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The Nightmare (Joona Linna) por Lars Kepler
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The Nightmare (Joona Linna) (original 2010; edição 2012)

por Lars Kepler (Autor)

Séries: Joona Linna (2)

MembrosCríticasPopularidadeAvaliação médiaMenções
9083917,524 (3.56)24
"In this sequel to THE HYPNOTIST, Detective Joona Linna returns to investigate a series of interlinking murders surrounding a suspicious Swedish arms deal"--
Título:The Nightmare (Joona Linna)
Autores:Lars Kepler (Autor)
Informação:Blue Door (2012), 512 pages
Colecções:A sua biblioteca

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The Nightmare por Lars Kepler (2010)

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More on Chill and read

I have started a bit strangely with this series, but I have come to love Detective Inspector Joona Linna and his way of thinking! The first book I read, was “The Sandman” which is actually the fourth installment in the series. I did love it, so I went back to read the rest! The first installment was “The Hypnotist” which makes the introduction of the Detective Inspector and is quite a read! Now, I’ve just finished the second installment, “The Nightmare” and I want to talk to you about this one!

A drowned young woman is discovered on an abandoned pleasure boat drifting by the Stockholm archipelago. As a twist of fate, her clothes are dry, without any trace of sea water, while her collarbone has a strange mark. The very next day, a man is found dead, hanging from a lamp hook inside his apartment. The man’s name is Carl Palmcrona and he is Director general of the Inspectorate for Strategic Products (ISP). He is the one that makes decisions about Swedish arms exports.

Is there even a connection between the two incidents? Detective Inspector Joona Linna is trying to solve the two mysteries and understand what pieces them together and what brings them apart. The one looks like a clear murder case, while the other one is a plain suicide. But something is really wrong with both of them. Why was the young woman dressed after murdered? Why would such a powerful and wealthy man commit suicide?

This story focuses on the arms business, the Swedish one in this case, and all the dangerous games that people involved can play. Being in an important position, making decisions that would affect hundreds, thousands of lives across the planet isn’t easy. Greediness though can make a good persuading game and you might not even understand the length of your involvement until it;s too late. Furthermore, more often than else, the people involved in such activities are ruthless criminals, caring only about profit and nothing else. Which leads us to what we have here. An interesting thriller!

The plot is amazing. It involves so many different aspects and different people, no one would ever think could be part of the same story. Music is tightly connected to the story, giving a different turn to the name of the famous Italian violinist, Niccolò Paganini. Criminal contracts that cannot be broken, that will not cease to exist even if one of the signing parties is dead, now bare the musician’s name and are signed under the spell of his music.

I really enjoyed Joona Linna in this story. His smart mind has come to life and has shown what can be hidden and what can be revealed and that we should look really hard to find all the missing pieces. He is an amazing character and one of my favorite detectives!

Thank you to NetGalley for an advance copy of this book. The views expressed are my personal and honest opinion. ( )
  GeorgiaKo | Dec 1, 2020 |
In sharp contrast to the lyrical poetry that I have been reading I am half way through a Swedish Noir called “The Nightmare” by Lars Kepler and rather a nightmare it is, too. Really it’s a run of the mill, James Bond (would you believe that I have never watched a Bond film) / police/ bit of everything rough and tumble but oh how I hate the short chapters and constant change of character focus; that’s my minor nightmare. These formats, short chapters, named ones, back and forth in time ones, seem to be becoming even more prevalent today. Is it a hangover from creative writing classes? Personally, I find it distracts but maybe it’s easier to write in that way.

This is the second book in the series by Kepler and he fails again with female characters. He did succeed in getting me to read up on the Darfur wars in East Sudan, to learn more about the plight of the Fur and the dreaded Janjaweed, devils on horseback, Arab tribal militiamen often little more than children, known for their atrocities and killings against the African tribes. A recent report spoke of unrest again in Western Darfur, the region still troubled despite the fall last year of Omar al-Bashir who had ruled for three decades.

The kernel of the tale is about the lengths manufacturers/ politicians/ salesmen will go to to protect their arms sales. ( )
  antao | Sep 26, 2020 |
Det är sommar när en kvinna hittas död på en båt i Stockholms skärdgård. Hennes lungor är vattenfyllda och dödsorsaken är utan tvekan drunkning – men trots det finns det inget spår av vatten på hennes kläder eller på resten av hennes kropp. Kvinnan blir först idemntifererad som Penelope Fernandez, en känd fredsaktivist, men det upptäcks smart att det är hennes yngre syster. Kriminalkommissarie Joona Linna inser snart att det kan betyda att Penelope och hennes pojkvän (som är ägare till båten) Björn fortfarande befinner sig vid liv på någon av skärgårdens öar.

Dagen efter Penelopes syster hittas finner man ISPs generaldirektör död i en snara från taket. Det verkar som ett vanligt självmord innan det visar sig att Penelope Fernandezs pojkvän Björn tycks ha skickat ett fotografi till generaldirektören samma dag som han hängde sig – och antagligen samma dag som Viola Fernandez mördades på Björns fritidsbåt.

Hur hänger båtmordet ihop med generaldirektörens självmord? Joona Linna och hans kollegor finner sig själva snart på ett farligt spår som leder fram till en hemlighet som är mycket större än något de någonsin stött på förut.

Ännu en gång överträffar Lars Kepler mina förväntningar. Innan jag började läsa denna bok var jag tveksam. Den såg så tråkig ut och jag frågade mig själv om det inte gick att hoppa över boken för att börja på nästa. Kanske kunde jag komma tillbaka till den här senare. Jag är glad att jag bestämde mig för att det vore rätt dumt. För jag hade nästan lika svårt att lägga ifrån mig denna bok som med Hypnotisören.

Alla karaktärer är komplexa och realistiska – en del av karaktärerna är lika vidriga som man tyvärr vet att många faktiskt är. Det känns skönt. En del karaktärer är liksom i gråzonen och man gillar dem inte men de är intressanta karaktärer och ger definitivt något till själva handlingen.

Trots det kändes det som jag var tvungen att kämpa igenom de sista femtio sidorna; det var inte det att de var dåliga men lösningen fanns där och man väntade bara på att skurken skulle hamna bakom lås och bom. På det sättet kändes det väldigt utdraget vilket gjorde att jag hade svårt att fokusera.

Det kändes inte lika mycket i första boken men i denna bok har jag insett att Joona Linna är definitivt en Mary Sue. Han kan allt. Han vet allt. Han har aldrig fel. Det är irriterande med honom med tanke på att de andra karaktärerna är så välskrivna. Han känns tvådimensionell och man blir snabbt trött på att han bara vet. Det vore väl en sak om han hade superkrafter eller något men det verkar inte som det. Joona har många bra stunder men kom igen, ingen är så jävla bra. Ge mannen lite brister. ( )
  autisticluke | Nov 14, 2019 |
Detective Inspector Joona Linna is called in on two very puzzling cases. In the first, the body of a young woman is found on a drifting yacht. Despite being found lying on a bed in dry clothes, the cause of death is discovered to be drowning. Her sister, a well-known activist is also missing along with her boyfriend. The second concerns the possible suicide by hanging of a high-level bureaucrat. As Linna investigates, it becomes clear to him that these two cases are connected not only to each other but to illegal arms sales.

The Nightmare by Swedish author Lars Kepler is the second book in the Joona Linna series. At approximately 500 pages, it is quite long and, admittedly, it took me a while to get into the story but, once I did, I was hooked. It is well-written although, at times, the dialogue seems stilted which I suspect is down to the translation. The short chapters and quick switches between plot lines keeps the tension high. But perhaps what makes this book such a compelling read and the title so appropriate is not only the actions of the killer or the cold calculating cruelty of the man behind the scenes but because it is too easy to believe the story given some of the actions of governments today regarding arms sales to authoritarian regimes that are used to slaughter thousands of innocents.

Thanks to Netgalley and Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review ( )
  lostinalibrary | Jun 6, 2019 |
The Nightmare, a dark Swedish murder mystery, is the second installment with Detective Inspector Joona Linna. The author, Lars Kepler, is actually the married couple Alexander Ahndoril and Alexandra Coelho Ahndoril. Joona Linna is tasked with investigating two puzzling incidents: one of a drowned woman found in her dry clothing alone on a boat and also the apparent suicide of a man found hanging in his apartment. It soon becomes apparent that the two are linked. With the help of Swedish Security Police Detective Saga Bauer, the pair set about solving the mysteries as it becomes clear that a psychopath involved in arms sales is the key. As the investigation reveals, others are also in danger of being killed by this cruel man. This is an edge-of-your-seat thriller. I look forward to reading more in the series. Thank you to Knopf Doubleday Publishing, NetGalley and Lars Kepler for an eARC in exchange for an honest review. ( )
  carole888fort | Nov 1, 2018 |
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En generaldirektør med ansvar for svensk våpeneksport, blir funnet hengt i sin leilighet på Østermalm. Samtidig blir en ung kvinne funnet druknet om bord på en fritidsbåt som driver rundt i Stockholms skjærgård. Et fotografi blir bindeledd mellom de to sakene, men politimann Joona Linna må jobbe hardt for å finne andre spor som belyser de uforklarlige dødsfallene. Han får god hjelp av Saga Bauer, og sammen retter de snart oppmerksomheten mot en problemløser og yrkesmorder. Sentralt står kynisk kriminalitet i kjølvannet av internasjonal våpeneksport.Bokens tittel er inspirert av fiolinvirtuosen Paganini. Ifølge myten fikk Paganini sine evner etter å ha inngått en kontrakt med djevelen. I Paganinikontrakten møter vi mennesker som stilles overfor grunnleggende moralske dilemmaer, og som forholder seg til dem på høyst ulik måte. Resultatet er en velskrevet, dramatisk krimroman med samfunnskritisk brodd og stor underholdningskraft.
adicionada por kirstenlund | editarwww.tanum.no (Mar 10, 2011)

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"In this sequel to THE HYPNOTIST, Detective Joona Linna returns to investigate a series of interlinking murders surrounding a suspicious Swedish arms deal"--

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