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Fade (In The Company of Shadows, #4) por Ais
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Fade (In The Company of Shadows, #4) (edição 2013)

por Ais

Séries: In the Company of Shadows (Book 4)

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266728,709 (4.55)Nenhum(a)
Título:Fade (In The Company of Shadows, #4)
Informação:Santino Hassell & Ais, ebook, 1214 pages
Colecções:A sua biblioteca
Etiquetas:mm, free-downloads, to-read, dystopian_post-apoc_maybe-zombies, calibre

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Fade (In the company of shadows, #4) por Ais

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so i just read this in one sitting. and i can't believe it's over. i don't think i liked it more or less than any of the others, cause each of them is unique and they all made me feel things and they're all vital to the progression of the story. but this one. is so important. i adore it so much.
of course i wasn't completely satisfied with everything, such as hsin being gone for like half the book and then both of them nearly dying multiple times and then also my dads were just.... very dramatic and fucked up because that's how they are, and then they nearly died also which... more crying.
i don't think i've ever cried this much during a single book. and that's saying something. like wow. i would've expected this level of angst from the second book, nobody warned me that this one was so painful. but i am so glad that there was no relationship drama between hsin and boyd, because we've had enough of that through the course of the first two books. in this they finally have a stable healthy relationship. there's also little to no drama between friends and family, which is really refreshing. in this they pretty much have to battle bigger things, such as the agency itself. which is perfect for the last book in the series.
i understand why the plotlines went where they did and why the things that happened, happened, but this one had such a different atmosphere. it felt like dystopia within a dystopian. especially in the beginning. which was like, the most painful. but i'm glad it ended on a somewhat happy note, cause they deserve it. and nobody ever touch them ever again cause they've been through too much and they deserve to rest for the rest of their lives. although i still would've liked to see more from emilio's pov, cause i just love him. but there is some extra content to be read about him so i'm happy. also ivan?? again, he could've been used much more. and his death off-screen? oh well. poor guy had potential but then he just... wasn't given opportunity to show it. it's okay though. could've been worse. and i never really got attached to like bex ????? eh. and i still can't stand vivienne. i just can't. eh. and you know who i really loved in this one?? carhart. i mean i've always loved him but he was amazing. he loves hsin so much??? aND AT THE END??? SEONG WAS JUST BEING AN IDIOT AND GOING ON TRYING TO SEND THEM TO RETRIEVE HSIN AND HE WAS ALL BADASS AND JUST SAID 'NO' AND THEN HE NEARLY DIED OF COURSE BECAUSE THAT'S HOW IT GOES BUT GOD HE IS INCREDIBLE I ADORE HIM. no wonder emilio would die for him.
i really really love the second half of the book. cause the first is just drama and sadness and pain but then the second is full of strategy and less introspection and long monologues but more action and new information and people doing things and i love it so much wow. it's quite overwhelming actually.
there's a lot of info-dump and all the things about boyd's dad are like wow.... never expected that. although it was a bit underwhelming, how easily janus went down. i don't even know what i expected. but just.. they always appeared so big and bad and scary, but in reality they were just civilians and the moment their leaders went down so did the entire organization so yeah. and i am so glad that they got away from the agency, and then single-handedly destroyed it, like wow, i am so proud of them. it's probably better this way for everyone. although it's a bit sad that they'll probably never see their dads again. or if they will it'll be in like 10 years. but they have the rest of their lives. who knows what will happen. it's so interesting cause while reading the first book you wouldn't expect it to go in this direction, but as the story progresses it pretty much becomes the only possible outcome and i love it so much.
all in all, solid end to the series, very satisfying, with enough punches and pain and death and everything else you would expect from a book in this series. and this is definitely one of my favourite series ever. ( )
  Banoczi_Henrietta | Jun 19, 2017 |
Ya estoy nerviosa y ni lo empece
  LaMala | Jul 8, 2015 |
Well, well, well. I must say I was pleasantly surprised that a work of fiction could have me so sad,angry, tense, anxious and happy. No I'm not just listing emotions, this series has been one wild ride and I'm glad I was on board to experience it.

Only reason I did not give a 5 star rating was due to a major part of the book not having much to do with the main characters ( )
  nubian_princesa | Nov 2, 2013 |
The best in the series, and the most disturbing, heartbreaking, pull your hair out, weep in agony and joy, God please let me not love & worry about all of these characters, fuck it I'm losing sleep again book...ever.

You can argue till the death about these characters, and I really feel no one is wrong. Why? Because they are so realistically written. They aren't pretty, they will piss you off, they will make you cry, and all along you just want something wonderful to happen...and then, it does. These books and men are violent, extremely violent. They make descisions that are careless. They make descisions with too much thought put into them. They hurt the ones they love on purpose and sometimes on accident. They are individuals in denial with too much awareness of the world around them. They grow up along the way in painful ways and some of them never grow up. What they live up to isnt often who they are. They love with ever fiber in their being, can be selfish beyond understanding, often cant understand others, have hopes and dreams, and live every day in full color. There aren't many characters out there that can compare.

I adore them, I've loved every second of the reader bonding this series brings out, the discussions, the friendships made, and the memories I'll always hold dear. Thank you Sonny & Ais for writing this amazing series.

( )
  Peepers82 | Sep 22, 2013 |
A VERY long journey, but worth the trip if you have the time - a lot of time. ( )
  .riley. | Sep 21, 2013 |
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