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Monsoon Summer

por Mitali Perkins

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Secretly in love with her best friend and business partner Steve, fifteen-year-old Jazz must spend the summer away from him when her family goes to India during that country's rainy season to help set up a clinic.
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I'm not a huge YA chick lit fan, but I really enjoyed Monsoon Summer by Mitali Perkins. This novel is about a teenage girl from California named Jazz (short for Jasmine--she is half Indian) and her summer vacation at an orphanage in India. Jazz's mother was adopted at a very young age from the orphanage by American parents and wants to go back to find out more about her roots. Jazz is initially reluctant to travel to India because she has to leave behind her best-friend/crush Steve, but she eventually comes around. The story is sweet and the main character is likable from the get-go. The author does a great job of showing India from an American teenager's perspective (having gone to India myself as an American teenager). The ending was a little too optimistic to be believable but at least it was a happy one (phew!), which is almost essential in these kinds of books. I would highly recommend this as a fun summer read. ( )
  akbooks | Sep 12, 2019 |
American teenage girl goes with her family to an Indian orphanage and Finds Herself (much but not entirely mitigated by the fact that her mother was adopted by a white family out of this orphanage) with a side of "I'm in love with my best friend but I'm Classically Not Beautiful so he couldn't possibly love me back despite spending all his free time with me at home, clearly feeling hurt when I don't phone/write from overseas, and (a little detail just slipped in there) keeping a photo of me in his wallet".

Perfectly readable but honestly I would have been a lot more interested if it had focused a lot more on either her business at home or the business she helps her friend set up in India. ( )
  zeborah | Aug 24, 2014 |
If we'd all look past the end of our noses, we'll see that we are all gifted to be a blessing to someone... somewhere, even if it is half way across the world. And to borrow a line from the story: "I may not impact lives on (a grand) scale... but I (can do) something that makes a difference."
  MomsterBookworm | Jul 14, 2014 |
Charming and insightful story about Jasmine's summer in India. There's a lot here about body image, identity, acceptance and love all wrapped in a sweet little story. I enjoyed the father's story here especially- we don't often get to see adults pushing their boundaries and changing in kids' books. I think this book is meatier than it appears on the surface, and it resonates after one closes the covers. Recommended. ( )
  satyridae | Apr 5, 2013 |
This book could easily have begun and ended with, “I’m going to write a book that showcases the value of small business loans to women in developing countries!” Or, “I’m going to write another book about a girl finding herself and falling in love with her best guy friend, because there really aren’t enough books like that!”

Instead we get a javelin-throwing business owner, a little brother obsessed with bug collecting, a well-run orphanage that is not to be pitied, and an endearing love interest — plus flawed, lovable characters and some delicious, glowing descriptions of India, Indian fashion, and Indian FOOD! (Can Danita come to my house and make some tea for me, too?) It’s a warm, fuzzy book that it would be hard not to love. (Complete review at http://www.parenthetical.net/2010/05/26/monsoon-summer-by-mitali-perkins/) ( )
  SamMusher | Mar 30, 2013 |
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Secretly in love with her best friend and business partner Steve, fifteen-year-old Jazz must spend the summer away from him when her family goes to India during that country's rainy season to help set up a clinic.

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