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Verlaten zusje por Virginia Andrews
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Verlaten zusje (edição 2017)

por Virginia Andrews, Parma Van Loon

Séries: Forbidden {Andrews} (1)

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When she discovers that her sister Roxy, who was kicked out of the house by their father eight years earlier, has become a high-priced New York call girl, Emmie sets out to spy on her sister and learn more about her life.
Título:Verlaten zusje
Autores:Virginia Andrews
Outros autores:Parma Van Loon
Informação:Utrecht De Fontein Romans & Spanning 2017
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Forbidden Sister por V. C. Andrews

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Forbidden Sister I haven't read a V.C. Andrews book in many years, so I was very excited to be offered Forbidden Sister for review. It took me a little while to get into the grove of this book, as it moves a slower than what I've been reading lately. Andrews does what she does best, and gives the reader a window into a flawed family and their hidden lives. A father that is military in his parenting style, a mother that is a wilting flower, and two daughters who are as different as night and day make up our cast of characters. I settled into the book, and hoped to learn more about them.
It took me a while to warm up to Emmie. Living in the shadow of her older sister Roxy, her father micro manages her life to keep her out of trouble. What is surprising, or at least was to me, is that Emmie isn't more upset about her situation. In fact, she almost thrives on it. Truthfully, this does make the tragedy that occurs even more devastating. The end of her innocence, and the need to grow up in a hurry, end up being what really drive this book forward.
Which of course brings Roxy into the picture. Although she comes across as extremely cold, it's hard not to see underneath the frosty shell. I met a young woman who was so tired of being held under her father's thumb, that she fought back the only way she knew how. By escape. Turning to the world of high-priced escorting was the means to an end. Emmie thinks it must be a glamorous life filled with money and clothes, but is it? This book doesn't just touch on growing up, it touches on the difficult choices we have to make to survive.
My biggest problem with this book, and the reason I didn't rate it higher, is just that it moves so slowly. I'll also admit that I also didn't always agree with Emmie's decisions. It's tough to love these sisters when you really look at the lives that they've built for themselves. Nonetheless, this is a definite V.C. Andrews book. I can see fans of her work adoring this slightly dark story. ( )
  roses7184 | Feb 5, 2019 |
“Forbidden Sister” by V.C. Andrews
I always love reading new authors, delving into a style I’m unaccustomed with. Then there are those authors who you pick up again after a long time and feel like you’re back home again. That’s the way it was for me reading “Forbidden Sister.” It’s been some time since I’ve picked up a V.C. Andrews book and I realized how much I’ve always loved her voice, style, and storylines.
Emmie Wilcox, fifteen years old, has a secret. It’s her sister Roxy who was cast out of the family when Emmie was only six. She has few memories of Roxy, but wants to make more. Or does she? Better question is, should she? The fantasy and mysterious idea of having an older sister she can learn from, mimic, and share day-to-day life with is something out of a fairytale book, but one Emmie wants to come true. She finds out where Roxy lives and with her at-the-time best friend, spies on her. Roxy’s world seems glamorous and Emmie wants to know more.
When the family dynamics change in a grievous way, Emmie strikes out to create ties with Roxy, whether she wants them or not. That’s when Emmie finds out that Roxy’s life isn’t one consisting of peaches and cream, but it’s too late because she’s already thrown into what could become a dangerous way of survival.
Andrews’ new series starts with “Forbidden Sisters.” If you liked “Flowers in the Attic” (who didn’t?), you will love this new series just as much, if not more. A must read.
Reviewed by Starr Gardinier Reina, author of “The Other Side: Melinda’s Story” ( )
  StarrReina | Jul 27, 2015 |
I haven't read a V.C. Andrews book since she actually wrote them. I do remember how much I loved stealing them from my Grandma. With all of the hoopla surrounding the new Flowers in The Attic Lifetime movie I guess V.C. was on my mind and when I saw this new series on the shelf of my library I impulsively picked it up. The plot was not as complex as I remember the Flowers and Heaven series being and thankfully not as incestuous. One sister is a good school girl and one is a prostitute. The first book is told from the "good" sister Emmie's perspective. Apparently their is a sequel told from the "bad" sister Roxy's perspective which is probably the more interesting story in my opinion. I didn't find anything very engrossing about the story. It was much tamer than the real V.C. Stories. It was a quick read but I don't think I will be picking up any of the newer books. My curiosity about what has been going on in the world marketed as "V.C. Andrews" has been satisfied. I'll instead treasure the memories of having been shocked by Grandma's Flowers in the Attic Books. Like the real V.C. Andrews my Grandma is no longer with us and the world is a sadder place with both ladies gone. ( )
  arielfl | Feb 27, 2014 |
In true V.C. Andrews fashion, this story was fantastic!
It didn't have the mystery I was used to, but it still had high amounts of intrigue. Some very sensitive subjects dominate the book, but some valuable lessons are learned from them.
Strong characters lead the way. I really enjoyed Emmie, whom this book is centered around, but Roxy is quite interesting to me too. Like Emmie, needing to know what happened became the sole focus for me. I had to keep reading until the story could fully come together, and disliked taking breaks or having to put the book down at all.
Can't wait to get my hands on a copy of the next book in the series. It focuses on Roxy. ( )
  fredamans | Dec 14, 2013 |
The following review I wrote was published in the July 5th Express Reviews of the Library Journal.

Andrews, V.C. Forbidden Sister. 8 CDs. library ed. unabridged. 9½ hrs. Dreamscape Audio. 2013. ISBN 9781624064890. $59.99; Playaway digital; digital download. F
All Emmie Wilcox has ever wanted was to know her older sister, Roxy, but it is hard to get to know someone who was been thrown out of the house by their parents years ago, especially when the mere mention of Roxy’s name is considered worse than swearing. So Emmie decides to find her sister and learn whatever it is her parents refuse to tell her. When Emmie finally finds what she is seeking, her world is turned upside down. This is your typical Andrews (Flowers in the Attic) novel: the focus is on a young girl, with lots of tragedy. Narrator Amy Rubinate does an excellent job voicing Emmie’s insecure, breathy whispers, her mother’s French accent, and Roxy’s confident tones.
Verdict Listeners who enjoy family drama, transparent plots, and teenage angst will enjoy this book. [The Pocket: S. & S. pb was a New York Times best seller.—Ed.]—Jessi Brown. Huntington City-Twp. P.L., IN ( )
  jhughes84 | Jul 21, 2013 |
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When she discovers that her sister Roxy, who was kicked out of the house by their father eight years earlier, has become a high-priced New York call girl, Emmie sets out to spy on her sister and learn more about her life.

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