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Bastion: Book Five of the Collegium…
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Bastion: Book Five of the Collegium Chronicles (A Valdemar Novel)… (original 2013; edição 2013)

por Mercedes Lackey (Autor)

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4531441,755 (3.6)20
Mags travels to the Bastion in search of who his parents were and a possible explanation about why he is being pursued by Valdemar's enemies in the fifth and final volume of the series following Redoubt.
Título:Bastion: Book Five of the Collegium Chronicles (A Valdemar Novel) (Valdemar: Collegium Chronicles)
Autores:Mercedes Lackey (Autor)
Informação:DAW (2013), Edition: First Edition, 352 pages
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Bastion por Mercedes Lackey (2013)

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The book was "ok", not great like Mercedes Lackey's first sets of Valdemar novels, but not as bad as the previous two books in the Collegium Chronicles series either. I found that I just didn't care very much about any of the characters in this set. Bland would be a good term for the whole Collegium Chronicles to date.

The Good: This book actually has "stuff" happening through most of it and the plot goes somewhere.
No endless pages of kirball!

The Bad: Copy/paste fillers from previous books.
(1)No character development and very flat characters. Lena and Bear might as well have been card-board cut outs for all the stuff they didn't do in the book.
(2)Too convenient happenings e.g. Mag's cousin just pitching up and giving up;
telepathic horse just dumping info into Mag's head, magic rocks just dumping whole sale training into heads - this just doesn't fit with the whole Valdemar Universe (IMO).
(3)Too much of Mag's internal thoughts - no action.
(4)No spice/spunk/ struggle or "hanging on the edge of the page waiting to find out what happens next".

Recommendation: If you are a Valdemar/ Mercedes Lackey Fan then by all means read this set (borrow it first though), just don't expect too much. If you are new to Valdemar, then I suggest you start with Queen's Own Trilogy (Arrows of the Queen, Arrow's Flight, and Arrow's Fall) or By the Sword or The Last Herald-Mage Trilogy. ( )
  ElentarriLT | Mar 24, 2020 |
Sigh, will there be a sixth? What happens next? ( )
  Pat_Gibson | May 28, 2017 |
I liked the whole Collegium Chronicles series, though it didn't have as much of a connected story line as I was expecting. Herald Trainee Mags and his friends have more adventures in this book, but the conclusion of the overall story-line only comes in at the very end. Mags finally learns who his parents were and why the assassins from an unknown land recognized and hunted him. We don't get to see Mags graduate to Whites yet, but he's the central character of the next Valdemar trilogy as well, so the story can pick up from there. ( )
  SF_fan_mae | Oct 25, 2016 |
Not terrible, and a good solid ending (at last). But the flashbacks got really annoying. My impression was that Lackey had decided that either nobody had read the earlier books, or if they did it was so long ago they wouldn't remember any of it, so whenever it was important that you knew what had happened before (how Jakyr and Mags met, for instance), she retold the story, in essentially the same words as were used in the original book. Nothing added - it would have been interesting, for instance, to get Jakyr's POV on that meeting rather than retelling Mags'. Much the same complaints as in Redoubt. We do learn a bit more about Mags' past, particularly about his parents; also quite a bit about the assassin tribe that was his parents' people. And some hope, of a sort, for the future for them, as Bey intends some interesting new angles...though his take on things differs sharply both from Mags and from the Heralds. It was also interesting to see Mags acting as a normal Herald, in some rather abnormal situations - well, Heralds apparently run into this kind of thing regularly, but I don't think we've seen it before. So - glad I read it, I _may_ reread at some point. And I do want to read the next series, that starts from the end of this one. ( )
  jjmcgaffey | Aug 7, 2016 |
BASTION ends the five-book story arc that tells Mags story. From abused mine slave to Herald of Valdemar is quite a journey and it was fascinating watching him grow up and come into his own. Throughout the whole series we have watched Mags search for his history. In this episode we finally find out about his people.

Mags has escaped from the people who kidnapped him but he is afraid that he brought trouble back with him to the Collegium in Valdemar. He is very worried about Amily, the young woman he loves, and his friends becoming targets. He did gain a promise from his kidnappers to stop trying to assassinate the Crown that Mags is sworn to protect.

So a plot is hatched. Mags will go out on circuit with a mentor as most young heralds do and along the way he will "die." His friends will also get out of town for various reasons of their own. They will meet up and hope to elude the assassins. The will be patrolling the north of Valdemar including the Bastion which used to be a bandit hide-out. The same bandits who killed his parents. Mags is hoping to find some clues about them.

He and his mentor weren't expecting to find an area that was hostile to heralds and many problems to solve. Nor was he expecting to find the family that he had wondered about for years. His cousin Bey is a fascinating character who tries to convince Mags to come "home" with him and be part of the assassin's guild that Bey hopes to take over.

This story had romance as Mags and Amily finally get together. It had danger as Mags and company had to fight off assassins who also wanted to take Mags home with them. It was a nice conclusion to a story arc. ( )
  kmartin802 | Dec 25, 2014 |
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Podehl, NickNarradorautor secundárioalgumas ediçõesconfirmado
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To the memory of my mother, Joyce Ritche, who never failed to support me.
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There it was, a city on a low, gentle hill, walls shining in the sunlight, houses clustered up against the outer and inner walls like chicks snuggling up to a gray hen.
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Mags travels to the Bastion in search of who his parents were and a possible explanation about why he is being pursued by Valdemar's enemies in the fifth and final volume of the series following Redoubt.

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