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Boyfriends with Girlfriends

por Alex Sanchez

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19517106,904 (2.83)2
When Lance begins to date Sergio, who's bisexual, he's not sure that it'll work out, and when his best friend Allie, who has a boyfriend, meets Sergio's lesbian friend, she has unexpected feelings which she struggles to understand.
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Sexuality is always a messy topic, espically during the teen years, and Alex Sanchez is known for honestly dealing with these issues. In his latest book, we have Lance, who's gay, is going with his best friend Ally, straight and with a boyfriend, to meet Sergio for the first time. They met online and are making the leap to a face to face meeting. Sergio, who is bi, brings his best friend, lesbian Kimoko. The book explores the difference between gay and bi in an honest way and also managed to deal with cultural issues without overdoing it. ( )
  Colleen5096 | Oct 29, 2020 |
The first 30 pages or so were incredibly cringey - choppy writing, stilted dialogue, a serious 'after school special' kind of vibe, and Lance's biphobic attitude really annoyed me. But it got better, I'm glad I stuck with it. The characters became less one dimensional and more endearing, Lance listened to Sergio and decided to believe him when he says he's bi, and Allie toned down the slightly creepy Japan obsession and started to like Kimiko for herself (though, unlike with Lance's biphobia, I'm not sure if Allie's 'ooh you're Japanese!!!' thing was meant to be read as a flaw). The story was sweet, the couples were cute, the ending was happy. The constant 'Sup', 'he he he', 'yee ha' and text speak never gets less embarrassing though. ( )
  elusiverica | Aug 15, 2020 |
Let me start out by saying that I was completely excited at the prospect of reading this book. I fully believe that Alex Sanchez's message is something that needs to be out there. He not only addresses the concepts of homosexual and straight, but also tackles the much debated idea of being bi-sexual. As a person who works with children, I know that there are a lot of young people out there sitting on the same fence that Allie and Sergio are in this book. Not quite sure what side they fall on, they are trapped somewhere in between and ridiculed for it. That being said, I really wanted to love this book. Sadly, it missed that mark for me.

The first thing that struck me when I opened Boyfriends with Girlfriends was the writing style. Written almost entirely in dialogue, the story skips between the viewpoints of the four characters in an almost manic way sometimes. In fact, certain conversations took place in just one paragraph. It was a little disconcerting to say the least, but the saving grace was definitely in the actual dialogue itself. Sanchez paints the reader some extremely accurate personality types for each of his characters, and that is what I fell in love with.

From the heart pattering gorgeousness of Sergio through Lance's eyes, right on down to the questioning thoughts of Allie, the dialogue really brings these characters to life. I was incredibly impressed with the depth and complexity that each character possessed. Kimiko, for example, isn't just a cultural stereotype of a Japanese girl. Instead she is her own shining personality, from her boyish clothes to her love of sweet adolescent poetry. I won't lie when I say she was my favorite character in the book. Each character however had their own charm, and I kind of transported back to high school as I followed them. These could be kids that I actually knew.

Sadly, my love for these characters couldn't overshadow the simple fact that the message Sanchez was trying to convey was being beat to death. Although I really enjoyed the snippy and witty dialogue, it seemed like all the characters ever did was discuss their sexuality and their relationships. I liked that I got to see a little further into each of them through that, but I would really have liked to know more about where they came from. It was hard for me to believe that four friends would just sit around all day and discuss nothing but relationships.

I'll be completely honest when I say that I nearly didn't make it through Boyfriends with Girlfriends. It wasn't at all the subject matter that pushed me away from the book, but rather the way that it was delivered. What it really reminded me of was an after school special. You know, the ones where the topic is attacked mercilessly until something happens and everything ends up just as it should be? Yes, sadly that is this book. I can't imagine that teenagers are going to appreciate such heavy-handedness in a book. Really I worry that this fact is going to keep such an important message, such great characters, from reaching the audience who truly needs them. Teenagers aren't always as forgiving with "in your face" tactics as adults. I only hope they'll finish the book and see the merit in it like I did. ( )
  roses7184 | Feb 5, 2019 |
Lance struggles to understand how his boyfriend Sergio can like both guys and girls, while Lance’s best friend Allie starts to question her own sexuality when she finds herself attracted to Sergio’s best friend, Kimiko. This story focuses on four teens trying to understand themselves and find their place in the world.
  mcmlsbookbutler | Jan 23, 2018 |
I have not yet read this book.
  LynneQuan | Sep 19, 2017 |
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When Lance begins to date Sergio, who's bisexual, he's not sure that it'll work out, and when his best friend Allie, who has a boyfriend, meets Sergio's lesbian friend, she has unexpected feelings which she struggles to understand.

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