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Blood Destiny (Blood Curse, #1)
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Blood Destiny (Blood Curse, #1)

Séries: Blood Curse (1)

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"He was a lethal vampire, bound by an ancient curse. She was an agent of Homeland Security, investigating a dangerous cult. theirs was a blood destiny about to unfold"--Publisher.
Título:Blood Destiny (Blood Curse, #1)
Informação:Publisher Unknown, 368 pages
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Blood Destiny por Tessa Dawn

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read full review on talksupe.blogspot.com

The raves in the reviews did not lie, there are a lot of Vampire books out there but Blood Destiny will certainly carve it's own niche in its genre, it's original and I guarantee that you've never read anything like it. I had a menagerie of emotions throughout the entire book. I wasn't sure if I should hold back, chew every word slowly or just let go and be swept away by the story. It's one of those things that's so good you don't want to end ( )
  talksupe.blogspot | Aug 13, 2011 |
“Blood Destiny” is the 1st novel in the Blood Curse Vampire series by Tessa Dawn and begins with an excellent twist on the origins of her vampire world. The story begins with 2 brothers, Jadon and Jaeger, who in ancient Romania they have been part of a terrible reign of terror. Because of their lust for power, they have been sacrificing women of their race indiscriminately until annihilation of all females has occurred. They have brought doom to a once strong people who were one with nature and the heavens and contained celestial blood in their veins. The Blood of their countless victims have rose up to punish the brothers and curse them for all eternity. Jaeger is truly evil and even in the face of this punishment shows his belief that the killing and rapes were nothing compared to his needs. Jadon, on the other hand, begs for mercy, and tells the celestial beings that even though he did not prevent it, he never participated in any of the death and rapes. The Celestial Beings create a Blood Curse for both Jadon and Jaeger, but make the curse different because of the mercy the show for Jadon. Both brothers end up becoming vampires and each will develop into their own unique bloodlines of that species.

The Sons of Jaeger are refer to as the “Dark Ones” and basically cannot walk in daylight, are evil, immortal, and drink blood to kill. They have red highlights interwoven into their dark hair and will never know the love or companionship of a mate. They can never have female children and will always have twins. All of the women who bear their children will die upon childbirth and the 1st born of the 2 must be sacrificed to the celestial beings. That is the blood curse.

The Sons of Jadon are referred to as the “Light Ones” and can walk in sunlight but prefer the night. They are not evil but are predators or animalistic because of the vampire nature. They drink blood and will kill their prey but pick victims that are evil or have done evil. They can also drink blood and not kill their victims. Their hair color varies. When the blood moon comes and the sky lights up with the stars with the constellation of their birth sign, their mate will be chosen for them by also having that sign on her person. They will then have 30 days to make her theirs, convert her and make her pregnant. They will never have females and only have twins. The first birth will always produce one “light” child and one “dark” child. The “dark” child must be sacrificed. If this does not all happen within 30 days of the blood moon, the Son of Jadon will die horribly. This is the blood curse.

Our 1st novel is about Jocelyn and Nathaniel’s trip down the mating lane, as it were. Jocelyn start off accidentally watching a dark vampire sacrifice a human female and child in order to satisfy the blood curse and to have a son. She is terrified. Nathaniel hears her crying in the forest and comes to make sure she is not injured and while walking her back to civilization, the blood moon rises. Both of the worlds become entwined and are forever changed. Nathaniel now has to convince Jocelyn that not all vampires are evil while he basically kidnaps her to keep her safe. Jocelyn is fighting her growing feelings for Nathaniel while trying to not lose her mind. If all of this wasn’t enough to taken into account, throw in some very domineering older siblings, werewolf hunters, and battles with the dark vampires and you wonder when will these two have time to get together. This novel was non-stop and extremely interesting. I loved every minute of the action and the premise behind the vampires is unique and makes for a great foundation. It is a solid 5 stars and I anxiously wait the next release. ( )
1 vote Slion | May 15, 2011 |
Review poster here: http://offbeatvagabond.blogspot.com/2011/05/review-blood-destiny-blood-curse-1-b...

HOLY SHIT! That is all I can say about this book. I am going to say something only because it is absolutely true; this is one of the BEST books I have read in my life. It is everything I ever wanted my vampires to be, scary as hell and yet too sexy for your eyes. Now with the exception of a few vampires (Dante, Bones, all of the BDB, etc.), there aren't many vampires that are truly brutal, I mean X-Rated, B-Movie brutal. Well I don't have to look any further, I found them right here in Blood Destiny. Tessa Dawn, you are now in my top five list of kickass authors. Thank you!

Blood Destiny starts with telling us about the existence of vampires. There are two different kinds of vampires, light and dark. Twin brothers, Jadon (light) and Jaegar (dark) were punished by the blood of the women they killed. But Jadon wasn't the one who spilled blood, it was the vicious Jaegar. But nonetheless, they were both cursed. The light vampires can walk in the sun and have mates. Their mates have been chosen by the gods. Thing is they only have thirty days to marry and have twins with their mate (the vamps only have twin boys) and sacrifice the evil twin. If they don't, their lives will be at risk. The dark vampires do not get a mate which complicates things because when they do, things end badly for the women they take.

Oh my goodness, I loved this book sooooo much. I didn't know what to think of this book when I first heard about it. My favorite thing about it was Tessa Dawn's take on vampire mythology. Honestly, throw out everything you know about vampires because it will not apply to this book. The vampires are scary, truly immortal (only way to kill them is through draining them completely of blood), and they aren't only powerful, they are part gods. Seriously, the things they can do are insane. They can literally control the elements with their emotions. For instance, when Nathaniel found out what happened to his recently deceased brother's, Shelby, wife Dalia, he got so pissed, he caused an earthquake. Even more so, they have abilities they gain that literally takes over a thousand years of education to master. Seriously, do not screw with these guys.

The characters were incredible. The protege Braden and the Silivasi brothers were a riot especially Marquis, who was the meanest of them all. But he had a heart of gold. Well you don't see that until near the end of the book. Marquis does everything to protect his brothers and being the oldest of them all, he carries a huge weight on his shoulders. I also loved the leading lady, Jocelyn. She had a pair of lady balls for sure. After everything she has seen (and what she tried to do to escape), she fights no matter what. I loved that it wasn't one of those things where she immediately decided to be with Nathaniel. She actually thought about what she was getting into. I loved Nathaniel. He was hot and brutal when he needed to be and loved Jocelyn unconditionally.

Now for the warning. This book will not be for everyone. Do not let the fact that this is part Paranormal Romance fool you. There are some horrific scenes in this book. I mean scenes they wouldn't put in a horror movie. Blood Destiny is very dark, cruel and doesn't hold anything back. If you are looking for sweet little vampires that glitter and sparkle, look elsewhere. If you want vampires that actually belong in a horror movie and will literally rip you to shreds, these are your guys.

I can't think of anything bad to say about this book. The story and history in this book was rich and well-layered. Again, the mythology is super fresh and unique. Do not go into this thinking it is just another vampire book, it is far from it. This is an amazing debut by Tessa Dawn and this is high, very high on my favorites list. Marquis' book is book 2, Blood Awakening, and it comes out October 28th. So I plan on reading this one or two more times before then. And many more times after that and I am sure Blood Awakening will be just as re-readable. ( )
  harleyquinn0887 | May 5, 2011 |
While investigating a series of horrific murders, Homeland Security agent, Jocelyn Levi stumbles into a world she never imagined existed. Nathaniel Silivasi recognizes her as his Destiny and begins to develop love and trust. Their budding relationship is challenged by the world that Jocelyn doesn't understand.

Blood Destiny is not your typical vampire story. Tessa Dawn offers a fresh take on the origins of her vampires. They are Cursed by the Celestial Gods to walk the path of dark or light. Those sons who walk the path of light must find and claim their Blood Destiny. Those that walk the path of dark do not have the redemption that at blood mate would offer.

The story is written with well developed characters that add flavor and excitement to the story. A well developed history brings the story to life.

I really enjoyed this book. The concept was amazing and the characters were believable and likable. The book had a little of everything, horror, paranormal creatures and romance. Can't wait for the next book! ( )
  ToniWI | Mar 30, 2011 |
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"He was a lethal vampire, bound by an ancient curse. She was an agent of Homeland Security, investigating a dangerous cult. theirs was a blood destiny about to unfold"--Publisher.

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