The Blind Assassin --- SPOILER ALERT!!


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The Blind Assassin --- SPOILER ALERT!!

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Mar 31, 2010, 8:17pm

Hi everyone,

If you have not read The Blind Assassin, and don't want to know details, you might want to skip this thread.

I just finished the book and, frankly, I keep thinking about the title. I know the blind assassin in the novel created by the 2 lovers is the blind former rug weaver on the planet Zycron. But why is that story important enough that both books are named for him? I understand that Iris might be considered (or consider herself) a blind assassin, because she reveals her affair with Alex without anticipating that it could lead to Laura's death. But there must be more to this than I am getting.

I am not a student of literature, so I am sure I miss a lot (maybe most) of the more subtle symbols in the novel. I would appreciate any thoughts...