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Local Bookstores/Sales

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Editado: Ago 11, 2006, 2:16 pm

There's a liquidation sale going on right now at Book Traders on Congress St. in Portland. $2 Hardcover, $1 Quality Trade, 50 cents mass market/pocket ed. paperback. (Excluding rare books) Videos and records on sale too. It's been picked over a little but there's still good stuff. (and it's beautiful outside, a great day to be wandering around downtown....)

Ago 11, 2006, 2:24 pm

In addition to Nonesuch Books in South Portland (which I have an extremely biased fondness for... but enjoyed immensely even before the bias existed) I dearly love Twice Sold Tales up in Farmington. Beautifully selected used books - seems like I always find something I've been looking everywhere for.

Ago 11, 2006, 4:59 pm

While you're in Farmington, don't miss Devaney Doak and Garrett. New books- small, but excellent selection. Probably the best SF/F collection you'll see on 1 small shelf.

4ijkahn Primeira Mensagem
Ago 12, 2006, 2:18 pm

Jim Logan (Twice Told Tales) is the current pres. of MABA (Maine Antiquarian Bookseller's Association) and does have one of Maine's great open shops. At least in part, I think it is due to his not selling online...his stock stays fresh and interesting, the best material not instantly disappearing into the ether. Cunningham Books in Portland shares this trait...also a great place to check out on a blustery day.

Ago 13, 2006, 6:03 pm

I was just at Twice Told Tales today (Sunday) - a wonderful selection, found one book I've been looking for for 6 months, and two more I didn't know I wanted until I'd seen them, all reasonably priced.

Ago 18, 2006, 10:20 am

I noticed this on Craigslist and figured I might as well repost here in case anyone is interested:

Book sale tomorrow 8/19/06. I have to cut back my book collection. No room for the dog or me in my place. I'm shooting for about 1000 books for this sale - most areas of interest - probably 75% non-fiction - hard cover and soft cover - very little 'junk' - no encyclopedias, no readers digest, no out-of-date textbooks - $1 for most books - maybe some boxed sets and very nice books a bit more (nothing over $3) - 76 william Street, Portland - military - art - history - you name it. Not a lot of children's books, but some....send an email for a coupon for a free book - 50 coupons available.

7RMSmithJr Primeira Mensagem
Set 3, 2006, 8:19 am

Found a neat independent bookstore on vacation in Rangely - appropriately named, "Books, Lines & Thinkers." Check them out while you are in the area.

Jun 14, 2007, 4:51 pm

Please come join us at Rabelais to meet Nancy Harmon Jenkins as she signs copies of her brand new book, Cucina Del Sole on Thursday June 21st from 5:00 to 7:00 PM.

Nancy’s earlier titles include The Essential Mediterranean, The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook, Flavors of Tuscany and Flavors of Puglia. She splits her time between Camden, Maine and Cortona, Italy. Flavors of Puglia and Flavors of Tuscany are out-of-print and hard to find, but Nancy will be bringing some copies of Flavors of Puglia to the shop for anyone interested in purchasing this classic. We also have Essential and the Diet Cookbook in the shop if you would like Nancy to sign either of them.

Cucina Del Sole focuses on foods from Southern Italy including such regions as Sicily, Calabria, Puglia, Basilicata and Campania. We will have some wines matched to the cuisine in the store to taste as well.

Please call or email me if you have any questions.

Hope to see you next Thursday!

Don Lindgren

Rabelais Inc.
Fine Books on Food, Wine & the Arts
86 Middle Street
Portland, Maine 04101

207 774 1044
917 863 9029