26, 2009, 10:17 pm

Thanks tymfos!

Ago 22, 2009, 8:17 am

I've been on LT for 2yrs and just discovered this group! I just read the thread on how to embarrass your kids....hilarious!
I am Diana, live in Ottawa, Canada, 54, divorced but have a man in my life, have 3 young adult kids whom I hope to continue embarrassing as long as I draw breath! I'm an erstwhile high school teacher but may be looking at other things to do soon....
And, of course, I have a life long obsession with reading.

Ago 22, 2009, 9:08 am

Welcome Diana... ! Glad you found us :)

I have to try harder to visit this group.... things are falling by the wayside since I went back to work.. and this is a fun group!

Ago 22, 2009, 9:34 am

>131 dihiba:

Diana, Hope you have lots of fun. The group has lots of fun discussions and provides much reading inspiration. I also teach high school too and it's back to school for me next week.

Ago 22, 2009, 10:21 am

Welcome Diana, have fun and add to the mayhem.

Editado: Ago 22, 2009, 12:24 pm

Glad to see you over here, Diana! This really is a fun group, and there aren't nearly as many threads to keep up with as there are in the 75-Challenge group! Welcome!

Ago 22, 2009, 9:13 pm

Welcome, Diana! Glad that you've joined us!

Ago 26, 2009, 9:34 am

Thanks for the welcomes, everyone. This is a great group!

Editado: Ago 30, 2009, 9:01 pm

Hello, I go by the name of Morfam.

I have been an LTer for a couple of years, but I just discovered this thread. Actually, I was searching for old grouches like myself, who might have similar reading interests, and are well past 50, but keeping time like teenagers. I sleep late most days...

I took a look at some of the subject matter on this thread and very quickly cotton-ed on (hiss, booze) to the very entertaining posts and I said to myself, self...this could just be the place for you. And I love books, although am partial to the written word, I will have to be blind before I submit to audiobooks!

At my fine age, books are almost all my enjoyment. Hold that thought, I do have a beautiful wife much younger than me, and a 19-year-old son to boot, and there are many times that's what I would like to give him.

Nowadays, waking up in the morning is in itself a wonder and
a joy to behold, and the fact that I am able to read all those great books that I never had the time for earlier in my life, makes most of my days enjoyable, ditto wife and kid.

I liken a book now to a fine woman from days of yore...when we enter my boudoir I wonder what adventures are in store between the covers, what mysteries will be revealed, will I be charmed, or found wanting more, will I fall asleep at the most exciting place, or will I enter a world of eternal bliss, prescribed by my doctor as a cure for...insomnia (ha!)

How's that as a way of introducing myself, and hopefully, I have not upset anyone. Please remember, sticks or stones, and bones and such...but words will always delight me...


Ago 30, 2009, 9:03 pm

morfam - Welcome. *giggle* You have a unique take on the world.

I think you may be a dangerous man to hang out with. I can't wait!!

Ago 30, 2009, 9:06 pm

Welcome, morfam! I hope some mysteries will be revealed both to and by you in this space.

Ago 30, 2009, 9:10 pm

Welcome morfam...I like your style...

Ago 30, 2009, 9:22 pm

>138 morfam:, Mel:

Welcome to a really good group of "old farts". Interesting histories, interesting reading and interested in others. You will fit right in.

Ago 30, 2009, 9:38 pm

I'm John Sundman, author of Acts of the Apostles, Cheap Complex Devices and The Pains.

Although I evidently signed up here months ago, I didn't start playing around with the site until a day or two ago. Still trying to figure out what's what here. . .

I just finished reading Cloud Atlas (and several other books, all of which have completely vanished from my mind for the moment. I guess that's why I belong in the "over 50" group.). Not sure what's up next on my list, possibly The Beach Beneath the Pavement by Roland Denning, which I acquired last week in a book swap.

I look forward to getting more immersed in the site, as it seems congenial (& I'm always looking for readers. . .). I hope yzall will bear with me as I learn my way around. . .

Ago 30, 2009, 9:54 pm

Sure, John. Pull up a chair. Authors are welcome, but it's a fine line you have to walk. We have been burned by people who join, only to spam us with fake reviews, and hit-and-run shilling messages.

If, on the other hand, you join for real, become a part of our community, and are honest about what you are looking for, we'll give you our honest opinions, help you out of slumps, and give you all the feedback you can handle!

There is at least one Author group you can join where you can talk all you want about your book.

Ago 30, 2009, 10:23 pm

Welcome Diana, Mel and John. Glad you're all here!

Ago 30, 2009, 11:44 pm

Welcome, Mel and John! Mel, I won't force you to listen to audiobooks, just acknowledge that there is a place in the world for them, and no snarking at those of us who have found them a wonderful way to chip away at the TBR list!

John, I echo Mary. This group was actually started by an author, so we have no qualms. Just remember, we are friends first, customers second!

Ago 31, 2009, 12:22 am

Greetings, Mel and John!

Ago 31, 2009, 12:29 am

>143 jsundman:

John, I can't remember what I've read a lot of the time, but that's partly why I joined the challenges--last year the 50-book challenge, this year the 75-book challenge. I'm behind at this point but it's a great way for me to keep track of what I've read. And as a hint, you can "star" a thread so you can find it easily--just go to the top of the thread and click on the star there. Then in the list on the left, you can click on "your starred" to find them easily.

Some people write reviews for their books as they read them, and others use the tags to note what they've read or to mark things "TBR = to be read" books. One of the great things about LT is that you have a lot of options for how you list and organize things.

Oh--forgot--you can also use the collections feature to group books in your library. I use it to keep my library separate from "read but unowned" books.


Ago 31, 2009, 8:17 am

morfam and jsundman welcome to the group.

morfam. May I use your idea of a book next time someone asks me "Why do you read so many books?"

jsundman. Always interested in what authors read and like. Looking forward to it.

Ago 31, 2009, 9:20 am

Hey, jsundman/143: Although most of these forums frown on authors promoting their own books (see posts 144 and 146), you should check out the group, Writer's Brag and Rag Bag, , where such discussion is much encouraged.

But, while I have your ear ... I took a peek at your author page, and the works pages for a couple of your books. Looks like the CK (Common Knowledge) portion of your author page has been filled in by someone (you or your wife?). You might also think about doing the CK for each of your books. The more info that's out there, the better for readers to find you.

I can see by the tags that they're not my cup of tea, but I wish you the best! And welcome to LT!

Ago 31, 2009, 10:13 am


Feel free to use anything in my posts, at least then I will know they're being read.

However, my description of a book got me into trouble with the Warden, been sent to my room again for a timeout. Tee Hee, gives me a chance to read another chapter of Woods Burner by John Pipkin, a book I am really enjoying.

Story is about Thoreau, who accidentally set the woods around Concord, Mass. on fire, while he was building his cabin at Walden Pond. It's imaginative, and different, and well worth a read...

Ago 31, 2009, 10:55 am

Morfam--I also read Woodsburner and loved it. You're right; well worth a read.

Editado: Ago 31, 2009, 11:40 am

151: morfam
You may be new to this group but you just added one more book Woods Burner to my TBR pile.
Don't worry about the warden the parole board meets soon.

Ago 31, 2009, 5:05 pm

I, too, think Woods Burner sounds interesting. To my wishlist it shall go . . .

Set 2, 2009, 12:32 pm


Thanks for the welcome & the advice. For now I'll concentrate on populating my library; as I get more comfortable with the site & its navigation & culture I may join a few conversations. . .

Out 2, 2009, 11:25 pm

My 2nd anniversary on LT is coming up soon and I just happened to find this sight. I am well over 50.Have a significate other for the last 21 years. One daughter and 3 grandsons.

Out 3, 2009, 5:03 am

Welcome to the group. And Happy Anniversary.

Out 3, 2009, 11:35 pm

Welcome! Thanks for joining us! I feel like it's been a little quiet here lately. Please feel free to jump in any topic, or even to start a new thread for us to discuss!

Out 13, 2009, 4:21 pm

Messages 38 & 40 were a long time ago. But I just got back from the Book Barn in Niantic and have to say THANK YOU! for speaking about it here. I accompanied my mother on a visit to some relatives in Maryland and Connecticut. Naturally, the route between had to be planned through Niantic! We had a wonderful day there, to the tune of having to ship a box of books back home, lest the suitcase burst. It was a long trip from Texas, but we're planning to go back and do it all again! Wonderful place!

Out 26, 2009, 7:23 pm

Been unforgivably long since I visited this thread. Hello to everyone new!

Out 26, 2009, 7:26 pm

And thinking maybe we need a thread #3 at this point, so it is at

Out 28, 2009, 10:37 pm

#159 Glad you liked the Book Barn! It is amazing, isn't it? :)

We didn't get there this summer, and I'm still a bit bummed out about it. :(