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Clockwork Princess

por Cassandra Clare

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Séries: The Infernal Devices (3), The Shadowhunter Chronicles (3)

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3,8201772,415 (4.35)44
When seventeen-year-old orphaned shapechanger Tessa Gray is kidnapped by the villainous Mortmain in his final bid for power, the London Institute rallies to save her, but is beset by danger and betrayal at every turn.
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I'll admit, I was perhaps a little hard on [b:Clockwork Angel|7171637|Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices, #1)|Cassandra Clare|https://i.gr-assets.com/images/S/compressed.photo.goodreads.com/books/1454962884l/7171637._SY75_.jpg|6674837] / [b:Clockwork Prince|10025305|Clockwork Prince (The Infernal Devices, #2)|Cassandra Clare|https://i.gr-assets.com/images/S/compressed.photo.goodreads.com/books/1460477747l/10025305._SY75_.jpg|6674845]. But [b:Clockwork Princess|18335634|Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Devices, #3)|Cassandra Clare|https://i.gr-assets.com/images/S/compressed.photo.goodreads.com/books/1436788488l/18335634._SY75_.jpg|6309710] is quite a bit better.

In one book, we have big battles, a conclusion to the automaton plotline, an actual resolution to the love triangle (I'll come back to this), more politics, and answers for just what Tessa actually is and what that means for the greater universe. I can't really think of anything in particular that I particularly would have wanted that was missing.

Still rather more love triangle that I like in my urban fantasy, but by far my favorite of the trilogy. On to something else now!


So. The Tessa/Jem/Will love triangle. It was something of a mess, especially given that everyone involved is still a teen. Like I've said before, perhaps it's just not for me. But if you leave aside that, I did not expect the resolution to be Jem dying, but not really so that Tessa can end up with Will. Even if it eventually got backtracked, it really works. And in the end, because of immortality, she can have her Will and then later Jem too, in a decent enough conclusion. So. That was most certainly a thing. I really appreciate what Cassandra Clare did with all that, even if it's not the sort of think I seek out. ( )
  jpv0 | Jul 21, 2021 |
“Sometimes one must choose whether to be kind or honorable," he said. "Sometimes one cannot be both.”
― Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Princess

I try to express only my most honest opinion in a spoiler free way. If you feel anything in my review is a spoiler and is not already hidden in spoiler brackets please let me know. Thank you.
So in the final book of The Infernal Devices series. Tessa and Jem are preparing for their engagement and everyone else is getting use to Will with the new knowledge of why he was so aweful for so many years, and Will is getting use to having his sister around while trying to cope with the loss of Tessa. But Will can't control his feelings for Tessa, and Jem is still very sick, and the Magister still wants Tessa and will not give up.
I really loved this series. This book made be cry. My husband thought I was crazy. lol. I loved Jem. I was rooting for him from day one. I can honestly say, that even after knowing why Will acted as he did. I still didn't like him. What the book kept calling charm, I saw as cockiness. His only redeeming quality was his love and loyalty toward Jem. Jem on the other hand is amazing. He's loyal, loving, and he just has the most attractive personality. Tessa annoyed me. I'm not going to lie. Jem was far to good for her and I think I might like Will even more then I like Tessa. I think that her choices were cruel. There where times where she tried to do the right thing, but it felt more like she was doing it because she knew she was suppose to and not because she wanted to do the right thing. But my dislike of the character are one of things that made the book good. I was still rooting for them all. (Jem more than the other though lol). I haven't read any of the other series in this in this world, but I intend too.
How I choose my rating:
1* Did not finish, or hated it but forced myself to finish.
2** Didn't really like it. Didn't hate it but not sure why I finished it other then for some closure.
3*** I liked it. I had some issues with it, but as a whole it was good. I probably won't reread again ever, but there is a chance I might finish the series. (If part of one) But if not it's not a huge loss.
4**** I really liked this book. Maybe not a work of genius, but highly entertaining. I might reread this again, and I will finish the series. (If part of one) I would recommend to those I know hold interest in this books content.
5***** I loved this book. I found little to no issues with it at all. I will definitely be rereading this and probably more than once. I will finish the series and reread it multiple times. (If part of one) I will recommend this book to EVERYONE!!!!
( )
  starslight86 | Jul 20, 2021 |
I wonder if I'm falling out of love with Cassandra Clare. I remember being okay with The Mortal Instruments, and being head-over-heels with this series. But now that I've finally finished it, it seemed a bit underwhelming. Maybe I've read better books, or I just hyped it up to myself a bit too much. Luckily I still I have one more Clare book at my library to read and find out if I'm just underwhelmed or disenchanted with Shadowhunters. ( )
  afrozenbookparadise | Apr 22, 2021 |
I wanted to like this book/series so much! I can totally see why others are so in love with this one (and I definitely like this trilogy better than the Mortal Instrument series). But theres a combination of things that is going against me to make me rate them as lowly as I have been. First, I'm not the target audience. If I read these in my late teens/early twenties I think I would have loved these like I loved Harry Potter. Secondly, the love story was a tad too strong for me. I love the original fantasy aspects of this story as well as the slight mix of historical fiction - these two factors should have knocked it out of the park for me. However, the love triangle got a bit old and I just didn't feel very invested in the whole Will, Jem, Tessa thing. Her indecision was a little irritating at times and I honestly don't understand how even up to the end she couldn't really choose between the two when it came to determining her love (no spoilers I swear!). Jem felt like a pity love to me no matter what Tessa said. Lastly, there's just something about Casandra Clare's writing that doesn't mesh with me. Her descriptions are okay over all, and characters have depth, but something feels too extra for me. I still haven't been able to put my finger on it, but I can say the falling action and resolution of this book were WAY too long. We got to the climax and I looked at my phone (I was listening to it) and there were still roughly 2-3 hours left! What!? Not okay. Yes there was a lot to wrap up, but nothing worth 2-3 hours. The slow parts dragged, and the fast parts were fewer and far between. I did, however, like how much the characters were fleshed out. I love some of the side characters a lot and would love to hear more of their side story. Because of how much this dragged at times, I had to knock it down from the usual 3* I seem to be giving her books. I'm going to finish the Mortal Instruments because there is only 1 left to read and I'd like to try another of her books, but I may have to be done with them if I keep feeling like they are too romance heavy and too slow moving. ( )
  courty4189 | Mar 24, 2021 |
Well, I still don't like love triangles... Although I didn't hate this obe in the end. But somehow this book didn't interest me as much as the other two of the trilogy. I would've rather read about Charlotte and Henry. Or Sophie and Gideon. I guess I just found those women a lot more interesting than Tessa. But I guess that would've made this less of a YA book. I liked it, but it was not without faults. ( )
  RankkaApina | Feb 22, 2021 |
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That men may rise on stepping-stones

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Marry on Monday for health,

Tuesday for wealth

Wednesday the best day of all,

Thursday for crosses,

Friday for losses, and

Saturday for no luck at all.

--Folk rhyme
(p. 31)

And much of Madness, and more of Sin,

And Horror the soul of the plot.

--Edgar Allan Poe, "The Conqueror Worm"
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When seventeen-year-old orphaned shapechanger Tessa Gray is kidnapped by the villainous Mortmain in his final bid for power, the London Institute rallies to save her, but is beset by danger and betrayal at every turn.

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