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The Madman of Piney Woods

por Christopher Paul Curtis

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Even though it is now 1901, the people of Buxton, Canada (originally a settlement of runaway slaves) and Chatham, Canada are still haunted by two events of half a century before--the American Civil War, and the Irish potato famine, and the lasting damage those events caused to the survivors.
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Set about 40 years after the events in Elijah of Buxton, this is the story of two boys and their separate lives and dreams: Benji is African-American, and his dream is to be a journalist; Red is Irish-Canadian, son of a judge, and his grandmother is a first-generation immigrant whose hatred has constricted her into a horrific human being. Benji and Red become friends after a chance meeting, and discover that although they have grown up in different towns, they each know the legend of a frightening man who dwells in the woods. The true identity of this person is revealed through a terrible tragedy. ( )
  jothebookgirl | Jan 3, 2017 |
This is a beautiful, well-written story. The only thing holding it back from a 5 star rating is the plot. The two main characters, who take turns narrating the story, are engaging and likable. And while their two stories do eventually merge, I question the decision to structure the story in this fashion. Does it benefit from the split? I'm not sure. ( )
  EmilyRokicki | Feb 26, 2016 |
The Madman of Piney Woods, had me emotionally involved especially in the second half when the characters of the sequel, Elijah of Buxton, are intertwined in the story. The 13 year old boys prove to be more mature than their age. Their friendship and family are very realistic.
Curriculum Connections

Language Arts
Explain the following simile: “And that means the man [Mr. Travis] is on you like a tick, you caint get away from him no matter where you go” (p. 78). Find other examples of similes in the novel. Instruct students to select a favorite scene that involves Elijah, Cooter, or the Preacher and write a simile that describes the situation. L. 5-7.5
The dialogue in the novel is written in dialect. Ask students to find a favorite passage and rewrite it in Standard English. How does this change the authenticity and tone of the story? RL. 6-7.4

Social Studies
Read about people of the Underground Railroad on the following website: pathways.thinkport.org/library/people.cfm. Ask students to select one of the lesser-known people and write a tribute to that person from Elijah’s point of view. Use photographs and maps to enhance the tribute. If possible, have students post their writing on the schoolwide network for other students to read. W. 5-7.3, W. 5-7.4, W. 5-7.6; RH. 6-8.8

When a new free person arrives in Buxton, the Liberty Bell is rung twenty times. Everyone in the Settlement comes to the schoolhouse to welcome them. Write and deliver a welcome speech called “Buxton—The Land of the Free” that Elijah might deliver. W. 5-7.3; SL. 5-7.4

In class, view the “Follow the Drinking Gourd” music video. Identify the “code” words in the lyrics. Explain why the song was so important to slaves escaping to freedom. Discuss why it was also important during the civil rights movement. RH. 6-8.7; RI. 5-7.7

Vocabulary/Use of Language
Students should be encouraged to jot down unfamiliar words and try to define them using clues from the context. Such words may include: conjure (p. 31), blaspheming (p. 41), scallywags (p. 58), shackles (p. 58), haint (p. 60), jacklegged (p. 65), dexterity (p. 108), paddy-rollers (p. 163), missive (p. 195), abolitionist (p. 204), slavers (p. 204), and eavesdrop (p. 257). L. 5-7.4
  sanm277 | Feb 17, 2016 |
Narrated by Kirby Heybourne and J.D. Jackson. Benji descends from a family of former American slaves. Red's Grandmother O'Toole immigrated from Ireland during the potato famine. The boys live in 1901 Canada. Thier unlikely friendship begins when they meet at a forensics competition where both fully expect their respective best friends to win. Their new bond is cemented when the Madman of Piney Woods is shot and they must get help. Heybourne and Jackson's performances play off each other well, giving listeners a vivid picture of the characters and the time. Heybourne's unspooling of Grandmother O'Toole's memories of arriving in Canada is particularly hypnotic. ( )
  Salsabrarian | Feb 2, 2016 |
This was a slow starter for me. When I finally got into the book, the end was compelling. Red and Benji strike up an unlikely friendship. Red loves science, has a grandmother who is a mean, bitter person. Benji loves the woods and wants to be a newspaper man.
The boys live in two different towns and each town has lore about a madman who lives in the woods. Both boys have encounters with the man. ( )
  ewyatt | Nov 23, 2015 |
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Even though it is now 1901, the people of Buxton, Canada (originally a settlement of runaway slaves) and Chatham, Canada are still haunted by two events of half a century before--the American Civil War, and the Irish potato famine, and the lasting damage those events caused to the survivors.

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