Volunteer at Audubon Soc of RI Library?

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Volunteer at Audubon Soc of RI Library?

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Mar 24, 2010, 3:35 pm

Hi there! Audubon Society of RI has been a member of Librarything for over a year. We had a LibraryThing flash mob cataloguing party and entered almost all of our materials in a single day!

Now we need help for our physical library...our longtime volunteer who managed the shelving and cataloging can no longer do it. So we are searching for one or two people with library training to come in for a few hours about once a month. Our Library is in Smithfield, RI.

Please contact July Lewis at 401-949-5454 x3044 or jlewis@asri.org if you are interested or have suggestions on how we can find a good volunteer.