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Red Country (First Law World) por Joe…
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Red Country (First Law World) (edição 2013)

por Joe Abercrombie (Autor)

Séries: The First Law (6)

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1,0644514,306 (4.12)45
With her cowardly step father for company, Shy South journeys into the lawless Far Country, reckoning with the Ghosts and being forced into an alliance with the infamous soldier of fortune Nicomo Cosca, with one purpose in mind: to get her family back.
Título:Red Country (First Law World)
Autores:Joe Abercrombie (Autor)
Informação:Orbit (2013), 480 pages
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Red Country por Joe Abercrombie

  1. 20
    The Incorruptibles por John Hornor Jacobs (DemetriosX)
    DemetriosX: Both books apply western tropes to a fantasy setting (as opposed to weird westerns which apply fantasy elements to tales of the Old West). Both also have strong elements of grimdark. The Incorruptibles has more magic, while Red Country is more cinematic.
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Good, especially if you enjoy American Western tropes. "Shane!!"

Abercrombie has managed to make each of these recent books incorporate characters from previous ones, but still had each include a surprisingly wide range of tones and subjects. ( )
  qBaz | May 28, 2021 |
Reliably entertaining, Abercrombie continues to build his world with another story focusing on his best character - Logan Nine Fingers (the Bloody Nine). Looking forward to seeing where he ends up next though given the pattern so far, it will be a while before Logan is again in the spotlight. ( )
  wScottR | Mar 15, 2021 |
Joe just keeps putting out these great character stories.............can't wait t see what is next. ( )
  Rick686ID | Jan 27, 2021 |
Another stand-alone novel in the world of The First Law. The main trilogy is to be read first before reading the stand-alones; that way, you'll have a better understanding of the world, of the characters, etc. Of course, you don't have to follow that guideline, but you'd better. ;-)

To keep it brief and write something: Near Country-girl Shy South's little brother and sister were kidnapped by a gang led by Grega Cantliss and taken to the Dragon People, who are a strange folk. Or rather, a folk invented by others, as the kidnapping of children is a recurring process, because of a natural bug (The Dragon People apparently can't have children of their own). Cantliss works for a man of powerful, political influence (Papa Ring).

Shy, helped by her stepfather (or is he?) Lamb, decides to not let this cruel act, during which her house was burnt down and and old friend killed, unavenged. So she sets out on a quest. Lamb goes along, but isn't the sort of type to get into a fight. He's rather cowardly... at first.

And so our duo meets up with other people, after having found out from a small group of ex-kidnappers where the children have gone, even joins a fellowship thanks to Dab Sweet, a famous scout, who was hired by the leader, Abram Majud, who's headed in the same direction as the tracks apparently lead: the city of Crease, where he'll set up shop and continue his business. This fellowship consists of different kinds of people, including whores. But most of all, it contains people who can defend themselves against attackers and robbers. Each has his/her own reasons to go to that mining town: seek riches, start a new life, find help to find the children, etc.

Lamb is one of the characters of the previous novels. Hint: He's missing a finger. If you hadn't figured it out yet, Lamb is Logan Ninefingers, who soon enough throws of the cloak of cowardliness and turns into the killing machine that he is deep inside. He, too, will play a massively important role in this book.

Also present: Nicomo Cosca and his mercenary band the Gracious Hand, still and always in search for a profit, a lot of profit. Any cause, especially the bad ones, will do. Helping out the Union (in the previous books and now again, with the Union Inquisition), for example. In this case, a lot of gold, hidden by the Dragon People, it is said.

Cosca's right-hand, lawyer Temple, is also very much active, though f***s up a lot. At some point, he sees the light and decides to change his life, seek better, more positive opportunities. That's when he, one way or another, joins (or must join?) the aforementioned fellowship. Temple will later prove to be a jack-of-all-trades (lawyer, riding drag, carpenter, ...), all of which not perfectly executed, of course.

The Fellowship thus travels to Crease, though not without trouble, and tries to settle there. There they find out there's a political fight going on: The Mayor (a woman) vs Papa Ring. The population is also divided: choose your side (of the street). Woe unto you if you're on the other side. These two leaders decide to organise a fight, with each appointing a warrior of choice: Lamb vs Glama Golden, whom we know from [b:The Heroes|9300804|The Heroes (First Law World, #5)|Joe Abercrombie|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1337294177s/9300804.jpg|12879765]. No need to tell what the result was, right?

The kidnapped children, Pit (boy) and Ro (girl), are so integrated into the Dragon People population that they start to live and think differently. Pit, however, is the rebel, still has memories of before, of Shy, Lamb, ... Ro, on the other hand, has been brainwashed more severely. No harm (except shaving of their hairs) was ever done to them, however. The reunion, after a lot of pursuing and fighting, isn't a 100% happy one. Especially Ro needs some help, in a manner of speaking.

But anyway, as you can derive from previous stories in this world, there's a lot of action, enough surprises and twists (Temple being quite a twister, I must say, sometimes more coward than anything else), more than enough bloodshed (fights, killings, ...) and even a bit of modern weaponry. The setting has some Western influences, though I didn't really detect those. Or rather, they weren't too obvious to me.

The end was a bit surprising (Lamb leaving Squaredeal, as he thinks he won't be able to control his secret identity in the near future, which would again create trouble. But also, Shy and Temple? Dafuq?), but I guess that's always a point of discussion. Abercrombie did mislead me - I don't know why - into thinking that Iosiv Lestek, an actor who also travelled with the Fellowship, was Bayaz (from the First Law Trilogy).

The writing is very smooth, very descriptive and graphic, and like before - despite the themes (kidnapping of children, political intrigues, killing and bloodshed, ...) - a joy to read. I can really recommend this third stand-alone, which takes place after the events in [b:Best Served Cold|3891951|Best Served Cold (First Law World #4)|Joe Abercrombie|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1407170973s/3891951.jpg|2322406], which is on my wish-list. So yes, there does seem to be a chronology in the stories.

For more information on this book, see the First Law Wikia, where you'll find information on all the books and characters and more: click here. ( )
  TechThing | Jan 22, 2021 |
Red Country by Joe Abercrombie is a stand-alone, dark fantasy set in the same world as his First Law Trilogy and, even has some of the same characters making an appearance. This tale is a gritty, dirty, realistic spaghetti Western with plenty of violence, lots of swearing, and very little morality.

When Shy South’s farm is attacked, her hired man killed and her younger brother and sister taken, she and her step-father, Lamb, set out to rescue them. Both Shy and Lamb have done things in the past that they now regret, but these very things prepare them for the perilous journey that they set forth on.
Set in a lawless world that is peopled by unscrupulous individuals, Shy and Lamb join a fellowship that is travelling across the Far Country and heading into the mountains where gold has been discovered. As they follow in the tracks of the villains that stole their family, they must fight the elements and clash with the Ghosts, a native people who consider this their land. And unbeknownst to them, coming along behind is an even greater threat as Nicomo Cosca, the infamous solder of fortune and his men are also heading in their general direction.

Red Country is an exciting story that the author brings to life with his razor sharp prose and sardonic humor. Fast paced and bloody, this is a rollicking tale of adventure, greed and grit that I loved. ( )
  DeltaQueen50 | Jan 6, 2021 |
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With her cowardly step father for company, Shy South journeys into the lawless Far Country, reckoning with the Ghosts and being forced into an alliance with the infamous soldier of fortune Nicomo Cosca, with one purpose in mind: to get her family back.

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