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I frequently attend readings at Harvard Bookstore so I am concerned as to why only a September 23 event shows up here when there are readings almost every week this summer including next week when Junot Diaz will be speaking. How do we get appropriate updates on upcoming events at Harvard Bookstore?
Julho 2008 por HMOKeefe
This has ben one of my favorite bookstores for years, but I was shocked this evening when I showed up at Harvard Memorial Church for a reading and book signing by Salman Rushdie and was confronted by a woman who identified herself as the "event coordinator" from Harvard Book Store and informed me that unless I had purchased a $5 ticket to the reading in advance, I would not be allowed in. There is no mention of this at Random House's author events page (). Aside from the poor taste of charging for tickets to an author signing, this was very unprofessionally advertised and handled by their staff at the door of what the publisher described as a public event.
Julho 2008 por parker
I'd know that blurry backdrop anywhere! http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/...
Maio 2008 por timspalding
Check out the basement for used books and a fantastic remainders section.
Abril 2008 por ablachly
The best general and academic bookstore in Harvard Square.
Março 2008 por timspalding