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PACIFIC CRUCIBLE (original 2011; edição 2012)

por Ian W. Toll (Autor)

Séries: Pacific War Trilogy (1)

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4451841,553 (4.57)19
Draws on eyewitness accounts and primary sources to describe the first months of World War II in the Pacific, after the U.S. Navy suffered the worst defeat in its history at Pearl Harbor.
Autores:Ian W. Toll (Autor)
Informação:Norton (2012), Edition: Reprint Ed.
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Pacific Crucible: War at Sea in the Pacific, 1941-1942 por Ian W. Toll (2011)

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Excellent history, fast read. I'm not big on "battles" per se, but Midway is quite the story. This is a great first book about the war in the Pacific which includes much about the Japanese. ( )
  tmph | Sep 13, 2020 |
Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7 1941 caught the U.S. Navy by surprise in more ways than one. For not only did Japan succeed in disabling a major portion of the Pacific Fleet, the attack by waves of bomb- and torpedo-carrying planes inaugurated a new style of naval warfare for which the United States was unprepared. The learning curve that the U.S. was forced to undertake serves as a key theme of Ian Toll's book, which chronicles the first six months of the war in the Pacific. During these months the Japanese enjoyed virtually free reign in the Pacific, as their planes and ships swept aside what opposition the Western powers could throw together on short notice. The result was a succession of victories won at a pace that astonished even the Japanese themselves.

Yet as Toll demonstrates, the United States was quick to absorb the lessons of the new style of warfare. Here he focuses on the carrier operations that formed the initial response to the Japanese onslaught. While the famous Doolittle raid gets its due here, Toll rightly highlights the often overlooked strikes on Japanese bases in the Marshall and Gilbert island chains Not only did these strikes give the U.S. Navy valuable experience, but they were central to Admiral Yamamoto's decision to stage an invasion of Midway Island in an effort to draw the remaining U.S. forces out for a decisive engagement. The resulting battle in June 1942 proved the turning point of the war in the Pacific, however, as the sinking of the four carriers that formed the core of the Kido Butai deprived the Japanese of their ability to conduct further offensive operations.

Toll describes these months in a text that engages the reader with dramatic yet straightforward prose. His pen portraits of the major commanders -- men like Chester Nimitz, Ernest King, and Isoroku Yamamoto -- are a particular strength of the book, as is his integration of the role American codebreakers played in this stage of the war. Though he bases his book almost entirely upon previously published works, his analysis and his evocative writing style make this a book that even readers familiar with the subject will find well worth their time. It's a promising start to what, when completed, could prove to be an enduring go-to source for anyone interested in reading about the Second World War in the Pacific. ( )
  MacDad | Mar 27, 2020 |
This is top-rate historical literature. It may not have quite the smooth narrative flow that Shelby Foote had for his legendary, The Civil War: A Narrative trilogy, but, if this is just the first of the author's World War II in the Pacific trilogy, then I'm all in. The book covers Pearl Harbor (in a most exciting way), the Doolittle Raid over Tokyo, the Battle of Coral Sea, and a masterful rendition of the Battle of Midway, along with considerable insight into the extremely important "communication intelligence" factor. It also offers fairly substantial biographies of key military leaders on both sides of the fighting. True history buffs will savor this work. ( )
  larryerick | Nov 1, 2018 |
A friend told me about this book a couple of years ago. I'm sorry now it took me so long to get to it. The reader has the sense as Walter Cronkite used to say: you are there. The section on code breaking was particularly interesting to me. The reader can see see how near a thing the outcome of the war was. Without the Midway victory it could have been a much different war. ( )
  waldhaus1 | Aug 23, 2018 |
Clearly written, good maps and graphics. A good piece of WWII popularizing.
Ian Toll has nicely balanced out the work of Rick Atkinson on the ETO, with his trilogy on the Pacific War. There are some items here that rise above the usual narratives.As well as good accounts of Pearl Harbour, The Doolittle Raid, Coral Sea and Midway, there is a good account of one of the typical carrier raid into a Japanese held island group. The Japanese also get more in-depth study as regards their strategic conflicts.Thus an extra half-star. These nuts-and-bolts sections elevate Mr. Toll's work. His trilogy should enjoy good and lasting sales.
A small complaint follows. Perhaps due to weakness in translation, he has invented a Japanese Carrier called the Daiho. I believe it is usually called the TAIHO. (p.294) ( )
1 vote DinadansFriend | Mar 23, 2017 |
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Draws on eyewitness accounts and primary sources to describe the first months of World War II in the Pacific, after the U.S. Navy suffered the worst defeat in its history at Pearl Harbor.

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