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Mere Anarchy por Mark Frankland
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Mere Anarchy (edição 2012)

por Mark Frankland

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Título:Mere Anarchy
Autores:Mark Frankland
Informação:n/a (2012), Paperback
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Mere Anarchy por Mark Frankland

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Mere Anarchy by Mark Frankland - very good

Blurb from the back cover:

"‘Even though Mere Anarchy is fiction, it carries a horrible, addictive reality that forces you to turn the next page . . . even though you really don’t want to’.

2016: Britain is bankrupt. There is no more credit at any price and the IMF has given the Chancellor two stark options: Huge tax rises or huge spending cuts. Or both.

The Prime Minister is summoned to a late night meeting with the big money. They tell him that if he tries to dig himself out of the hole by raising taxes they will leave. All of them. They give him only one option. An immediate 25% cut in public spending.

Two months later he announces the greatest social earthquake Britain has seen since the Black Death.

All benefits are cancelled with immediate effect – Jobseeker’s Allowance, Sick Pay, Child Benefit, Housing Benefit, Tax Credits . . .

Can the Government keep the lid on? Or will the streets descend into anarchy? How far will those in power be willing to go to maintain law and order? And what dark forces might they summon from the shadows to hold the line?

In a story that runs at the speed of a bullet train Mere Anarchy ask searching questions about Britain today and offers a terrifying vision of Britain tomorrow.

'You'll keep saying to yourself, No way. It could never happen. Then you hope to hell you're right."

This book was written in 2010 and to be honest this "no way it could never happen"... I'm not so sure.

As it says above, bankrupt Britain, suspension of all benefits etc etc. Well actually not quite: pensions, sick pay for the 'really ill', NHS, Education, Police - all stay intact. In fact in some areas, budgets are increased.

The Government put in place dormitories and feeding stations where anyone can sleep and/or eat if they wish....they just wouldn't choose to if they didn't have to. So the dispossessed are catered for. There's no minimum wage anymore, but rents have been slashed so when folk default and end up in the dormitories, there are places for those in work to rent for peanuts.

Initially it all works really well. In the South East it continues to do so, but not in the sink estates of Britain.... it begins to kick off and then what is the Government to do?

All very plausible, even some of the 'solutions' - wouldn't be totally surprised.

This really did strain the pinko, leftie, liberal in me. You can see how the money doesn't really add up at the moment and the benefits system isn't fit for purpose. Equally, when industries disappear from areas - what are people supposed to replace them with? It's not quite that simple. I still have huge sympathy for those who haven't had my opportunities and/or are in the situation of 'poverty of ambition'. The trouble is how do you sort things out?

I liked one paragraph in particular - they are looking round for who to blame:

"....maybe we should go all the way back to Clement Atlee who gave us a Welfare State which was never going to be affordable once the Empire was gone. Or maybe we should blame Thatcher for squandering our North Sea oil treasure on silly wars and breaking the unions. Or Blair for so completely wasting the window of opportunity. Or the casino bankers who set us on course for bankruptcy."

Basically, you can't just blame one event or leader or party for where we are now - we are the sum total of our history. How we move forward (without this book's premonitions of doom) I have no idea. I just hope that one of these politicians can actually work out something practical for once. I won't be holding my breath.

A thought provoking book that deserves a wider audience.
( )
  Cassandra2020 | Jan 24, 2016 |
It's 2016 and Britian is bankrupt. The government have been given two choices either increase taxes and lose the people with money or cut public spending by 25%. The prime minister has no other option but to cut spending. Can he stop the poorer citizens from causing anarchy or is Britain a doomed island?

This was a dreadful book with what seemed to be a good plot. The lack of paragraphs and the evident lack of an editor drove me crazy. It was poorly written and the first 100 pages, and at random points after, came across as more of a rant than a story. It just didn't read very well.

I couldn't connect with the characters. I just found them to be whiny and needy, selfish and greedy. There wasn't a point in the book where I felt sorry for any of the benefit claimants when their benefits were stopped.
It was easy to recognise well known people, for example, a super rich, ruthless, Austrailian media tycoon. Ring a bell? It's of course none other than Lester Gall (Rupert Murdoch). He has huge influence over everything and at times seems to be holding the government to ransom. The only power he seems to hold is his money which everybody knows is good for the economy, what he doesn't expect though is for PM Christopher Pendleton to somewhat try to stand up to him. ( )
  Chicalicious | Jun 3, 2015 |
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