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The Lover's Dictionary

por David Levithan

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1,44610612,501 (3.92)38
A modern love story told through a series of dictionary-style entries is a sequence of intimate windows into the large and small events that shape the course of a romantic relationship.
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Lummav haikuromaan

Veider, katkendlik, haarav, hämmeldav, kurvakstegev ja naermaajav – kokkuvõttes lihtsalt lummav teos. Idee kirjutada romaan armastusest tähestiku järjekorda seatud märksõnade järgi tundub alul võimatuna, kuid sõnamaag Levithan suudab oma lummava keelakasutusega selle tõepoolest teoks teha. Kuigi mahult on “Armastuse sõnaraamatut” raske romaaniks klassifitseerida, on teose katkendlik, hingamis- ja mõtlemisruumi jättev vorm kindlasti üks põhjusi, miks see niivõrd naha vahele poeb – siin on ruumi ka lugeja jaoks, on koht sinu enda mõtetele, kogemustele ja äratundmistele, mis loo igaühe jaoks erinevalt käima panevad.
Lugu ise on tegelikult lihtne, nagu armastuse lood ikka. On kohtumine, armumine, pettus ja pettumine – lugu nagu miljonid armulood kogu maailmas. Mis aga eristab Levithanit neist miljonitest on tema tabamatu oskus kirjutada korraga ülimalt intiimselt ja samas justkui distantsilt. Info, mida ta jagab, on napp, aga üdini aus, ilustamata ja mahendamata. Õnn on kõikehõlmav, rõõm võtab põlvist nõrgaks, viha lööb hingetuks ja solvumine on nii mürki täis, et suhu tuleb sapi maitse. Ja selles kõiges on ikka veel nii palju ruumi, et iga lugeja jaoks tekib lugu just selsamal hetkel, kui ta seda raamatut loeb ja oma kogemuse sinna juurde lisab. Kas võib veel paremat tahta?

( )
  sashery | Jan 29, 2024 |
Even though I could probably have read this book in a few hours, I really stretched out the time I spent with it. I would read a few entries while I made tea in the morning, and then read a few more before I went to bed. And it's nice to meander through this particular kind of book because, though it claims to be a novel, it's really more a collection of vignettes about a relationship. So there's not much of a plot to keep track of. The setting is New York City, but we don't know the characters' names or how old they are, and though the narrator is clearly a man, the person he's in a relationship with is never gendered.

(SIDEBAR: I'm pretty sure David Levithan didn't gender the lover character on purpose, maybe to make it more universal, however there's this part where the narrator goes to a concert with his lover's best girl friend so that they can start to be friends on their own--and, um, yeah...to me, that kind of gives it away as a gay relationship right there. It's pretty common for gay men to want their boyfriends to connect with their best girl friends, but most straight women don't encourage their boyfriends to spend one-on-one with their best girl friends. Otherwise, well done on the gender ambiguity tip. If you look at other reviews on Goodreads, you'll see that some people assumed the lover was a woman, while others assumed it was a man!)

There are some really lovely sentences and images in this little book, but I was distracted by the dictionary gimmick. The book really sings when Mr. Levithan is laying out painful truths about relationships or describing the minutiae of being in love. But I thought the dictionary thing didn't add anything significant. Still, a worthwhile read, and I look forward to his next offering. ( )
  LibrarianDest | Jan 3, 2024 |
This is a book I'll likely return to at different points in my life to re-read and re-understand the definitions through different lenses. I absolutely loved it, and would recommend it to any romantic who has ever had a relationship that was perfect-and therefore joyful and sad all at once.
( )
  KrystalRose | Aug 17, 2023 |
A unique book that tells the story of a couple through dictionary entries. Each word, like blemish, reveals a little more info about the pair, their struggles, attraction, and the story of their romance. It's realistic in the way that cracks can appear over the most minor things and begin to split people apart. It was the author's simple lines which cut deep with their poignancy.

“I love the vagueness of words that involve time.”

“This brief transcript of moments, written on the body, is so deeply satisfying to read.”

“You and spoil the memories and turn them into words. From behind the wheel, I learn the difference between a eulogy and an elegy, and discover which is more vital, in life and in death.”

“Yarn: maybe language is kind, giving us these double meanings. Maybe it’s trying to teach us a lesson, that we can always be two things at once. Knit me a sweater out of your best stories.” ( )
  bookworm12 | Dec 29, 2022 |
I read this in an hour. I love non-linear narrative, and this is one of the better ones I've read, as the story is driven by words that are relevant to a long-term relationship. The English teacher in me saw using parts of this book as a way to teach grammar, and other parts to teach connotation. If you like tidy packages for your books, this one is not for you. But if you're okay with books reflecting the messiness and sometimes unsolvable parts of life, then give this one a try. I loved it. ( )
  ms_rowse | Jan 1, 2022 |
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aberrant, adj.

"I don't normally do this kind of thing." you said.

"Neither do I," I assured you.
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A modern love story told through a series of dictionary-style entries is a sequence of intimate windows into the large and small events that shape the course of a romantic relationship.

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