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Staying Dead

por Laura Anne Gilman

Séries: Retrievers (1), Cosa Nostradamus (5)

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8654318,423 (3.44)37
Wren Valere, a Retriever, specializes in finding missing things. Her job can be dangerous, and in this story she is looking for a cornerstone containing a spell. She has to ask the help of some friends: a demon, a mage, and a few others. Even with the help of her friends Wren runs into trouble.
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I picked this up after reading one of Gilman’s short stories in an anthology. I’m usually not that enthused with urban fantasy, but this was a great example of that genre. Gilman has a great way with dialog which made the main character really enjoyable to spend time with. She also did a good job dropping little bits of history, much that didn’t affect the plot, but it gave the feeling of reality to the personalities and world without a big info dump. ( )
  janemarieprice | Jun 11, 2020 |
" Staying Dead" is the first book in an Urban Fantasy series. It has a lot of the right elements for success: originalish magics, sassy heroine, creepy baddy and lots of foreboding but, about a third of the way through I wasn't sure I'd continue.

The opening assumes an engagement with what happens to Wren, the magic-using thief, that I just wasn't feeling.

Things got better at about the half-way mark as the world-building and plot complexity ratcheted up with the introduction of a powerful secret society and more focus on how Wren came to be where she is.

There are some good action scenes, a wide variety of players, some intriguing rules for using magic and, in the end, I quite liked Wren and her partner. The novel does have a plot with reaches a spectacular, violent but clever resolution but on the whole it felt like a series Pilot, loaded with more that-could-be-interesting ooh-what-will-they-do-with-that stuff that the plot itself could sustain. It reminded me a little of Jim Butcher's first Harry Dresden book, "Storm Front" so I'm hoping there are good things to come.

A couple of things distracted me. Firstly the names. I still don't know what the title means? Perhaps the publishers thought it up to sound noirish? And the series title, "A Retriever Novel" gives me images of dopy dogs fetching tennis balls. And the secret society is called "The Silence" which is the sort of name I associate with 1970's college bands that used a Moog and released concept albums with a straight face.

Secondly, the formatting of the ebook is careless. Laura Anne Gilman uses a lot of sub-chapter shifts in point of view and action which I think work well but there is nothing in the layout to tell you when a shift is happening. How hard would it have been to add a few blank lines between shifts? Not doing it seems disrespectful to both writer and reader.

I've bought the next book in the series because I'm hoping that I've found something good here that just got off to a slow start. ( )
  MikeFinnFiction | May 16, 2020 |
The first in the Retrievers series. This one has Wren trying to track down who has stolen the cornerstone of a high rise building. As we follow the story we learn there's more to this stone than would meet the eye and things were done that shouldn't have been when the building was put up. Nice start to the series. ( )
  ChrisWeir | Mar 22, 2020 |
This was a fun read. I really like the world that Gilman has created. The magic system makes sense and is used in interesting ways. I liked the characters and the relationship between Wren and Sergei. There was a lot of potential in the secondary characters that could become more prominent in subsequent books in the series. That said, something kept me at arms length from both the characters and the story. That could be because this was the first in the series setting the stage for later books, or it could be a flaw in the writing. It is too soon to tell. I will definitely continue reading the series to see if the characters continue to grow and to see if it manages to draw me in more than this one did. ( )
  Cora-R | May 22, 2019 |
Ok, liked it - a nice distraction..I'd read Hard Magic (which comes later than Staying Dead, an off-shoot) & enjoyed it, thought I'd try from the beginning.
No uber-cute/sexy lead; there is sexual tension, (what is life with out that?)and secret societies.... and magic - excuse me, Talent.... :)
Characters are fun, especially the minors, which tend toward off-beat fae types.
It leave you hanging, but that's the point with the start of a series, yes? ( )
  kmajort | Feb 9, 2018 |
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Wren Valere, a Retriever, specializes in finding missing things. Her job can be dangerous, and in this story she is looking for a cornerstone containing a spell. She has to ask the help of some friends: a demon, a mage, and a few others. Even with the help of her friends Wren runs into trouble.

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