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Attack on Titan 1 por Hajime Isayama
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Attack on Titan 1 (edição 2012)

por Hajime Isayama (Autor)

Séries: Attack on Titan (1)

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8922318,466 (3.87)23
"For the past century, what's left of mankind has hidden in a giant, three-walled city, trapped in fear of the bizarre, giant humanoids known as the Titans. Little is known about where they came from or why they are bent on consuming human-kind, but the sudden appearance of an enormous Titan is about change everything''--Cover.… (mais)
Título:Attack on Titan 1
Autores:Hajime Isayama (Autor)
Informação:Kodansha Comics (2012), Edition: Illustrated, 208 pages
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Attack on Titan por Hajime Isayama

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Brutal. ( )
  nosborm | Oct 10, 2021 |
Off we go! I've heard good things about Attack on Titan, but other than some pictures of gruesome looking skinless giants, I'm not really sure what I'm in for. It should be fun!

In a nutshell, it appears that the world was overrun by semi intelligent, naked, sexless humanoid (I personally think it would be all the more terrifying if they had genetalia, but for ratings and the mystery, I see why they don't) Titans, ranging from twice as tall as a person to far far larger. What's left of humanity (that we know of) is contained in a small(ish) city with a 50m wall. Good enough--untl an EVEN BIGGER TITAN APPEARS:

Yeah. That's a crazy story. I really do empathize with the order going out, trying to figure out what's going on, even if there's something said about survival at this point. Sometimes, it's not enough to just survive.

Characterwise, it's fascinating to see the relationships between people we barely know developing. There is some crazy history going on here.

Especially when at the end one of the named main characters is *eaten*?! That can't stick, but how?

Crazy story. Onwards! ( )
  jpv0 | Jul 21, 2021 |
It gets four stars for being so damn tenacious in its storytelling. Although the artwork isn't stellar, it improves with every chapter, and both the storytelling and the world building are brimming with promise. The main idea itself is startling and absorbing enough that it makes me want to find out what happens next, even if the sight of the titans in action make my skin crawl from the inside. Also, Isayama's interview made me confident that he knows what he wants to do with this series and that he won't let Attack On Titan turn to crap. Plus he is a big fan of the manga-ka Tsutomu Nihei, which is pretty cool. ( )
  sarahlh | Mar 6, 2021 |
This serves as my review for the whole Attack on Titan series

This is one of my favourite animes and series of all time. It's also one of the highly acclaimed anime series ever so if you don't even know about Attack on Titan at this point... you are missing out. I'm updated with the manga since it's still ongoing but it is going to be ending very soon. I do think you should watch the series first before reading the manga :)

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!! Especially if you are into fantasy with high paced action sequences, surprising twists, and mystery.

plot→ It's basically set in this world wherein the last of the human race are forced to live behind this circular walled city called Paradis because titans who devour humans suddenly started appearing on Earth. The story begins when, after 300 years I think... or is it 30??, a titan suddenly breaks into the walled city. The story revolves around Eren (and friends) who has always dreamed of being part of the Survey Corps as they were previously regarded as the heroes of the city. However, they have since been looked down on by the residents because their expeditions outside the walls in the past years have always resulted in mass slaughter.

There are 3 branches in the city's military body: the Survey Corps, the Garrison, and the Military Police Brigade. Survey Corps go outside the wall to scout areas for expansion and most of the skilled ODM (this is the gear that they use to kill the titans) users are in this branch since they fight the titans most frequently. Garrison patrol the walls of the city and are in charge of protecting the walls from titan invasions. Military Police Brigade stay in the innermost city to protect the royal family and whoever else is rich and powerful enough to live there. There is also a side branch that takes care of the new recruits and trains them before they are placed in the actual military body.

I didn't know this had a military thing going on and to be honest it's one of favourite sub themes in fantasy so that was a pleasant for me.

One of the interesting sociopolitical points in this series is that the city itself is subdivided into 3 walls: Wall Maria, Wall Rose, and Wall Sina. The poorest in the city are forced to live on the outermost wall since they are the ones that titans would most likely get to first in case the city is breached. The richest are in Wall Sina like the royal family. This raised a lot of points to think about especially when the wall gets breached and they need to move towards the inner parts of the city.

I'm not going to go too much else in depth because it is partly a mystery series but one of the main things that made this series standout to me is the looming idea that they don't really know who the enemy is. Honestly, this series raises a lot of political issues and discussions that I like to talk about with other people who have also read/watched it. Another aspect that I like here, is what is really considered good or bad, if there even is such a thing in a person's motives. You'll see this more on the later sides of the series because the first part is more on action scenes and build up since it's meant to pull you into the world. But the later arcs just add up to it and make it seriously one of the most phenomenal stories I have come across.

If you haven't realized: I love this series TO DEATHHH.

I consider this a must watch and must read for basically everyone who just wants a good story with characters that you won't get tired of. I also just want you guys to meet my man Levi basically hehe

This is Levi btw^^ *heart eyes*

WARNING: the manga is definitely on the gory side but the anime not much so (but still intense). it didn't really bother me though but you have been warned, ( )
  themoonwholistens | Aug 31, 2020 |
This book was kind of a fun read. I came across it by accident and just felt like dipping into manga today--so I read it in two sittings.

I liked the detailed drawings of the giants and the premise of the story. However, I had problems following who was doing what to whom, and where. I'll probably not read any further into this series so I decided to read the interesting author interview at the back of the book.

I'd recommend this book for anyone who wants an action-packed quick and effort-free read. I get the gnawing feeling that I also chose to read this book because I sense the human race in reality is being threatened at this time, thinking of such things as global warming, the COVID-19 pandemic, and political violence. ( )
  SqueakyChu | Jul 21, 2020 |
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"For the past century, what's left of mankind has hidden in a giant, three-walled city, trapped in fear of the bizarre, giant humanoids known as the Titans. Little is known about where they came from or why they are bent on consuming human-kind, but the sudden appearance of an enormous Titan is about change everything''--Cover.

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