Request for script - highlight low-res cover images

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Request for script - highlight low-res cover images

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Mar 20, 2010, 7:41am

I've been having fun with my new scanner, and have pretty well caught up with replacing Amazon cover images. Now I'd like to scan and replace any low-res member-uploaded cover images on my books. I'm wondering if there is any way to highlight the low-res images in the catalogue view of my books, so it would be easier to find the ones that need replacing.

Mar 20, 2010, 2:35pm

I'll have to think on this, but I'm afraid it might not work. The problem is that the resolution on all the thumbnails of the book covers are actually all identical. It's just that the original picture started out as lower res. For example, all the covers on the change covers page are 190 pixels tall. So you'll have two covers, one that is 120x190 and the other 115x190. The first was made from an original image that was 300x475 and the other from an original image that was 800x1320. But there's no way to tell that after they've already been crunched down to the smaller size. LT does nothing to signify that it considered the original a "high quality" image, other than on the change cover page.

If I think of anything, I'll revisit it. But I think you're SOL! :|

Mar 20, 2010, 3:37pm

No problem. I thought there was some kind of marker involved for the 'high quality' label that gets attached to the higher-resolution scans. Thanks, anyway!

Mar 20, 2010, 6:18pm

3> Yeah, unfortunately the only place I see where any differentiation is made is on the change cover page, where is shows the "High Quality" tag - and even that is someone that's done directly to the image before it's served from LT, so I can't tell it from the HTML. I also had the thought of looking at filesizes, with the assumption that a low file size may indicate a lack of detail. But my very first example had the good version at 16KB and the bad one at 21KB - and they were the exact same cover!