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Cradle Me (Navajo/English) (Navaho and…
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Cradle Me (Navajo/English) (Navaho and English Edition) (edição 2015)

por Debby Slier (Autor)

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This book is filled with photos of Native American babies with their different styles of cradle boards.
Título:Cradle Me (Navajo/English) (Navaho and English Edition)
Autores:Debby Slier (Autor)
Informação:Star Bright Books (2015), Edition: Bilingual
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Cradle Me por Debby Slier

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Illustrated with color photographs, this lovely little board book profiles ten Native American babies, each held safely in their cradleboard - a traditional native baby carrier. Each page features a one-word description of what the baby is doing, from yawning to thinking, while the cradleboards themselves vary in style. On the final two-page spread, the tribal origin of each cradleboard is revealed...

Published in 2012, Cradle Me was issued in this English language edition, as well as bilingual Ojibwe/English (Dakonaawasotawishin / Cradle Me) and Navajo/English (Dah shííł tééł / Cradle Me) editions. The book will appeal to infants, who always enjoy looking at photographs of other infants - we get frequent requests for this kind of book, at work - as well as those looking for younger children's books with Native American content. I was fascinated to discover, during a cursory online search, that cradleboards are used, both by a wide array of Native American peoples, and also by the Saami, the indigenous peoples of far northern Europe and Eurasia. I would imagine that the design is very convenient, in that it keeps the baby close to the mother, even when she must work or move around. The cradleboards profiled here come from the: Goshute/Paiute, Ojibwe/Leech Lake, Arapaho, Northern Ute/Uintah, Pueblo, Kootenai/Salish, Navajo/Dineh, Shoshone, Nez Perce, Shoshone/Bannock, and Yurok/Hupa.

Recommended to anyone looking for board books featuring photographs of infants, as well as to those seeking board books with Native American content. ( )
  AbigailAdams26 | Nov 8, 2020 |

Cradle me by Debby Slier is about 18 Native American families that go to the extreme to protect their newborn. Their traditions are different, but beautiful seeing that there customs are only to protect the baby with love and care. They protect the newborn by blessing a board that is then used as a cradle, so the baby is close to his or her mother.

Personal Reaction:

I love their customs, because it is centered on their future which is the baby. If they don’t protect the baby with care and love then Native American have no future. The well colorful pages attribute much showing the different babies in each tribe.

Classroom Extensions:

1. Have the class to make a cradle board using Styrofoam or cardboard and color it to their likings.
2. Have the children name 3 things to help assist their mom in caring for the baby. ( )
  dr184845 | Jul 27, 2015 |
This book was a multicultural representation of babies emotions,
DuPont Public Library
Birth- 2 years old
  Mackenzie_Gregorious | Oct 19, 2013 |
Cradle Me by Debby Slier
Native American families have a way of carrying their infants and this
book shows the different tribes and how they carry them to keep them
close to the mothers body and keep the baby happy.
The cradle board is blessed prior to placing the baby in it.
Each board is personalized for each tribe. ( )
  jbarr5 | Jul 25, 2013 |
Are Native American babies any different from other babies? While Native Americans may have different cultural traditions, a baby’s smile is the same the wide world over. One Native American practice that endures to this day is that of carrying babies safely and comfortably in cradle boards close to their mothers. Each cradle board is personalized and varies from tribe to tribe in style and material used. This board book shows babies from different tribes in their unique cradle boards as they smile or frown, cry or yawn, look or sleep. There is a fill-in-the-line feature that enables readers to translate the words into their own dialect. A portion of the profits from Cradle Me is donated to the National Indian Child Care Association. Babies love to look at other babies, and they will love this book. ( )
1 vote Homeschoolbookreview | Apr 21, 2012 |
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This book is filled with photos of Native American babies with their different styles of cradle boards.

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