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Every Last Word por Tamara Ireland Stone
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Every Last Word (edição 2017)

por Tamara Ireland Stone (Autor)

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6622826,720 (4.18)13
"Consumed by a stream of dark thoughts and worries that she can't turn off, a girl coping with Purely-Obsessional OCD learns to accept herself and take control of her life through her experiences in poetry club"--
Título:Every Last Word
Autores:Tamara Ireland Stone (Autor)
Informação:Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (2017), Edition: Reprint, 400 pages
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Every Last Word por Tamara Ireland Stone

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teen fiction ("pure O" OCD/mental illness, friendship (true and less true); support networks).

The first rule about Poetry Club is: You don't talk about Poetry Club; the second rule is: You don't talk about Poetry Club. I generally don't like books with poetry, but the ones in here are actually good, and the story is surprisingly layered. I did hope that the "heavyset" Sydney would reveal more of her personality sooner in the book, rather than continuing to read fluffy poems about food. Compared to Emily, whose worries about her terminally ill mother get revealed fairly quickly and extensively, Sydney's story gets short-changed, but I guess that is realistic because we don't always find out what people are dealing with, and the story encourages us to be understanding and compassionate without necessarily knowing all the private details.

from what I gather in the author's note and acknowledgements, the author doesn't have first-hand experience with OCD or mental illness, but became interested with a close family friend was diagnosed at age 12. With that teen's input, and that of other diagnosed teens, she has tried her best to capture their points of view. I don't know if the happy ending provided here is very realistic in terms of dealing with mental illness, but it does make for a satisfying story.

parental note: there is a small amount of language (maybe one or 2 f-words?) and the (age 16) characters engage in more-than-kissing one time, but the action is glossed over and not provided in any detail. ( )
  reader1009 | Jul 3, 2021 |
This book was so much better than I anticipated and Tamara Ireland Stone has become an auto-read author for me. I really like her exploration into emotional issues and how she treats her teen characters. The poetry in this book was by far my favorite part, everything from the poetry club to the actual poems read by the club members. I think this was an interesting look at ,rental illness, particularly how difficult it is and how it doesn't get magically solved in the end. I also loved that Sam's therapist is a major character, as YA books often lack any adult characters. The exploration of her toxic friendships and trying to branch out to make nicer friends was great as well. ( )
  JustZelma | Dec 20, 2020 |
Although this book isn't entirely in poetry, it has some aspects of poetry in it. The main character, Sam, has diagnosed OCD and is trying to manage her very clique-ish high school friends, her athletics, grades, and hiding her mental illness from her "friends". She finds a small bit of relief in using her creativity to write her own poetry. This book has more mature themes of mental health in it, and it's definitely suitable for high school students (not anyone younger, probably).
  AmandaCheney | Nov 4, 2020 |
I started this earlier this year and a student wanted it so I gave it up. This summer I just can't seem to get into it like I did earlier. ( )
  readingbeader | Oct 29, 2020 |
The poetry is fun, I enjoyed listening to it - I didn't much understand the "poetryness" of it since I don't much care for poetry but I actually liked it - I like the relationship progression in this book - the revelation was a bit of a surprise up until just before, I figured it out, but wasn't mad at it - I thought the main point of this book hit home - learn who your friends are, learn about your relationships, learn how to be yourself - AJ and his guitar are totally swoon worthy to me, Sam had her moments of annoyance but overall she was a well done character. OCD is no joke. ( )
  ashezbookz | Oct 20, 2020 |
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"Consumed by a stream of dark thoughts and worries that she can't turn off, a girl coping with Purely-Obsessional OCD learns to accept herself and take control of her life through her experiences in poetry club"--

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