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Harvard Museum of Natural History

26 Oxford St.
Cambridge, MA 02138

United States

617.495.3045; hmnhhmsc.harvard.edu

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Sítio Web: http://www.hmnh.harvard.edu/

Eventos: http://www.hmnh.harvard.edu/lectures_classes…

Conta no Twitter: @HMNH

Descrição: Explore 12,000 specimens drawn from Harvard’s vast research collections at the University's most visited museum -- dinosaurs, meteorites, gemstones, and animals from around the globe. Look closer at hundreds of animals including giraffe, elephant, rhino, tigers, lions, armadillo, platypus, giant whale skeletons, & more.

The Collection
Get close to the world’s only mounted Kronosaurus, a 135 million year-old, 42 foot-long marine reptile; one of the first Triceratops ever discovered; and amazing gemstones and minerals including a 1,642 lb. amethyst geode.

Don’t miss the world famous exhibit of 3,000 ‘Glass Flowers’, amazingly realistic models of plants, fruits and flowers created by father-son glass artists Leopold and Rudolph Blaschka from 1886-1936.

Find models of bananas, figs, cacao, pineapple, and cashew nuts to learn what they look like as they grow. You won’t believe they’re not real. Today’s museum reflects both the history of its parents and an evolution toward a 21st century institution that presents cutting-edge research, addresses contemporary issues, and offers creative educational experience in a unique, intimate setting.

We believe in the power of museums to change the way we see and understand our world, and in the importance of close observation, of asking questions and, from the answers, generating new queries. Through our exhibits, programs, and classes for learners of all ages we encourage our visitors to look closer, dig deeper.

More than 190,000 visitors each year take advantage of our offerings. Our audience includes adults and children from throughout the region; and tourists from around the country and around the world.

The Harvard Museum of Natural History is the most visited attraction at Harvard—for its historical collections, its temporary exhibitions, and its new permanent galleries.

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Useful Objects: Nineteenth-Century Museums and American Culture (Free Virtual Event) (Quarta-feira, Novembro 17 às 4:30pm)
Reed Gochberg, Assistant Director of Studies; Lecturer on History and Literature, Harvard University
In conversation with: Brenda Tindal, Executive Director, Harvard Museums of Science & Culture

What can the history of museums tell us about their role in American culture today? What kinds of objects were considered worth collecting, and who decided their value? Join Reed Gochberg, author of Useful Objects: Museums, Science, and Literature in Nineteenth-Century America (Oxford University Press, September 2021) to learn about the early history of American museums, including Harvard’s Museum of Comparative Zoology. In conversation with HMSC Executive Director Brenda Tindal, she will examine how writers and visitors reflected on a wide range of nineteenth-century collections—and how their ideas continue to inform ongoing debates about the challenges and possibilities museums face today.

Presented by the Harvard Museum of Natural History, the Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments, and the Harvard Museums of Science & Culture. (HMNHpr)
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