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Three Souls: A Novel (P.S.) por Janie Chang
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Three Souls: A Novel (P.S.) (edição 2014)

por Janie Chang (Autor)

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2272893,148 (4.23)21
"In the tradition of Lisa See and Amy Tan, Three Souls is a captivating debut novel about a young woman who must make amends on earth to earn her entry into the afterlife"--
Título:Three Souls: A Novel (P.S.)
Autores:Janie Chang (Autor)
Informação:William Morrow Paperbacks (2014), 496 pages
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Three Souls por Janie Chang

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Got this because the narrator was recommended - so I found an interesting book she had narrated.

Loved this. Didn’t want it to end. Loved the characters but mostly the story was so unique.

So it starts as a 17 year old headstrong student from a wealthy Chinese family in 1928. Laiyen falls in live with an unsuitable man - Han Chen is a poet, a translator of Russian literature, not from a worthy family, and a communist. She runs away to go to college and impress him, is caught and forced into marriage in the backwater of Pinghu.

I am done with headstrong young women, ‘coming of age’ stories. The difference here is that we are seeing Laiyen with the eyes of her ghost in 1935, with the commentary of her three souls by her side. She has done something terrible before her death that she must atone for before she can ascend to the afterlife. What?! And as she sees her life play out, they notice clues of things - like that her older brother Tongyen is also in love with Han Chen.

So many things I loved about this story. The secret letters with her sisters. Her middle sister disgracing them all when she flees to Hong Kong with a movie director to become a star. Reconciling her life in Pinghu - she is content with her husband BaiJen and loves being a mother to WaiLen. And her passion for HanChen, her death while pregnant with his son, her betrayal when she learned how HanChen deceived her.

And then her life as a ghost - how she can inhabit dreams, talk to the dreamer and influence life to engineer the atonement she needs. There are so many surprises coming - seeing her childhood friend NonMei again as her daughters teacher, exposing her brother TongYen as a double agent. It was such a great story, so many great characters. ( )
  BeckiMarsh | Nov 15, 2020 |
This book was so engaging that I had to do the book/audiobook combination - I just had to know what happened next. At the beginning of the book, we know that our main character, Leiyin, has died, and we spend the rest of the novel watching her and her three souls review her life and death in revolution-era China and try to make amends for her actions so that she can pass on. Beautifully written. ( )
  sprainedbrain | Dec 1, 2018 |
Unique and memorable. A page-turner of an ending too. ( )
  Jolynne | Apr 21, 2018 |
3.5 stars. Interesting set-up, interesting story. ( )
  Siubhan | Feb 28, 2018 |
Three Souls tells the story a young woman named Leiyin. The story takes place in 1935 China, against the backdrop of some turmoil. Communism is becoming a popular political movement , set against the current Nationalist Party. Though this is primarily the story of Leiyin, the political backdrop does play a role.

Leiyin is born into well off family , with a fairly progressive father . He allows her to attend school, but keeps close tabs on her , as do her older brothers, the men at that time having absolute power over women. Leiyin also has two older sisters. As an older teenager , Leiyin meets a captivating communist poet named Hanchin. Leiyin is bright student and wins a scholarship to University. However, her father feels that she does not need further education and needs to be safely married off. He is also orders Leiyin to to stay away from communist sympathizers. When Leiyin rebels against her father, her comfortable life changes drastically. We met Lieyen as ghost journeying to the afterlife with three souls guiding her, yin, yang and hun. This does does not detract from the story at all, but rather allows us to review Leiyin's rather difficult life from her teen years until her marriage and the birth of her first child and beyond. A fascinating look at a young woman in China and the many challenges there.

Both heartbreaking and hopeful , a wonderful read. Highly recommended.

4 stars. ( )
1 vote vancouverdeb | Jan 26, 2018 |
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Revolutionary and domestic politics collide in this tale of a woman’s ghost attempting to understand her life decisions and make amends for her transgressions.

Set against the Chinese civil war, Chang’s debut novel explores the frustrations of intelligent women valued only for beauty and obedience.
adicionada por Nickelini | editarKirkus Reviews (Feb 25, 2014)
Three Souls, the debut novel by Vancouver’s Janie Chang, will inevitably draw comparison to the work of Amy Tan and Lisa See. Each author explores the fates of fictional Chinese women against period backdrops, delving into the strictures of time and tradition, but cursory parallels distract from their respective merits as storytellers.
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"In the tradition of Lisa See and Amy Tan, Three Souls is a captivating debut novel about a young woman who must make amends on earth to earn her entry into the afterlife"--

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