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Mila 2.0 por Debra Driza
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Mila 2.0 (edição 2013)

por Debra Driza (Autor)

Séries: MILA 2.0 (1)

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4554840,473 (3.57)3
Sixteen-year-old Mila discovers she is not who--or what--she thought she was, which causes her to run from both the CIA and a rogue intelligence group.
Título:Mila 2.0
Autores:Debra Driza (Autor)
Informação:Katherine Tegen Books (2013), 480 pages
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MILA 2.0 por Debra Driza


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Good sci fi, but a lot of teenage angst

The sci fi and tech is quite good, but for me it was ruined somewhat by the teenage girl act and her issues... ( )
  rendier | Dec 20, 2020 |
Mila was a great protagonist. Her emotions, doubts and sorrows seem more real than most teen's in YA literature which says a lot about how great an author Debra Driza really is. Making an android seem human and still never letting the reader forget that it is in fact an android is kind of awesome. Unfortunately, I had some problems with, well, almost all other characters in the book and their relationship with Mila.

The love interest in the story starts out great, but I never really got to know the boy, Hunter. Yet throughout the entire book Mila keeps obsessing about him and missing him. I kept hoping for him to have a bigger role and actually be part of the story, but alas! I assume it's because Mila tries to hang on to something normal and teenage love is certainly normal, but come on - she just found out she can't trust anything or anyone, but for some reason she trusts Hunter. It just isn't right.

The mother-daughter relationship is somewhat shallow and the evil guy is kind of cliché, although he is more cruel than most bad guys. The only character I like, except from Mila, is Lucas. He is interesting and quite adorable and I loved his relationship with Mila.

The story is very well written and I especially loved the fighting scenes - they were riveting and Mila kicks some serious ass! I loved reading about her thoughts and concerns about her humanity, particularly when she encounters Holland (the very bad-ass bad guy).

I adored the humor. Mila is very sarcastic and so funny and I laughed out loud several times! When is the next book published? I want to know what happens to Lucas!! Driza's debut novel is an amazing story about what makes a human and what doesn't and if you like reading about androids and awesome fighting scenes, you should really check it out. ( )
  Hyms | Aug 9, 2020 |
Review to come. ( )
  RichlyWritten | Sep 23, 2019 |
Review to come. ( )
  RichlyWritten | Sep 23, 2019 |
I vacillated between thinking Mila 2.0 was all right and absolutely hating it, so I'm going to land on 1.5 stars. Most of it I did not like (the hateful "friends," the overdependence on some boy Mila met two days ago, and her overdramatic emotional responses--does the author think all sixteen-year-old girls are like this?? Jesus, it was more stereotypical than anything I've seen on the CW), but there were some redeeming features.

First and foremost among those was Mila's relationship with her mother. ("Mother".) It was tender and more realistic than any of the other relationships (save for perhaps the depiction of Lucas' surprise at finding how human-like Mila is compared to Three). Mila's admiration and love for her mother, even when they were fighting, rang true, as did their reconciliation. The airport scene where they reaffirm that they're a team was a moving calm-before-the-storm.

All in all, however, "Mila 2.0" was a huge letdown. I had hoped for something that could encourage female YA readers to consider science fiction as a genre that they could turn to, but this "Mila 2.0" is science fiction only in that some of the characters are androids. Mila spent so much time and effort (well over a hundred pages!) fretting over how human she was when it was obvious that her machine-ness wasn't an issue that honestly held water.

So, "Mila 2.0" might masquerade as science fiction, but it's only lowbrow YA rubbish. Fans of science fiction will be disappointed and so will any romance fans. ( )
  whatsmacksaid | Sep 21, 2018 |
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Sixteen-year-old Mila discovers she is not who--or what--she thought she was, which causes her to run from both the CIA and a rogue intelligence group.

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