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Grave Memory

por Kalayna Price

Séries: Alex Craft (3)

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4633141,540 (4.01)1 / 5
Solving murders by raising the dead, grave witch Alex Craft is hired to investigate a suicide in Nekros City and discovers a new kind of magic that can overcome the human will to survive.
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This is the 3rd in the series and it is still going strong and was just a fantastic book. The main character Alex is still awesome and doing her thing. The cliffhanger was amazing and it just makes me sad that I have to wait til 2015 to read what happens next. It's gonna be a long wait. ( )
  payday1999 | Dec 8, 2020 |
This book started out on my "so excited for this book" list after the first 2 sucked me in. I got the impression from the second book that there was going to be a heavy focus on the love triangle starting NOW. I've survived more than one love triangle and the ideas in the first two books were so good I thought the series could handle a little silliness. There are just not enough good fairy and ghost stories out there amongst all the werewolves and vampires and this one had both. Yeah!

Unfortunately I feel like there's more interest in throwing Alex's relationships into chaos then developing the world or powers of the main character. Alex and Rhianna have just started there own business, basically supernatural PI's and witches for hire. They start all this just in time to witness a suicide. The problem is the suicide's ghost has no memory of the last three days of his life much less jumping off a building. Alex quickly comes to the conclusion something is riding the bodies of people throughout the city before killing them. To compound that ghouls are roaming the graveyards of the city, her roommate Holly is addicted to fairy food, boy toy Falin is under the Winter Queens thumb and boy toy Death has been told to stay away from her.

The build up over the first 2/3's of the book is slow. There's angst over Falin, and talk of "betrayal" although Falin is probably literally the only male in any UF book over who can truly claim he can't help his bad behavior. Alex is apparently not bright enough to figure this out and protect them both by just staying away from him. I do so hate the heroine so in love she doesn't act rationally. Unfortunately she has two men to act irrational over and put at risk by "loving" them. Yeah. It quickly got annoying for me.

What I think disappointed me the most in the book it's the lack of world building I love in UF. The cross over of worlds where the land of the dead drives everything into rot was so interesting the first book. By now we get a sentence about rust or ashes and that's it. C'mon, be poetic, give me an image to work with. Nothing. Now, when we finally get to the sex scene we get down to every little thrust and touch ad nauseum. Really there's very little description beyond what she's doing with the boys. We go into Fairy, get a description of the courts and then just talk about her hanging out with Falin. I want to here about Fairy, I want that built up. She's supposed to go to fairy to pick a court, instead we hear about Falin and watch her be stupid enough to once again get sucked into fairy games. Saw it all coming. We get to see one brief lesson with her dad, finally, because apparently being a fairy princess means you can ignore it.

Just overall the story felt slow as we figured things out. Angst over boys. Angst over boys. And then, ooh, tie it up! Rush the end! Yeah!

I thought of giving this book 2 stars, but it's only a 2 star book in consideration of what I was hoping for. The writing is overall good. I just wish there was more building of the world and the magic. Less love triangle. More rules for the world so I can tell she's not going to become the all powerful Mary Sue. The reapers exist for a purpose. Why? Is there a god or leader that rules their decisions? We might have met one but he's no more fleshed out then anyone else, just useful to the plot. Oh, and she's not exactly an Anita Blake but she's rapidly gaining powers over just about everything she touches. And sleeping with multiple boys is coming soon. I think this series is dead for me. I dragged myself through hoping it would drag me in. There's huge potential for the world building here. Huge potential for beauty and awesomeness. Mostly it feels like a paranormal romance with an underdeveloped world and a set of rules that after 3 books still hasn't managed to catch up to the main characters specialness. ( )
  lclclauren | Sep 12, 2020 |
Alex arrives at the scene of a suicide where the ghost doesn’t remember the last few days of his life. It turns out there has been a string of weird suicides in town and the ghosts don’t remember their last days. Alex is also helping friends keep secrets from the rest of her friends about changes in their lives. On top of all that she has to get used to the idea that she is part of Fairy and needs to pick a court. The book was ok but I wasn’t left with a burning need to read the next one in the series. ( )
  Glennis.LeBlanc | Jan 6, 2020 |
3.5 Stars

I really like this series, but I am more interested in the story line and charactors then in the relationship problems Alex is having with Death and Fallon. ( )
  Colette_Miranda | Jul 29, 2019 |
In this third Alex Craft adventure, Alex has to find a way to stop an entity that steals bodies, uses them to eat a great restaurants, hire hookers, and live in posh hotels, and then causing them to commit suicide. She gets involved when hired by one of the victims' wife who doesn't believe that her husband could have done those things.

Of course, that isn't all that is going on. Alexis losing her grip on the glamour that she didn't even know she had and is starting to glow. She goes to her estranged father for help and learns some things she didn't know about her family history. She'd already met a king in faerie who acknowledged her as his niece and met a brownie who said he helped raise her. These aren't things Alex wants. She would much prefer to be a human grave witch and private investigator.

Her love life is also in a state of chaos too with Falin being under the thumb of the Winter Queen and him telling Alex that she can not trust him. Meanwhile, Death is breaking rules for Alex including exchanging life force with her and taking her to the Mender who deals with injured soul collectors. Their latest action have led to an either/or choice for Death that Alex isn't willing to accept. She is willing to go to great lengths even lose her own life to give him better options.

This is an entertaining urban fantasy series with great characters. It seems each episode opens up more opportunities for Alex but the opportunities could cost her what she holds the most dear. I can't wait to see what happens next for her. ( )
  kmartin802 | Feb 28, 2019 |
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Solving murders by raising the dead, grave witch Alex Craft is hired to investigate a suicide in Nekros City and discovers a new kind of magic that can overcome the human will to survive.

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