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Lee Tanith : Novels of Vis 2: Anackire por…
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Lee Tanith : Novels of Vis 2: Anackire (1983)

por Tanith Lee

Séries: The Wars of Vis (2)

MembrosCríticasPopularidadeAvaliação médiaMenções
274375,424 (3.19)2
A fantasy about a villain whose career resembles that of Richard III.
Título:Lee Tanith : Novels of Vis 2: Anackire
Autores:Tanith Lee
Informação:Penguin Books Ltd
Colecções:A sua biblioteca

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Anackire por Tanith Lee (1983)

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Since I quit reading at about the 50% mark, I couldn’t even begin to blurb this book. I have no clue what happened, because it felt like nothing happened.

You might wonder why I continued with the series, since I didn’t enjoy the first book, like, at all. Well, first, it’s Tanith, so I wanted to give her a shot. Second, the cover has the badass snake goddess on it so I figured she’d actually make an appearance this time and like, totally destroy people. Third, the blurb on the back sounds awesome and made it seem like this would be a more female-driven book, with hopefully some stronger characters.

I was wrong on those last two counts.

I just now realized this book was written 7 years after the first – maybe the series shouldn’t have continued?

There is a helpful recap in the beginning which sums up what happened towards the end of the book and talks a little about the telekinetic powers Raldnor’s people have. I forgot to mention that in the earlier section because it doesn’t really seem to matter in book 1. This recap also says that when the plains people rose up, they used their mind powers to create a big earthquake in the ruling city and raised the goddess. Only, I think they just like, raised a giant statue of her that was buried underground. Also Raldnor conquered the city then took off to find his statue girlfriend and his bastard kid from his seafaring adventure is apparently the ruler now.

Where the first book was about the previous king’s kids, this book seems to be about Raldnor’s kids – he has 3 that I know of. It was disappointing because I didn’t give a damn about Raldnor and I don’t give a damn about his kids.

Again, there’s a rape-esque scene in the beginning, between siblings. It’s one of those “no means yes” situations. Like, I guess it’s not actual rape because the sister did want it, but then later she finds out she’s pregnant (she knows like, immediately, for whatever reason) and kills herself. So then, did she really want it? Was it only shame that drove her to suicide or something more? I don’t know because these characters weren’t compelling enough for me to care.

Oddly enough, those who worship the snake goddess, Anackire, preserved this woman’s body after she died so the baby could be born. I assume this baby ends up being the girl described in the blurb, but I didn’t get far enough to prove that.

The story primarily follows the brother who doinks his sister and one of Raldy’s bastards. Again, neither was likable and the book was mostly just men talking to each other, women remaining sexual objects, and discovering who is a descendant of Raldnor. SNORE. I wanted Anackire, who the book is named after, to rise up and slaughter everyone! Sadly, that didn’t happen before I decided to give up

There was no point in forcing myself to continue, just because I love Tanith. Of course I’m going to keep my copies of this series for my collection, but I won’t be attempting to read them again and I certainly won’t recommend them. ( )
  MillieHennessy | Feb 10, 2019 |
Storm Lord by Tanith Lee is a saga trained on a single person: Raldnor, who becomes a sort of planetary messiah, and then vanishes into obscurity. I don't know if Lee envisioned sequels when she composed that volume, but this one that follows it (appearing many years later) differs chiefly by being more of an ensemble affair. The office of Storm Lord, hereditary king of the Vis people, continues to be important, but the goddess Anackire is central, and her influence is not reserved for any one avatar or prophet.

Although I wouldn't suggest that Lee was resorting to formula, there is a certain parallel development across the first two volumes of this Wars of Vis series, when compared to her earlier work on The Birthgrave and Vazkor, Son of Vazkor. Both sequels pick up with a focus on the abandoned offspring of the protagonists of the original stories, and reach a conclusion where another volume is clearly in the offing. But where I noted that Vazkor has less numinosity than The Birthgrave, I would say that Anackire has decidedly more than Storm Lord.

The issues of gender and sexuality--hardly absent in the earlier book--also become more complex and interesting here. Homosexuality is presented more sympathetically and there is some reflection on both the virtues and ills of celibacy, among other sexual themes and phenomena.

As with its predecessor volume, Anackire packs in an impressive amount of story at both the personal and political levels. Its occasional pronouncements of sword-and-planet theology are sonorous and attractive. And it does result in a set of well-developed surviving characters who seem well able to populate the third book of the series.
2 vote paradoxosalpha | Nov 29, 2015 |
Woot! Finally finished the box of TL books that a friend gave me ages ago. :) This book follows a generation after "The Storm Lord", the first book that I read from the box, so some of the references were a bit hazy for me. I liked how it followed different characters, a gay mercenary, a former war hero and his family, a prince who became king, and some of the women who get passed around as wives and concubines as well as being priestesses in their own right. Only one unexpected and no-consequences rape, but a lot of disenfranchisement for women kept up with the general trend in this world. Huge distances were involved this time (I made a lot of use of the map in the front), with some dues ex machina movements to get characters in the right places at the right times. ( )
  silentq | Aug 15, 2012 |
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A fantasy about a villain whose career resembles that of Richard III.

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