Cuecat triggers complete system back up

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Cuecat triggers complete system back up

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Jan 8, 2010, 4:24pm

HI, Just bought CueCat - which I love - but everytime I scan a book it seems to trigger the need for a complete computer system overhaul and prompts me everytime I use it to run a back-up. I never had this until I used CueCat two days ago. I've done nothing else to my computer. What on earth is going on? It's pain in the neck!

Jan 8, 2010, 4:28pm

That's very very odd. I suppose it's thinking that it's a hard drive?

Jan 9, 2010, 4:51am

Or do you have a backup program with a hotkey? An unmodified CueCat puts out something like Alt-F10 on every scan - a lot of Vista computers have a camera program that that triggers, you may have a backup program. If so, you'll need to change the hotkey, or modify your CueCat - if you declaw it, it puts out numbers and a return, no weird key combos. Declawing info here, or Google 'declaw cuecat'.

Abr 5, 2010, 5:40am

Thank you - this sounds like it could be helpful, except I don't have Vista. Still I'll go Google and see what I can find.
Thanks for the ideas.

Abr 5, 2010, 6:02am

Just an update - I pinned poor cat down, wielded a screwdriver and went through declawing process. This is the first time I've ever opened anything electronic so firstly wanted to say that the declawing instructions are a breeze to use - and I had no problems.
Kitty is back on her feet and purring away happily. I've just scanned four books and so far system has not demanded autosave or system backup - so we may have discovered the solution.
Thanks so much for your help.

Abr 5, 2010, 7:20pm

Great! So it probably was a hotkey. I've seen the problem reported from people using Vista and MacOS X - what was yours?

Pleased to hear you had no problem with the declawing, too - it scares a lot of people (it certainly did me, the first time!), but it's not difficult and it solves _so_ many problems. And opens up new possibilities. Have you noticed that you now have a barcode scanner that doesn't need to use LT's special decoder (or other software) to produce numbers? I track my grocery buys with my CueCat, as well as my books...

Nov 3, 2011, 9:04am

The CueCat we just got a couple of days ago has been triggering the request for a complete backup -- using Windows XP on an Acer PC. I wish our CueCat were purring away happily, but it's not working very reliably at all. :(

Nov 3, 2011, 9:49am

Well, as above - your computer probably has a backup program that's triggered by Alt-F10, which an unmodified Cat puts out on every scan (I'm pretty sure that's the combo it puts out, but I know it puts out some Alt+Fkey combo). You can either find the backup program and change the hotkey, or declaw the Cat to solve the problem. One or the other has to change.