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A Jane Austen Devotional (Devotional…
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A Jane Austen Devotional (Devotional Classics) (edição 2012)

por Thomas Nelson (Autor)

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More than 100 devotions accompanied by scriptures are paired with excerpts from Austen's best-known novels.
Título:A Jane Austen Devotional (Devotional Classics)
Autores:Thomas Nelson (Autor)
Informação:Thomas Nelson (2012), Edition: Gift, 224 pages
Colecções:A sua biblioteca
Etiquetas:Mag's Room, Jane-ite

Pormenores da obra

A Jane Austen Devotional (Devotional Classics Series) por Thomas Nelson

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This is a lovely and thoughtful devotional, with a passage of an Austen novel serving as a springboard for a spiritual thought and Scripture text. It's interesting, engaging, and concise. ( )
  DrFuriosa | Dec 4, 2020 |
A Jane Austen Devotional consists of excerpts from six Austen novels with devotional commentary by Steffany Woolsey, concluding with a relevant Bible verse. While Austen doesn’t explicitly address religion and theology in her novels, they are under-girded by a Christian ethic. Austen’s heroines weigh their own conduct and that of others against a biblical moral standard. Close reading of passages from the novels provides the reader with deeper insight into Austen’s characters, as well as with encouragement to develop virtues such as kindness, respect for others, contentment, and forgiveness, and with caution to avoid negative traits such as envy, worry, self-centeredness, and a critical spirit. The primary audience appears to be young adult women, with some devotions assuming that the readers are or will be wives and mothers. However, most of the devotions will apply to readers in any stage of life. ( )
  cbl_tn | May 27, 2019 |
The first thing that I noticed and love about A Jane Austen Devotional is the beautiful hardbound cloth cover of this book. It's really stunning to look at. This book was an interest to me as a lover of all things Jane. The idea of combining my love for this timeless author and my faith intrigued me.
The author takes passages from each of Austen's books and then gives a short explanation as to why a particular passage is against/in agreement with what the Lord would want of us. Woolsey backs up her explanations with scripture. This is a great book for reflection and character building. It covers topics such as Faithfulness, Esteeming Others, Developing Self Control, Looking for God's Purpose, and Pouring God's Grace on Others. This book offers over 100 different devotions.
I really like this devotional. Woolsey does a great job with pairing up scripture and passages from Austen's novels. They fit together perfectly. It's not overly preachy or nagging but it's encouraging and supporting. Reading each entry takes less than five minutes and would be a great way to start the day for anyone. This would be a great book for any Jane Austen lover wanting to grow closer to God. ( )
1 vote mt256 | Jan 11, 2012 |
Interwoven Biblical tenets from the muse of Austen!

A Jane Austen Devotional is certainly an unusual and pleasing work. It filters scripture through the eyes of characters and situations throughout Austen novels, and ultimately of course through Jane herself.
In opening scriptural direction and reflection for us via the understandings of Austen, her times and her characters, the publisher Thomas Nelson has combined two of the best of English literary achievements—the Bible and Austen to bring forth a bold and refreshing take on the nature of the Devotional.
I admit there are understandings and links that I would wish to challenge. For me that makes this such an interesting method of inspirational reading. I am able to dialogue with the work, to reflect and challenge my own scriptural explorations and understandings.
And I do this whilst revisiting my favorite Austen novels, characters and situations.
The devotional certainly tweaked my curiosity about Nelson’s other offering in this series, A Charles Dickens Devotional, Dickens being another of my favorite English Literature writers.
A fascinating new look at Scripture and Austen for Austen fans so minded.

A NetGalley ARC ( )
  eyes.2c | Jan 11, 2012 |
A Jane Austen Devotional

published by Thomas Nelson

available January 10, 2012

A must have if you are a lover of Jane Austen and Jesus Christ. This book is a wonderful blend of tidbits from Jane's books and Biblical passages. The lessons put forth are related to Ms. Austen's characters with a perfect blending of her writings and those from the scriptures.

I received this book as a NetGalley egalley, but I will purchase as soon as available, this is one I want to keep with me at all times. ( )
  ljldml | Jan 2, 2012 |
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More than 100 devotions accompanied by scriptures are paired with excerpts from Austen's best-known novels.

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