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Drag Teen por Jeffery Self
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Drag Teen (edição 2017)

por Jeffery Self (Autor)

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JT is a gay high school senior determined to get out of Clearwater, Florida, and be the first person in his family to go to college, even though he can not figure out how to pay for it--until his friends convince him to compete in a drag teen competition where the first prize is a college scholarship.… (mais)
Título:Drag Teen
Autores:Jeffery Self (Autor)
Informação:Push (2017), Edition: Reprint, 272 pages
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Drag Teen por Jeffery Self

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In a world where young adult books seem to have become cookie cutter, here comes a novel that breaks the mold, steps out of the box and gives us something with a bit of diversity and maybe even a bit of controversy. Fair warning. Should you find yourself offended by drag queens and homosexuality, please walk away now. This is not the book for you. If, however, you are open-minded then continue to read on. Better still, know a teen in your life questioning their own sexuality or unsure about their own place in the universe, regardless of what role sexuality plays in that place? Definitely read on.

Drag Teen is one of those books that breaks the mold. I rated it at a 3.5 because the pacing could have been a bit better and some bits of the drag queen drama may have been a bit over-cliched for me. There was a little too much playing up of the hot gay guy versus the not so hot gay guy kind of situation for my liking and I wish that the author would have spent a bit more focusing on the inner beauty of it all because to me, that was the message that they were trying to get across.

Some of the characters were wonderfully developed, while others fell a little flat for me. While I loved the main character, JT, Seth kind of irritated me, but I can't get into why without giving away plot points, so you will have to read, and then after you have, come back here and we can discuss my irritation with his main character flaws of hypocrisy.

In general, this was an interesting and fairly quick read that I was glad that I had the opportunity to give a try. I am glad to see authors stepping outside of the box and giving us something that will allow the youth of today a chance to connect with what is really in their hearts. We all need books that we can relate to, and there needs to be more of that in the fiction market.

What other areas of diversity do you think need to get more attention in fiction?
  destinyisntfree | Apr 23, 2021 |
JT is just your average teenage boy in Clearwater, Florida. His parents own and run his grandfather’s gas station, and their biggest dream for him is to take auto mechanics, and open a repair shop behind the station.

JT’s fascination is drag queens. He even tried it once at the highschool talent show. Let’s just say his classmates were not ready for his performance. JT’s biggest dream is to go to college. But in order to do so, he needs a scholarship. And as someone bad at math, he knows they will be few and far between. Which is why he lets his boyfriend Seth talk him into entering the Miss Drag Teen pageant in New York. It will be a road trip including the two of them, and JT’s best friend Heather over spring break.

I checked out this audiobook because the cover caught my eye on Hoopla. That glaring Pink and yellow. I was not expecting much because the author is better known for this Youtube channel, then for writing. Even the Goodreads description makes it more about the author’s star than the characters.

However I was greatly surprised. I thoroughly enjoyed this listen, and did it in one day. There are many points where things are just fantastical, but I actually wanted them. I wanted a happy ending for the insecure drag queen wannabe. I wanted to listen to him grow and flourish. And if he name drops a little how cares. The thing about this book is some real celebrity names are used, and some are made up, but perfectly describe celebrities we all know and love. That just adds to the enjoyment of this listen. Is it great literature? No. Is it a fun story that I think you might enjoy? Heck yes. A fun listen for a hot summer day.
#NancyDrewChallenge #antiques
#KillyourTBR #indiepublisher ( )
  LibrarianRyan | Jun 17, 2019 |
Please see my review on Amazon.com under C. Wong. Thank you. ( )
  Carolee888 | Jun 28, 2018 |
I liked it a lot, but it could have been longer and had some of its characters and plot lines more fully developed. I get that it's JT's story and he needs to be the center of attention, but characters like Tash and even Heather could have done with a little more "screen time". Also, I wanted a shitton more pageant stuff. Sure, the journey to get there had its moments of interest but you have a pageant full of teen drag queens and you don't milk this for all the OTT drama you can get? Why the hell not? But, JT and Tina were awesome and I want them to go on a road trip together. Maybe a sequel where they tour the country working the drag circuit? I would read the hell out of that.

P.S. "Babe" is not a term of endearment. It's what you call the person you just slept with when you can't remember their name. At least it's better—though only slightly— than "baby". ( )
  BillieBook | Apr 1, 2018 |
Jeffery Self’s Drag Teen is the kind of book I like to think of as a literary palette cleanser. When I need a break from books that are intellectually challenging or emotionally taxing (or both), a comic YA romance is just the ticket.

The title and whimsical cover art had me at hello and when I found out the author was one half of the quirky comedy duo of “Jeffery and Cole Casserole” (and he had a role in my favorite show of 2016 “Search Party”), I was confident I’d be getting a sassy, savvy little fairy tale of a high school misfit’s journey to drag nirvana.

In many ways, this is very typical of most current LGBT YA novels in that JT, the protagonist, isn’t particularly troubled by his sexual preferences but instead is dissatisfied with just about every other aspect of his life. He’s chubby, unpopular, lives in a middle-of-the-road suburban town in Florida, he works at a gas station owned by his parents - rubes who don’t seem to have any interest in him nor any desire to help him pay for college. But to offset all his misfortune, he has Seth, a hunky and popular boyfriend, not to mention that other indispensable gay guy accessory - Heather, his fat, sardonic female BFF. When Seth learns that there’s a teen drag pageant that awards a full four year scholarship to the winner, the three head out on a road trip to New York City to help JT secure the crown. With nods to both The Wizard of Oz and Cinderella (the teens encounter both wicked witches and fairy godmothers along the way), Self takes his readers on an entertaining journey fraught with setbacks, surprising turns of fortune, drama and laughs.

This is essentially a fluffy feel good story aimed at a junior high aged audience. The humor and characters are very much along the lines of “Glee” or “Riverdale,” not particularly subtle or nuanced, but if you go into without expecting anything too complex you’ll be rewarded with a fluffy, uplifting read. ( )
  blakefraina | Nov 7, 2017 |
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JT is a gay high school senior determined to get out of Clearwater, Florida, and be the first person in his family to go to college, even though he can not figure out how to pay for it--until his friends convince him to compete in a drag teen competition where the first prize is a college scholarship.

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