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Mailing May por Michael O. Tunnell
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Mailing May (edição 2000)

por Michael O. Tunnell (Autor)

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In 1914, because her family cannot afford a train ticket to her grandmother's town, May gets mailed and rides the mail car on the train to see her grandmother.
Título:Mailing May
Autores:Michael O. Tunnell (Autor)
Informação:Greenwillow Books (2000), Edition: Revised ed., 32 pages
Colecções:A sua biblioteca
Etiquetas:HIST, children, mail

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Mailing May por Michael O. Tunnell

  1. 00
    The House in the Mail por Rosemary Wells (buddingnaturalist)
    buddingnaturalist: Both are picture books about things mailed the early 1900s that we would not expect to have a postal worker drop off on our doorstep today.
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Centered around the inception of the U.S. mail service, Tunnell apprises the reader the story of May and how she was mailed to her Grandmother a million miles away. May, a young five year old adventurous girl goes on the adventure of a lifetime when she is mailed off to her grandmother by the U.S. postal service. She goes through the mailing process and with her stamps on her back she is off with the letters to reach her destination.
This book engrosses the reader to imagine how people in young America had to solve problems through ingenious ways. ( )
  marthafrivas | Jul 12, 2021 |
Ted Rand did a wonderful job with the illustrations. This book is dated during the 1900's when there wasn't colored pictures. His illustrations were done in color to make it more kid friendly, however, he cleverly placed a small picture on all of the pages. This made the story more realistic and drew me in more to the current historical setting. This was a cute book where the Americans tricked the system and saved money by mailing a girl instead of buying an actual train ticket. I thought it was a good idea regarding her safety for May's uncle to be with her the entire time. This Little House on the Prairie type books are some of my favorite reads. ( )
  mskathyphan | Oct 1, 2018 |
Really fun book. I was surprised to read in the authors note that this story is in fact true! Tunnell admits that he embellished but that May was indeed shipped via post to her grandmother's home to make it affordable for her parents. The illustrations show an image for the scene taking place but also framed details that assist in the story line such as an up close picture of her tag or a 'photo' of her grandmother's house. It is odd to think that something like the post office is no longer something that children experience these days but not being able to afford to travel to relatives will always be so this can give a historical and inspirational look into that experience. Tunnell says in the authors note that despite all he learned about Idaho's railway and the post office that the most important think he took away from writing this book was "the wonderful, creative ways in which ordinary people solve difficult problems", which I find super insightful. ( )
  signecbaum | Feb 18, 2018 |
Mailing May, set in 1914, is an interesting tale based off of a true story, about a girl named, Charlotte May Pierstorff. Charlotte May, who simply goes by May, desperately wants to visit her Grandma Mary. However, there are a couple of barriers in her quest to visit Grandma Mary. One if that it’s seventy-five miles away over the mountains of Idaho. The other is that her family doesn’t have the $1.55 to send her by train. With some creativity and some help from the post office, May sets out on an adventure to fulfil her wish of visiting her Grandma. Mailing May, written by Michael O. Tunnell and illustrated by Ted Rand, is a feel good story that reminds us not to give up on what’s important to us. It would be a great book for grades K-3.
  OnyH. | Jul 27, 2017 |
I would use this book for a third or fourth grade class, due to the higher level vocabulary. The story is a good one to use for a third grade class to talk about narratives. There is a very clear beginning middle and end and also a problem and solution that the students could talk about and retell. They could also come up with their own narratives that are similar to the story. This would also be a good story to use for a fourth grade class due to the higher level vocabulary. It would be a good book to introduce descriptive language and help expand the students vocabulary.
  LizaTibbs | Mar 7, 2017 |
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In 1914, because her family cannot afford a train ticket to her grandmother's town, May gets mailed and rides the mail car on the train to see her grandmother.

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