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The Portrait por Hazel Statham
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The Portrait (edição 2010)

por Hazel Statham

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England, 1812. Severely injured at the battle of Salamanca, Edward decides to end his betrothal. Jennifer, for vastly differing reasons, has reached the selfsame decision. Will they remain firm in their resolve not to wed-- or will their hearts dictate the course of action?
Título:The Portrait
Autores:Hazel Statham
Informação:Avalon Books (2010), Hardcover, 192 pages
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The Portrait por Hazel Statham

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Two people, undeniably in love, yet denying their feelings. A good, solid man, the ravages of war wreaking havoc on his body. A young woman, betrothed, looking to familiarize herself with her soon to be husband. Thus begins a sweet historical romance by Hazel Statham.

Edward Sinclair has returned from battle, but not as the man he once was. Night terrors invade his slumber and the war has taken his arm. He has to adjust to his new title as Earl and to his new image of himself. He decides that he will free Lady Jennifer Lynton of their engagement, for the last thing he wants is a woman looking at him with pity in her eyes. Little does Edward know that Jennifer has come to the same decision, yet for entirely different reasons. The two agree to be friends, yet deep in their hearts, there is more than just friendship....if they would only admit to their feelings.

I found myself cheering for this couple, wanting them to see how well they suited each other. I wanted Jenny to see how much Edward adored her, how much he longed to wrap her in his embrace, how much he wanted her to be his. I wanted Edward to see how Jenny loved his smile, the twinkle in his eye and the good, strong man that he is, was and always will be.

Hazel Statham has created an endearing tale where the reader is drawn into the plot with memorable characters and dialogue that is true to the times. Although there is definite sexual tension between Edward and Jenny, theirs is a romance that blossoms as they come to know each other. I enjoyed this sweet story. It is a quick read that I'm sure will delight every fan of regency romance. ( )
  avernon1 | Dec 14, 2010 |
The plot was a little slow going, but within were plenty of events that kept me interested. It’s a short book but because there was quite a bit going on it felt as if the book was longer. I thought for the length of the book, there were just a few too many characters and I had a bit of trouble trying to keep track of who was who. It wasn’t overwhelming and it becomes more clearer as the novel progresses and you get the hang of who is who (and who is related to who).

The two main characters: Edward and Jennifer were excellently written. Edward is your typical gentleman and despite his war wounds he’s still strong and able. I liked how he got everyone around him to treat him as if he didn’t have the wounds at all. I thought that showed he was determined to keep going on with his life and showed his strength and determination. Something I thought was very admirable. Jennifer the most fun to read in the book. I loved her personality. She was a complete contrast to Edward, but it was that type of personality that made her all the more likable. I was glad she wasn’t made out to be a typical damsel in distress or a total girly girl. She had a sense of adventure and acted out of her own accord and the best part was, Edward was respectful of that.

So, when you put these two together as a couple, it wasn’t super intense (although there were times when there was tension) but it felt like a very comfortable warm feeling. They made a great couple who complimented and suited each other. I enjoyed the moments where Edward got a chance to poke fun at Jennifer, and vice versa. They had their playful moments, and the moments of uncertainty were just that. You could most certainly feel their emotions and at times it was almost heart wrenching. I really felt for Jennifer at times especially when she thought there was another person involved in the whole scheme of things. I also liked it when both Jennifer and Edward would bicker. It was funny to read and the more they argued the more I enjoyed reading when they’re both together.

How would I describe reading this book? I would say, it’s like watching an old classic film (the romantic black and white ones from the 30’s-40’s) and feeling as if your heart would burst (which it did, in a good way). It has all the characteristics of a classic romance and provided me with a very nice enjoyable read. Do pick this romance up if you feel like something light. The romantic chemistry is definitely there and the featured couple are excellently well written and fun to read. ( )
  sensitivemuse | Nov 25, 2010 |
I love historical books so I jumped on this book for Pump Up Your Book. Boy, am I ever glad that I did! When I think of this type of Avalon and Regency novels I think of Jane Austen, but from my opinion, Ms. Statham has a style all her own, and that style had the ability to fully capture me from the start.

I really enjoyed reading about Edward "Ned" Thurston, Earl of Sinclair, and his supposed betrothed, Lady Jennifer. But, for circumstances beyond control and a war injury, they remain only friends, not betrothed. Ms. Statham did not make these two characters boring, that is for sure! ALL the characters in this sweet read were lovable and full of sweet humor! The dialect between these people of this story was fascinating! I could hear the accents and see the attire of the men and ladies, and felt right at home with this story, like I belonged there. I smiled throughout this book and really didn't want it to end.

This is a VERY clean novel. It's not dubbed a Christian novel, but it is still VERY clean and lovable. There were some sparks that flew between friends, but there was no detailed passion scenes. I recommend this novel with a high flying 5 star review and will definitely be checking out more of Ms. Statham's books in the near future! ( )
  ReviewsbyMolly | Nov 16, 2010 |
From my book review blog Rundpinne...

The Portrait by Hazel Statham is an absolutely endearing historical romance novel set in the early 19th century. Earl Edward Sinclair has recently returned home to Fly Hall after losing an arm in the battle of Salamanca and is trying valiantly to adjust to his new status, title, and limitations as well as his decision to set Lady Jennifer Lynton free of their engagement. Jenny and Sinclair agree to be friends, much to the dismay of their respective family members and their growing friendship provides fodder for the social season. Statham cleverly creates a cast of strong, relatable and delightfully fun characters. Both major and minor characters are certain to delight the reader in Statham’s charming story as forces work to try and bring Edward and Jennifer together through their younger siblings, Perry and Freddie, and their continuous and at times hilarious misdeeds as well as scandals. Statham has a special manner about her writing which gently draws the reader into the story. I look forward to reading some of her other works. The Portrait is a sweet and enjoyable novel, which is certain to delight readers who enjoy a tender and family-centered historical romance. JH/Rundpinne/2010 ( )
  knittingmomof3 | Nov 12, 2010 |
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England, 1812. Severely injured at the battle of Salamanca, Edward decides to end his betrothal. Jennifer, for vastly differing reasons, has reached the selfsame decision. Will they remain firm in their resolve not to wed-- or will their hearts dictate the course of action?

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