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The Secret War (Jack Blank Adventure) por…
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The Secret War (Jack Blank Adventure) (original 2011; edição 2011)

por Matt Myklusch

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Twelve-year-old Jack may be the Imagine Nation's only hope of fending off a new Rustov attack, with the help of his fellow superheroes-in-training, but the virus he carries, and Jonas's suspicions, provide new complications.
Título:The Secret War (Jack Blank Adventure)
Autores:Matt Myklusch
Informação:Aladdin (2011), Hardcover, 544 pages
Colecções:recommended teen reads
Etiquetas:Great Guy Reads

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The Secret War por Matt Myklusch (2011)

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Okay, it's official. I'm declaring it to all of you now. Jack Blank is my new favorite hero. Move over Harry Potter. Once again Matt Myklusch managed to capture my heart, and my imagination with the second book in this wonderful series! The Secret War was everything that I was hoping it would be plus so much more.

For those of you who haven't yet had the privilege of traveling to the Imagine Nation, let me fill you in. Take a moment to go back in time and remember when you were young. When the world held infinite possibility, and magic was a reality. Are you there? That's the Imagine Nation. Full of superheroes, villains and futuristic technology, this is a world that is a pleasure to get lost in. In my opinion, it's the most fantastic world I've ever visited in a book and I can't wait to go again.

In this installment, Jack Blank is a little older, a little wiser, but still the same kid that I fell in love with before. Strong, witty, and full of incredible potential. However The Secret War also brings a different light to Jack's life. This is a darker book, full of plenty of twists and turns to keep you reading on. Jack has secrets. Deep, dark secrets that he can't seem to share despite how much he knows he should. What he soon learns is that the more secrets you hold, the harder it is to dig yourself out of the pit that they become.

For me, Jack in this book was even better than in the first. Having to battle with the parasite inside him, the secrets that he keeps, and trying to live up to his potential really takes a toll on him. We see Jack at his lowest points and yet he still manages to be inspiring. He's a real person on these pages. Best of all, The Secret War brings in tons of new characters to love. I won't spoil, but I will tell you that one of the characters I liked most makes a come back. I almost laughed out loud with joy.

The lessons in this book are amped up as well, but once again they blend in beautifully with the overall story. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will all the better for it. Let me tell you, this is fast becoming my favorite series of all time. If you haven't started already, please do. A role model of the highest kind, Jack Blank is a vivid character who will steal your heart! ( )
  roses7184 | Feb 5, 2019 |
This Sequel to Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation, is untitled on the advance copy I have but perhaps will be called The Secret War (amazon). It has non stop action like the first book. For me, that is its downfall (and I am certainly not the target audience). The action never stops and as a result this is a shallower book.
To be sure, the plot twists and turns. Like Harry Potter and many a hero before him, Jack jumps to the wrong conclusion several times. But the reason his fellow students trust him is character development from the first book. Character development here is at a minimum. Despite the final big twist at the end, I have no anticipation for a third book. A disappointment. ( )
  geraldinefm | May 28, 2011 |
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Twelve-year-old Jack may be the Imagine Nation's only hope of fending off a new Rustov attack, with the help of his fellow superheroes-in-training, but the virus he carries, and Jonas's suspicions, provide new complications.

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