Just refreshing the topic


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Just refreshing the topic

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Mar 7, 2010, 8:22 am

Stumbled on this group by accident. It's nice to know there are still folks who value receiving something in the mailbox penned by hand! (I'm a rural mail carrier's daughter and the genes go deep.)

It's a little sad to see, by the staleness of the last post, that fewer and fewer readers share this opinion. Hoping that a new post bubbles this back up to the top of some lists for further comment and discussion.

Jan 18, 2017, 2:43 am

>1 gmathis:

How interesting to find this topic thread tonight! I am in the process of getting back into my letters & correspondences - of which have become a bit 'dormant' themselves! I personally wish this had kept momentum as I *love!* writing letters by Post; have since I was quite young, so as you say "it goes deep!" as a personal passion & interest I have carried throughout my life. I started as a young girl, caught up in a postal club attached to the Post Office itself whilst finding that curious portal into another person's life was sweetened by hand-written letters & postal correspondences where conversations flourish!

I go between hand-written and typed letters these days - gone are the days where I had the stamina to hand-write long letters of over 50+ pages to dear mates around the world. I could do that back then, as I wasn't typing nearly as much as I have over the past two decades; however, most writers will lament the same! Typing saves us in the long-term, but sometimes typing can be a short-fall for handwriting! Aye.

I was caught up in the joy of matching stamps to the art I'd feature on my envelopes (mail art - was not a term I knew growing up but one I learnt whilst following the adventures of The Missive Maven (easily found online); to where I truly enjoyed the whole experience of being a pen pal and correspondent. It was a way to tap into connecting to others - embracing our differences but finding commonality through expressing ourselves in dearly long inked out conversations that took on a life of their own!

Thank your Mum or Dad for me - letter carrier's are blessed souls who help carry our hearts through the Post!

You're reply did 'bubble' up the topic - you've just happened to catch me six, er, seven years later! :O lol

Jan 18, 2017, 8:45 am

Better late than never. I teach fifth and sixth graders at church and send note cards from time to time (cutting and gluing is one of my stress reliever). Rarely do I fail to get a thank you or a hug for doing so...and last week, I got a letter back from one of my girls! (Currently in a place of pride in my writing room.)

Jan 18, 2017, 8:47 am

(Which, incidentally, prompts me to wonder if that's why I love novels written in epistolary format. Started The Chilbury Ladies' Choir last night, and the diary entries made me grin.)

Jan 18, 2017, 9:28 am

My grands were inspired to begin writing to their favorite aunt over the holidays. I had to help them with addressing the envelopes and explain that they would have to pay for the postage, as they ended with quite a stack.

Though I see them often enough, I feel guilty that I haven't established a mail tradition with them.